Motoscape Banger Rally 2015: Day 3, Koblenz to Garmisch- Partenkirchen

Motoscape Banger Rally: Day 3, Koblenz to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Another bright and early start this morning for all the teams. After a hearty Traditional German breakfast briefing started at 7.45am. All the teams gathered outside in the courtyard to hear what’s in store for Day 3. A few of the contestants (Emily included) were a little bleary eyed after a late night at the festival but coffee was delivered in it’s masses and everybody was raring to go!

More birthday celebrations were in order today. Barry from Warrington rotary club is celebrating his 70th birthday and Dave from team The Monkeys also turns a year older, which means cake on Pete! Helgar baked a beautiful cake for all the teams to share.

Now the bit everyone’s been waiting for, the winners from yesterday’s challenges…

Lots of teams managed the first 6 Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, , MANN, Volvo and Scania. One team managed to spot Fuso and another spotted Freightliner and one team even managed to get Peterbilt. This typical american style truck is not easily found in Germany so a big well done! Nobody managed to get all 22 and the most spotted was 7 but still a great effort from all who took part. Most teams also managed the clock challenge although it appears the. Germans can be a little lazy at keeping the hands ticking as many villages were stopped in time! Winner of the challenge for Venice was a tie. Congratulations to team Not so touring and Bio hazard. Our Prague winner was a 5 way tie between Gran Autismo, Scudarier ferreti, Sharkies ‘n’ George, spared no expense and Team ten, well done guys!

A short message from the organisers about safety on the Autobahns and finding the hotel and we were all ready to get going!

Today’s challenges saw the teams get out the binoculars. Challenge 1 was to photograph two of the numerous castles along the stretch of the Rhine and the largest hanging clock in the world. Standing at 3.2 meters in height in St. Goar. The second challenge was to photograph as many different makes of yellow and pink cars. The teams also had the chance to gain some extra bonus points by for ‘Best scenic photograph’ This is always our favourite with some great photographs coming through we will share them all with you and upload online!

There is lots of great motors on the roads throughout Europe but our dressed up bangers always manage to grab people’s attention. Birmingham rotary breakfast 1 got a glimpse of been in the limelight when a coach of School children and teachers from Dusseldorf spotted the decorated car and descended upon it to find out what was going on… The kids all took to their autograph skills and signed the car to show their support!

Bio hazard also received quite a lot of attention but for a very different reason! German police tracked down the teams Zombie decorated car after several reports from the German public about a man hanging on the roof of a motor! The Germans failed to detect the fact that it wasn’t a real human body… After stripping the car of it’s victims and realising no dummies were injured in the making of the vehicle, the team were allowed back on the road!

There have been no car problems again today so we are gunning for a clean streak this year! Todays drive was one of the longest of the week and covering around 340 miles before reaching the hotel.

Most teams took to the B9 to take in the beautiful scenery leading up to Garmisch- Partenkirchen. Through the route some teams took our advice and visited the Auto and technik museum. This was well worth a visit along with Motorworold. Definitely a go to for all our car enthusiasts.

For the teams who were trying to cover as much of the map as possible, the Black Forest proved for a beautifully scenic drive. The list of things to do on today’s list was large meaning a couple of the teams arrived late back to the hotel but from the smiles on their faces it was 100% worth it.

Most of the teams made it to the hotel before 7pm. After checking into the rooms it was time to have a refreshing drink at the bar. Keen to find out what the other teams had been up to throughout the day everybody laughed and shared pictures of the days events.

A burger buffet was on the menu for teams enjoying beer round the bar. The first floor restaurant was also a popular choice for many teams serving different traditional dishes.

Some teams even managed to make time to take advantage of the beautiful spa located within the hotel. A dip in the jacuzzi was the perfect time to unwind.

It proved another late night for some with Rosie from Team TuffOldBoot leaving her phone for light fingers! Team Red arrows and signature car left a surprise selfie album totting up 332 pictures for a Motoscape souvenir!

Day 4 is the ultimate pass day! The one many of our petrol heads have been gunning for. Some teams are eager to make the Stelvio pass whilst the adrenaline junkies amount us are heading straight to the Alpine coaster for a roller coaster with a difference!


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