2011 Day 3 – Koblenz to Feldkirch

Blurry vision and sore heads. That was how most of the people on the Motoscape Rally felt when they woke up this morning after a fantastic night at the wine festival. But after a quick shower and breakfast we all met up for the morning briefing ready to start the challenges on the beautiful River Rhine.

Today we were driving from Koblenz to Feldkirch in Austria which is approx 325 miles, and it’s one of the longer drives on the rally (which took its toll on some cars), but it gives teams plenty of chances to visit some amazing places. The sun was shining so first of all teams headed down the River Rhine to see the traditional villages and historic castles. Then some teams visited Baden Baden and the waterfall in Triberg. Other teams just headed for the Autobahn to be first at the hotel bar! Take a look at the scenic pictures (including some of our bangers!), you won’t be disappointed.

The teams trying their hardest to win this years rallies got to the hotel before 7pm to have their challenges checked, and congratulations to team Wrong Gear who were the winners for the day! An amazing effort from the guys to get to the hotel for 6.55pm considering they didn’t leave Koblenz until 11.30am as they had to have their brake pads changed. They got full points on the challenges, so their win and the £100 prize was thoroughly deserved!

It was another eventful day breakdown wise for some bangers. Fuel, Fire & Desire’s classic red kit car couldn’t be repaired unfortunately, so they took delivery of a nice shiny hire car in which to do the Stelvio Pass. It did however mean a rather late, after midnight, arrival at the hotel. Their traveling companions, Team Bayonet in the MR2 also suffered a terminal engine problem, but happily the breakdown cover came to the rescue once again.

Further car casualties were the Starship Enterprise team suffering a terminal oil leak in their rather nice Jag, and Veni Vermini Vomui’s Triumph 2000 also had engine problems but luckily both teams had breakdown cover  so are continuing the rally in a hire car. The Triumph will be fixed in Germany ready for the team to pick up on there way home.

Overall though there are still plenty of teams in the running for the cash prizes!

Happily there was better news for Three Birds in a Banger who managed to find a new brake cylinder, which was fitted by Ashley, Aiden and Jan, a big thank you to those three guys showing the rally spirit.

While some teams had problems with the cars, others had trouble reading a map! Both Team Gee and Team Reem had a long days driving and got back very late into the night.

Onto the evenings events, and Motoscape had organised a tasty meal for the teams in the hotels. It’s a great way for everyone to mix and get to know each other a bit better and have few authentic Austrian beers! We even made sure some food was saved for the teams getting in past 11pm!

After the meal some teams got an early night ready for the next day, others stayed in the hotel keeping the spirited atmosphere going and some even ventured into the Medieval town of Feldkirch to try out the bars down there!

It was another great night, and all everyone could talk about was the  forthcoming route for the next day, and getting themselves ready for the Stelvio Pass, one of the best driving roads in the world. Fingers crossed all the cars make  it!!!

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