An experience to talk about

Author: Alice Westwood Alice Westwood talks about a banger rally

 7 months ago three friends and I decided we wanted to go travelling. Having met at university and now all living within 10 miles of each other in East London we christened the group the ‘East Four’ and set about working out which European rally to embark upon. The Motoscape Banger Rally immediately stood out as a driving experience from London to Venice in just 5 days so we signed up with the aim of raising money for Cancer Research UK as well as experiencing the trip along with 48 other teams…

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Remember Remember the wine and beer festival Germany

Tomorrow is bonfire night, the annual event that is marked to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605. So why is the Motoscape banger car rally talking about bonfire night? Well what do we associate most with bonfire night? Bonfires of course, toffee apples, parkin, lots of happy smiling faces but most of all, fireworks! ?
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