Motoscape Rally Challenges

If you want to win the 2024 Motoscape Banger Rally, you’ll need to do well in the challenges you are set. These are mostly photo based and vary from year to year. See below how you can pick up some bonus points at the start of the rally and give yourself a head start towards that goal of winning the £100 first prize!


Little and Large
Space shuttle
Pub Car
Pram Car
Back to the Future
Mad Max car
Death Squad

1. Best Banger / Theme

We have had some fantastic entries over the years, from the famous Moonraker Car of 2010 and the Barking Mad Car of 2011, to the Mad Max Car of 2016. The Zafira Tank & Back to the Future Cars from 2013 were both real eye catchers, but following Pub Car & Pram Car from 2014, the bar has certainly been raised for 2022. Do you have what it takes to create a masterpiece and win the best banger on the Motoscape Rally? This will be judged before the departure from St Omer, and the winning team gets the £150 cash prize and the coveted title of “Banger of the Year 2024”. Combining your banger design and fancy dress will definitely catch the judges attention!

Please note: Choose your theme carefully, whilst the tank was indeed one of the best bangers on the rally, the police in Germany did not think the same, read more here »


2. Fancy Dress Prize plus Bonus Points

Any team that presents themselves in fancy dress (cartoon or movie characters always go down well, but think outside the box!) will get bonus points if they have entered the banger or classic car category. There is a £100 cash prize for the best fancy dress which can range from a Superhero theme to the Flintstones, the possibilities are endless!

Check out this fancy dress website for some great ideas, maybe even some inspiration for your car! As well, this looks really cool driving down the autobahn!!!

Motoscape Daily Challenges

3. Daily Challenges

The daily challenges are “top secret”. However you can be assured everybody has an equal chance regardless of age, sex or occupation!

There are many challenges along the way, and we don’t want to spoil the surprise, just yet! All you need to take part is a digital camera (or iPhone / Smartphone with camera facility). Oh! a little bit of creativity always helps as well!