Motoscape Banger Rally 2015: Day 1, Saint-Omer

Motoscape Banger Rally: Day 1, Saint-Omer

51 weeks and the wait is finally over! It’s time to start the engines and hit Europe…

The Motoscape team set off from Leeds to Hull to board the zeeberger Ferry . We were joined on the waters by 6 teams. Keeping it in the family this year were father and Daughter team TuffOldBoot John and Rosie, father and son Team 1 Dad & Son Connon and Gordon and Father and son team CSK Motosport Chris and Shane. Also joining us on board were our Scottish teams Steve and Chris from T-Time, Eric and Sarah from Fanny and Knobby and just making it after a last minute co-pilot drop out, Steven and Alex from Not fast or furious.

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