Motoscape Banger Rally 2012 Insurance Options

Ready, Steady, Go! Is Everybody Ready For The 2012 Motoscape Rally?

We hope everybody’s preparations are well under way!! Here are a few tips on Insurance for the Rally.

This year the Motoscape Rally has teamed up with specialist motor insurer HIC (Herts Insurance Consultants) to offer a banger rally insurance scheme that will cover you both effectively and for a reasonable price.

It’ll mean no nasty surprises along the way, plus it’ll save you time when you check in at the start line. We know this specialist insurance gives you the correct level of cover you need to partake safely and legally in the rally.

Aren’t I Insured Already Though?

This is up to you to check! Some insurers won’t cover you when you tell them you’re entering a charity rally, especially ones that include travel to overseas countries, however remember this is not a race, it is a European motor tour.

Check with your own insurance and then with HIC and judge for yourself on the best option.

What About By My Co-Drivers?  Will They Be Covered?

The specialist cover HIC provide allows cover for up to four drivers, subject to circumstances and age of course, so you’ll have the peace of mind that everyone is covered fully and legitimately while driving but please bear in mind the cover is third party only.

How Long Does The Policy Last?

This is up to you! The HIC policy can be tailored to suit your requirements. It might also be worth checking with your own insurance to see if they allow additional vehicles to be added to your policy on a short-term basis.

How Do I Get My Policy With HIC?

Just give HIC a call on the Motoscape Rally hotline: 0844 888 7251

You can also contact HIC by email at [email protected] or via the website,

Are There Other Ways To Insure My Banger?

You should be able to take out a standard car insurance policy with added European cover. Remember, this is a motoring tour, it is not a race / speed rally, so do not mention anything to do with speed, rally and races as most insurance companies do not cover this.

Some people swap the insurance over from their own cars (not recommended if it means leaving an expensive car without theft cover); others take out a separate policy on a pay monthly basis and then cancel it when they get back home (check the terms and conditions that the policy can be cancelled within a set period). This way it will cost you just one month’s insurance.

The Motoscape Team are always on hand to give you advice on insurance for your banger, so don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email, leave a comment below this blog or on Facebook and we’ll get back to you!

Also, interact with this years existing teams on the facebook page and twitter, you can pick up some great tips there.

See you in September, it’s just over 60 days away!