Motoscape Rally 2016:Day 1, St Omer

Yesterday saw all 29 teams congregate in St Omer for the first day. The sun shone, beers were drunk whilst all admired each other’s cars and exchanged car stories. We had a bucket collecting any spare change for the charity prize draw. To everyone’s delight, Dudley and Josh from the Viking Warriors team won the bucket of change for their various charities and to our astonishment a total of £144.60 was collected during the afternoon as spare coins suddenly changed to crisp notes being thrown in. Well, on behalf of Dudley and Josh, THANK YOU Motoscapers for being so so generous!! Continue reading

Preparations for Motoscape 2016

Choosing your banger

The start date for the Motoscape banger rally is getting nearer, so perhaps it’s now time to think about what car to bring along!

Consideration should be given to the following…


There is a reasonable amount of driving, ranging from motorways (including the famous German Autobahns) to tight twisting mountain passes (including the magnificent Stelvio pass) so consider which is the most important factor for you.

A Jaguar will cruise effortlessly along the motorways but will not be at its best through mountain passes. A mini will be great fun through the mountains but struggle to keep up on the motorways.

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Today is Rotary Day

Motoscape banger rally mini in redAuthor: Peter Murtough



Rotary is 111 years old today

On February 23d 1905 ‘Rotary’ was founded in Chicago. One hundred and eleven years later and it has a worldwide membership of 1.2 million people with over 200 countries represented. Rotary originally started out as a professional members club but as the number of clubs grew its purpose expanded so that Rotarians could pool their resources to assist in the needs of communities. And this is where they are today, assisting communities both near and far by raising money for an assortment of charities.
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Best Roads in the World

Motoscape banger rally mini in redAuthor: Peter Murtough


Best roads in Europe

Ever since the Top Gear episode where three rather funny middle-aged men drove three supercars over the Stelvio Pass in Italy and described it as the ‘world’s best driving road’, this alpine pass has been on many people’s bucket list of things to do. So is it really the ‘best road in the world’ for driving?

You may have booked on our banger rally for 2016 or may be taking part in one of the other European car rallies out there. You could even be planning your own independent road trip around Europe and fancy taking in some of the best driving roads there are on offer. You want to know whether to do the Stelvio Pass or not. Well here are our thoughts on the Stelvio Pass and two other passes that we recommend!
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Motoscape Banger Rally – 10 years of organising banger rallies.

Cheap Gumball rally

Who hasn’t heard of the Gumball rally and who wouldn’t want to drive a supercar through Europe. The trouble is you have to be genuinely rich to take part, so what’s the next best thing, a European rally where you end up driving some cheap cars instead. Just as much fun and definitely more of a challenge!

Motoscape banger rally is now 10 years old

It doesn’t seem like 10 years ago since we started out on our first banger rally, but ever since that very first rally, we are always asked the same question. ‘What made you start organising banger rallies’? The simple answer is this; ‘we went on one’. We had a fantastic time, met some great people and experienced fantastic camaraderie. The event itself however, was poorly organised. So with this in mind we thought, why don’t we organise a road trip around Europe ourselves. Ten years later and we’re still going strong.

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