Which car to do the Motoscape Rally in?

One great thing about a banger rally is the variety of cars that take part. There are so many cars of all shapes and sizes to choose from, so here’s a few tips when considering the ideal vehicle!

1. Fuel Consumption

With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, you need to consider whether a petrol or diesel engine is most appropriate. The small petrol engines (under 1000cc) tend to be quite uneconomical on long journeys, not to mention the risk of over heating, however 1600cc – 2000cc are a good compromise and usually fairly economical on a run.

Diesels are economical and simplicity is the name of the game, therefore non-turbo models are best suited to the rally.

2. Comfort and Space

The rally involves a mixture of hills, country roads and motorways including the derestricted Auto Bahns (no speed limits!) in Germany. When picking a car, remember you will be spending quite a bit of time in it, so air con and comfy seats are well worth considering.

A reasonably powerful engine is ideal especially for those spectacular hills on the Stelvio Pass.

3. Simplicity

Pick a car that has simple mechanics just in case you need to do a roadside repair. Turbos and complicated electrical injection systems can become your worst nightmare if you get a malfunction, where as standard cars just keep running and if there is a problem you can usually repair relatively easily.


This is the balance, do you take the “classic car” option and choose something like a traditional 4.2 Jag (the ultimate luxury) or a “banger car” such as a bog standard cavalier 1.6 GL (the original rep-mobile). Well only you can decide, there are plenty of cars to choose from (take a look at some of our popular choices from previous rallies), but whichever car you decide on the 2011 Motoscape Rally will be a trip of a lifetime – We can promise you that!

What car will you be taking on this years rally? Let us know in the comments box below!