Motoscape Rally Rules

We know the Motoscape Rally is all about having fun, but even a banger rally needs a few rules!

Motoscape Sea BoatForemost

This cannot be emphasised enough, so here it is at the top of the list. THIS IS NOT A RACE! All participants are advised to drive safely and at all times obey the regulations for the country you are in. It is up to you to ensure that you are fully up to date with the driving requirements for the country in question. Some countries require you to carry certain equipment. We will provide you with a driving guide prior to commencement of the rally; however this may not be an exhaustive list. Extra care is needed when driving in Europe. Not all drivers adhere to the good practice we experience in the UK.

The Vehicle

There are three choices here. You can bring a motor that has cost less than £999 or one that is around 20 years old or more. These categories allow you to enter the Motoscape challenges and give you the chance of winning the cash prizes on offer. The third category is a car of your choice regardless of age i.e your daily runner. You can still enter the fancy dress competition in this category. If you’re entering a banger, what you choose to spend on the car to make it roadworthy is up to you as long as it is reasonable so that the car still qualifies as a banger. Some teams who are doing it for charity have been able to get cars donated in the past.

Motoscape Fake TaxiInsurance and M.O.T.

The car must be in a roadworthy condition and must have a valid M.O.T certificate. Just because the car has an M.O.T does not necessarily mean it is fit for the road. It is up to you ensure that it is fit to take part. All drivers must be covered by car insurance.

You will need to carry these documents with you during the duration of the rally until you return back home in the event you are stopped this could be your get out of jail card. 

You will also sign a disclaimer to acknowledge that the car has adequate insurance for all drivers and covers you to drive in Europe, in addition to a  valid MOT or equivalent if your car is MOT exempt. 

Driving License & Passport

All drivers from the UK must have a valid UK driving license (you must be 18 years old to drive in Europe). All other drivers must ensure that their license covers them to drive in the countries shown on the route. Driving licenses will be checked prior to the start of the event. No team will be allowed to take part unless one of the members has a valid license.

Any rally entrant must have a valid passport for travelling between countries (mainly for leaving and re-entering the UK).

Team Chezmate as Chess Pieces

The Teams

Generally teams consist of 2 to 4 people. Please note. Cars invariably break down and it may be you that requires a lift, so consider this when it comes to team size. We recommend teams of either 2 or 3 people.

Disposing of the car

If you intend on leaving your car at the end of the rally or in case of any eventuality on route, you must dispose of the car properly. This means either selling it, that’s if it’s worth anything or leaving it with a breakers yard. On no account should the vehicle be left in any street, car park or private land. If the organisers are approached regarding such a situation, then we will not hesitate to pass on the details of the team and team members to the authorities in question.