Motoscape Rally Day 7 – Prague

Alas Friday arrived and it was the final day of the rally. It was a relatively short drive to Prague which meant teams still had chance to take in a few more sights before the end.
The ‘’Eagles nest’ was a popular choice for those that had missed it the day before, even though it meant an hours drive in the opposite direction. The ‘Carr Bombers’, ‘Skotsky Czechmates’ and ‘Team Nuclear’ all took in the spectacular views atop the mountain.
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Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 6 Salzburg

Today was another day for mountain passes. Our favourite is the Vrsic pass through the Triglav national park in Slovenia, the river along the valley bottom is crystal clear and the scenery spectacular. The weather wasn’t the best however with drizzle the order of the day. It didn’t stop the ‘Rock Legends’, ‘Mirfield Monkeys’ and ‘Beon’ from enjoying the drive and was a definite aid for the ‘Skotsky Czechmates’ in taking the most scenic pic of the day. Unfortunately for ‘Collico 3’, ‘Three idiots and an Irishman’ and ‘Team Goose’ they found the pass temporarily closed which meant they missed out on this most scenic of drives. 
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Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 5 Venice

Today was the final day for those on the Venice rally. It was potentially a very short driving day with no challenges and plenty of time to have some fun. Lake Garda was a popular choice for many teams particularly the prospect of taking a speedboat out onto the water. ‘Redneck Rollers’ bumped into ‘Time Warp’ at the lake and joined forces to race around the lake and all for 70 euros between the five of them, a bargain or what! Others experiencing the lake were ‘Team Castle’, ‘Little and Large’, ‘Kicking K’s’ and ‘Tandoby’ being just a few of many.  
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Motoscape Rally – Day 4 Trento

With the Stelvio pass being on the bucket list of many teams, today was the day everyone had been waiting for. There was still time to have some fun before hitting the passes though. 
Many of the teams had wanted to do the alpine coaster the day before but ran out of time. Luckily there was the prospect of doing the Imst alpine coaster instead, which at 3.5 km long is advertised as the longest coaster in Europe. It was certainly a popular choice particularly with the three ‘Pat’ teams, that’s ‘Team Pat’, ‘Cow Pat’ and Oooh Pat’ who seemed to enjoy it immensely. It was also the choice of ‘Collico 3’, “Collico 4’, ‘3 Idiots and an Irishman’, ‘Glorious but Whole’ and ‘The Indlish’ to name just a few.  
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Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 3 Garmisch Partenkirchen

Some sore heads were nursed over coffee at breakfast by Motoscapers after a fun night at the wine festival in Winningen on Sunday night! The firework display as usual did not fail to impress either. 
Motoscapers set off on the longest driving day of the week. Four teams left belongings behind in the hotel, including ‘Valhalla or Bust’ who managed to forget their passports!  With the help of Helga from hotel Scholz and good old UPS they were reunited with their documents the following morning, phew!  
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