Frequently Asked Questions

What the Motoscape Banger Rally is…

About the Motoscape Banger RallyBasically it is all about a group of like minded people, getting together to drive some old battered cars or classic cars (any car around 20 years+ of age) to places they wouldn’t normally visit and generally having fun! Whilst the organisers provide suggested routes and places to visit, you are responsible for finding your way around.

Who can take part ?

Well anyone and everyone, while it’s a banger themed rally, we don’t place restrictions on an exact criteria to be met. If you want to enter a £999 or there abouts then great, some may have or opt for a 20yr old car, or you may wish to bring your daily car, no problem all are welcome. We have had Jaugars, Bentleys, Porsches and Lamborghinis. At the end of the day we want everyone to have some fun and get to experience something magical and create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

What the Motoscape Banger Rally isn’t…

It is NOT a package holiday! We are not holiday reps mollycoddling you all the way to the finish. You do need a certain amount of common sense and the ability to find your way around in our European rally.


I’ve heard of the Gumball Rally is it similar

The only thing about the Motoscape banger rally 2025 and the Gumball rally 2025 that is the same, is that you need a car to take part. The Gumball rally cost is? Anyone care for a guess. Try £40,000+! So with an entrance fee of £295 and cars costing less than £999, the Motoscape banger rally is a rally for the rest of us. The other main difference between the two events is that the Gumball rally is a race whilst Motoscape’s great European rally is just that, a rally to be enjoyed by all.

When does the rally actually set off?

Banger Rally FAQ'sThe start date for the Venice 2025 car rally is Saturday 6th September 2025.

The start date for the Prague 2025 car rally is 6th September 2025.

This is the day that we all meet in St Omer. The meeting will take place from lunch time onwards and all teams will be advised of the venue nearer the time. The actual driving commences the following morning.

How much will the rally cost?

Entrance Fee – The cost to enter either of our car rallies in 2025 is £295 for a team of two people. If you wish to add persons to help reduce the costs, we ask for another £84 per person. The entrance fee includes a Motoscape branded garment for each team member and a few other freebies.

Bunsen and Beaker Banger at start of a charity rallyAccommodation – The accommodation (see more info below) we arrange is an excellent standard and will work out at around £75 – £90 per person per night based on 2 people sharing (7 nights in total on the Prague rally and 5 nights on the Venice rally).

Banger rally or classic car rally in 2025?

You can choose whether to make your rally, a banger rally or a classic car rally in 2025. If you bring a banger then it should cost you £999 or less. What you spend on the car after you’ve purchased it is up to you, just so long as it still looks like a banger after you’ve finished. You may decide to pimp it up with an awesome design or perhaps spend the money on just getting it roadworthy! If cost is an issue, you can get a few cans of paint and do a spray job yourselves. The second option is to bring a classic car (our definition of a classic car is any car around 20 years or more old). In the past we have had the following classic cars, old Merc’s, Beemers, Volvos, MGB’s, a Triumph Stag, VW Beetle, a London Taxi, a VW camper and yes someone even had the bottle to bring an Austin Maxi one year! Whatever you choose you can be sure that it will make it a European rally challenge. If you really are worried about driving abroad in a banger then you can also bring the car of your choice regardless of age and condition.

Other costs are:

Ferry crossings – pretty cheap if booked well in advance (check prices). Alternatively, book the channel tunnel for faster transport.
European breakdown cover – (optional).
Petrol costs – allow 1450 miles to Prague and another 700 if returning by car. This is the mileage you will cover in Europe (diesel prices similar to UK, petrol slightly higher).
Spends – money for food & drinks.
Tolls – there are a few tolls but nothing excessive, you will be looking at around £50 in total. You can get away without going on the toll roads, it just takes a bit longer!
Vignettes – To drive on the motorways in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Czech Republic you need a Vignette. They are not expensive and the motorways can be avoided in some countries.
Flights – If flying back.

 MR2 Classic car ralliesThe Venice Rally will work out a little cheaper as it is 5 nights in total. You need to allow around 950 miles to Venice and another 870 if returning by car.

What do we do about accommodation?

Unlike most other car rallies, Motoscape arranges all your accommodation for you, so that means all you need do is turn up at the starting line with your banger.

As has been the case on all our previous car rallies, all accommodation arranged by us is for the duration of the rally. It is of an excellent standard (3* plus on average), plus we get decent rates from the hotels so it all ends up as good value and far less hassle. The registration deposit of £295 also secures your hotel space with the remaining balance for the entrance fee and cost of the hotels due a couple of months after registration. The hotels we use also act as a  ‘base’ and meeting place for the next day’s events. Because we book all the hotels this allows you to be with the rest of the teams taking part in the rally. This leads to much more fun, far greater camaraderie and therefore makes for a much better rally. Plus, if your car needs a little bit of TLC, there are generally people around willing to help with radiator sealer, tie wraps, gaffa tape etc.

What do I need to compete?

Icecream Van on a European rallyObviously you’ll need insurance, all those who are driving will need a driving license (note the minimum age for driving in Europe is 18) and an MOT certificate. There are other things that are compulsory when driving in Europe so check out the following site for up to date information.

You will also need to bring your passport and travel insurance for travelling through Europe.

Note: some old cars are exempt from MOT so this wouldn’t apply, therefore just make sure you have enough paper work about car ownership, latest service history and insurance paperwork. This is mainly for the purpose if you were to get stopped at any point via the local happy officer (police) then, to make it as pain free as possible to get back on the road. 

What’s the best way to arrange banger rally insurance?

You should be able to take out a standard car insurance policy with added European cover. Remember, this is a motoring tour, it is not a race / speed rally, so do not mention anything to do with speed, rally and races as insurance companies do not cover this.

Alice in Wonderland at car rally eventsPrevious entrants have in the past, swapped the insurance over from their own cars to the banger. This however is no longer allowed, as all cars need to be insured unless they are declared as being off road. Some take out a new policy on a pay monthly basis and then cancel it when they get back home (check the terms and conditions that the policy can be cancelled within a set period). This way it will cost you one month’s insurance.

Alternatively you could contact a specialist insurance broker such as Herts Insurance who do a specific policy for banger rallies. It may be a little bit more expensive but at least you have peace of mind knowing that they are fully aware of what a banger rally is all about.

What makes your banger rallies different from the others?

Motoscape has been going since 2006 and we believe very much in attention to detail. Some of the other rallies out there give you very little information and just expect you to know everything there is to know about driving in Europe. It’s not much fun getting stopped by the feds on a motorway in Austria to be told that you need a permit and because you haven’t got one, “that will be 300 Euro danke schön”. We aim to provide you with all the information you require to make your trip as easy as possible.

Car keys and clutch on a road trip through EuropeWe have a great deal of experience and believe that our routes can’t be bettered. We keep the driving down to around 5 – 6 hours per day (some days even less) which means that you are not getting to your next destination when it’s time for bed. This way you get chance to see some of the great places we take you to and of course to meet up with your fellow Motoscapers for a few beers. There are some rallies out there that will have you driving 500 miles along the motorways in one day.

Why is the value £999?

On previous rallies the value has been £500, but with the price of scrap soaring we have increased the value to reflect this!

What if my car cost £1001?

The spirit of this event is all about getting together with like minded people and having a laugh. If you have entered the banger category then there is always a degree of flexibility in the value of the car. Are we going to ask you to prove how much you bought the car for? No we are not. However, if your car looks as though it cost a lot more than £999 then we reserve the right to move you into the any car category which excludes you from taking part in the overall rally winner. 

Hucknalls on a road trip around EuropeWhere can we find banger cars for sale and for so little money?

You’d be surprised what you can get for your money. Ebay would have to be one port of call. You could look on the Autotrader website or even venture down to your local car auction. You could also visit your local dealers to see what they have taken in part exchange or ask friends and work colleagues if they have any suitable donor vehicles laying idle. One tip though, buy a car which has enough MOT to take you beyond the finish date.

On previous rallies some teams have managed to get their cars donated for FREE! They simply explained to local car dealers that they were doing the rally for charity, and with the gift of the gab they were sorted! If you don’t get one for free, you’ll probably still get some discount.

What if my car isn’t quite 20 years old?

It’s all about entering ‘in the spirit of things’ so there is a degree of flexibility, just email us and let us know what car you are hoping to bring and we can advise.

What happens if I break down, do the organisers provide backup?

Banger rally Breakdown coverOut of all the cars that enter, only a small number will break down. The organisers can’t promise to provide backup but have in the past assisted stranded teams and taken them on to their next destination where they have then linked up with fellow Motoscapers for the remainder of the trip. The organisers of some of the other rallies out there have a ‘tough luck’ attitude and ‘it’s your problem not ours’.

You will be given the organisers contact numbers who will wherever possible try and assist you so that you can continue on your trip (remember though, when there’s over 100 people you need to contact us to advise on any problems!). What we do strongly recommend however is that you take out European breakdown cover and make sure that it covers all the countries you will be travelling through.

Can I use a Sat Nav?

Wooton Babes on a road trip across EuropeWe actually recommend that you do bring one as the last thing you want after a day’s driving is spending another hour trying to find the hotel. It just means so much less stress. Note: if you are going to Prague you will need Eastern European as well as Western European maps on it.

Do I need a Map?

Again we recommend bringing an up to date map book that covers the countries you will be visiting en-route. It’s worth having as a backup to your Sat Nav at the very least.

Do I need to know anything about cars?

Like we’ve said above, there is a great deal of camaraderie on these trips and it is very rare for teams not to make it to the final destination one way or another.

Can I bring a CB radio?

Yes you can bring a CB radio. Some teams taking part will do likewise and a channel number will be allocated for teams to keep in touch with others.

What is the best way to get to France?

The two main ferry operators are P&O who sail hourly from Dover to Calais and DFDS who sail to both Calais and Dunkirk. If you live in the north then another option is catch the overnight ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge on the Friday night with P&O.
The quickest crossing is via the channel tunnel. It may be a bit more expensive but it is really efficient.

What happens at the end of the rally, do I scrap the car and drive back or do I fly?

Pub Car on an Alpine rallyIt’s up to you. Some people drive back, some people go on elsewhere and some fly back. If you are flying back, it’s a nice idea to give the car to a deserving waiter / waitress. It would certainly make their day!

What is the best option?

Well if you want to drive back, the most direct route to Calais from Prague, is just short of 700 miles and from Venice around 870 miles. This should take about 10 hours and 12.5 hours respectively if you drive continuously. We do however not recommend this – although many teams have done it in less than this.

If you want to fly back, there are a number of budget airlines that fly to the UK. The following list may not be exhaustive but there is plenty of choice.

Prague to UK

  • Easyjet to Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, London Gatwick, Luton, Southend and Stansted
  • Jet2 to Birmingham, East Midlands, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle
  • Ryanair to Bournmouth, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Stanstead
  • Wizzair to London Luton
  • Flybe to Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester 

Prague to Ireland

  • Ryanair to Dublin
  • Aer Lingus to Dublin

Venice (Marco Polo) to UK

  • Ryanair to Bristol, Southend and Stanstead
  • Jet 2 to Birmigham, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, and Manchester
  • Easyjet to Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, London Gatwick and Luton
  • Vueling to Birmingham, Edinburgh, London Gatwick and Manchester

Venice (Treviso) 28 miles away to UK

  • Ryanair to East Midlands, Edinburgh and Manchester

Verona 100 miles away to UK

  • Jet 2 to Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Stanstead
  • Easyjet to Edinburgh, London (Gatwick) and Manchester
  • Ryanair to Birmingham and London (Stanstead)
  • Vueling to London Gatwick

Venice to Ireland

  • Aer Lingus to Dublin
  • Easyjet to Donegal

Venice (Treviso) 28 miles away to Ireland

  • Ryanair to Dublin

Verona 100 miles away to Ireland

Do you have any contacts for scrapping the car?

Pals’ tank car is bangered to rightsWe aim to provide you with a list of brokers for scrapping your car. In the past, some of the teams have given their cars away to locals or staff at the hotel or even sold them to a local garage. We do not however negotiate this for you and it would be entirely your responsibility.

I’ve heard some rallies just contain driving on motorway and toll roads, is Motoscape the same?

Definitely not, you could actually do this rally without going on the motorways and avoid tolls completely! There is however a balance needed between the time you save and the extra cost. Tolls are recommended on parts of the journey but they are kept to a minimum. This rally is specifically designed for you to get a feel for the countries you are travelling through, during which time you will experience the most spectacular scenery in Europe.

How much driving is there each day?

We travel through stunning scenery and stay in some fantastic places. We have therefore worked out a route so that the driving in any one day is about 5 – 6 hours (some days even less). This therefore gives you plenty of time to get there, relax and explore. It’s not a school trip, it’s an adventure you can certainly personalise it to suit yourselves.

I’m not from the UK, can I still come on the rally?

Back to the future car on a trip around EuropeAbsolutely, we welcome entrants from all over Europe. As we are from the UK though this is an English speaking rally.

Do I have to raise money for charity?

No, that is entirely up to you. It is not a requirement, some teams just take part for the shear “hell of it” but some are more charitable.

I’ve heard that most people decorate their cars and some even wear fancy dress. Is this true?

Yes this is quite true. It all adds to the fun to see a convoy of cartoon themed bangers cruising down the Autobahn! Some teams choose a particular theme; others just cover their car in stickers and add their team name. There is a cash prize of £150 for the best decorated car so get your thinking “cap” on. There is also a prize of £100 for the best fancy dress, plus it could get you some valuable bonus points if you are taking part in the challenges.

What sort of people take part?

Super Mario bros on an around Europe tripAll sorts, male, female, young or old, it doesn’t matter. We get friends coming together, partners, fathers coming along with their sons and even families. So yes, it is suitable for everyone and no single group or person has any advantage to winning the daily or overall prizes.

Some people just want to raise money for charity, others come to see Europe like they’ve never seen it before, whilst others just want to get away from the stresses of every day life. Most of all though, it is just for the sheer enjoyment and the chance to meet a great bunch of people along the way.

Do I get a team number?

No, your team will be referred to by name. We don’t give you a number as this tends to imply that it’s a race, which it is not, it’s a rally!

Will I have to sign a disclaimer?

Winners of an old car rallyYes, all team members will have to sign a disclaimer. This is standard practice in banger rallies.

What can you tell me about the prizes?

If you want to win first prize then you have to accumulate sufficient points on the daily challenges and finish at the top of the leader board. As well as second and third place prizes, we also have daily prizes of £50 per day. This way if after the first couple of days you are out of the running for a top 3 place you can still win a prize. This way we keep everyone interested in the challenges.

First Place = £100 :: Second Place = £75 :: Third Place = £50

Best decorated car = £150 Best fancy dress = £100

Daily Challenge Prizes = TBC

What do the challenges involve?

Now that would be telling, you’ll just have to wait until the rally begins. Every team starts on an equal footing, even teams from previous years have no advantage, because we change the challenges each year. You must make sure you have a digital camera or smart phone to take part in some of the challenges.

Can I be disqualified?

Winners on a road trip experienceWhile we are all up for a laugh, this is the serious bit. Treat others and their property like you would expect to be treated yourself.

This basically means, have a great time but please do not cause any damage to hotel property, property belonging to other persons, or deface competitor’s cars. Whilst doing your own spray job on someone else’s car might seem like to fun to you, a lot of participants will be driving back, and some will be donating their cars to charity.

The organisers reserve the right to disqualify a member/members of any participating team, at any time without notice during the course of the rally, for behaviour that causes or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property.

If the above does not answer your questions, you can e-mail us at [email protected].