2011 Day 6 – Bologna to Bled

With yesterday being the final chance for all the entrants from both rallies to have one last great night out together, some people were feeling worse for wear after hitting the hotel bar and the city of Bologna. But still everyone on the Prague route knew they had just 2 days left of the rally, so spirits were high as we got ready for today’s journey.

Today we were travelling from Bologna to Bled in Slovenia, which is approximately 275 miles, but gives people some great opportunities to visit some amazing places.

Loads of teams visited Venice (one of the most romantic cities in the world). After parking up and getting a water taxi to the centre they spent up to 5 hours there and still got to the hotel in Bled on time! Rachel from When You Wish Upon a Car made friends with some pigeons in St Mark’s Square while other teams just took time to take in the beautiful scenery. The overall opinion though was that Venice was an amazing place to visit, and people probably wouldn’t have gone if they hadn’t come on the Motoscape Rally!

Other teams took our other route option so they could drive the Vršič Pass, which we had heard matches the Stelvio for an amazing driving road. The Motoscape Team headed on this route to get some pics and challenges for next year, and we ended up convoying with some of the teams, making it an amazing day. We got some awesome pics with Just Married, Veni Vermini Vomui, 3 Idiots Abroad, All Shook Up and The Beer View Mirrors. After driving on this road, we all agreed it was as good as the Stelvio, and the scenery put it marginally ahead in our opinion!

The Pass is situated in the Triglav National Park, so is must for anyone who likes breath taking scenery and the smell of true fresh air (even with our banger’s going up and down!). There’s some great little bridges throughout that we had lots of fun / jumping up and down on too (see below).

We even bumped into some crazy Bikers from Doncaster! They couldn’t get enough of the cars and even posed for a pic at the top of the Pass!

The roads in Slovenia are brilliant, and road leading to the Triglav National park even turned our very own Captain Slow (Peter) into Captain Speed, and he cooked the Motoscape Car’s brakes! The scenery is breathtaking, the rivers have the bluest water and the hair pin bends are awesome. Take a look below and see for yourself, there’s a lot of photos but it was great!

For the teams that got to bled in time to take part in the challenges, they headed down to the beautiful Lake Bled. The scenery there was great and teams got some excellent scenic photos throughout the day.

You’ll also be wondering who was yesterdays challenge winner? Well you will have to wait until  tomorrow as this will be announced at the final nights presentation tomorrow!

Car wise, again we had no major casualties for the second day running (hurray!), however the rally is taking it’s toll on the vehicles. The Arthur Ant Hill Mob’s taxi had some over-heating trouble, which Kris from Starsky & Hutch helped them with. Team Avez-vous un Haynes Manual have got an oil leak but they think their Jag should pull through. Other teams are just having to take it steady on the roads, and stick to the speed limit!

On the evening in Bled, the Motoscape Team put on a lovely buffet meal at the hotel, then teams either had a few beers in the town, some went to the casino and others had an early night ready for the final night in Prague tomorrow!

So tomorrow we head to Prague, which needs no introduction and all the remaining entrants are excited for a great day on the road and night in Prague. Find out how we got on tomorrow!

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