Back to the future versus the Tank

Back to the future meets Motoscape Banger Rally

It’s just been ‘Back to the future day’ and this took us back in time to our 2013 Motoscape banger rally. There were some outstanding decorated bangers this year, including the Delorean lookalike VW Scirocco, of Jon and Laura. With an appropriate team name of ‘Banger to the future’, Jon and Laura had spent many hours replicating the look of the Delorean supercar. Complete with a flux capacitor and lots of other minor details, it helped to gain them the coveted title of ‘Banger of the year 2013’, jointly with another decorated masterpiece.

Back to the future

The original Delorean was beset with reliability problems from the outset, so when the Scirocco broke down with water pump problems in Italy, we did wonder if Jon and Laura had also inadvertently replicated those problems into their themed banger. They did mange to get it fixed though and made it for the Venice finale.

The Tank on a European road trip

That’s more than can be said for the other joint winners of the ‘Banger of the year 2013’. Daniel, Ryan and Matthew, otherwise known as the ‘Cunning Stunts’, turned up in a ‘Tank’ themed Ford Galaxy complete with a turret that swivelled. With their army fatigues and fake moustaches they certainly looked the part and were definitely worthy winners of the ‘Banger of the year 2013’.

The Tank 3

This was to be their very own European road trip but unfortunately for them the German police stopped them in their tracks. It seems like they didn’t find three Brits travelling down the Rhine in an English tank at all funny. After failing a test of roadworthiness they were given a choice of paying a massive repair bill or scrapping the car. They chose the latter. R.I.P The Tank.

Every year the Motoscape banger rally turns into a fantastic event. No two years are ever the same and looking back at these decorated bangers, they still make us smile. They were both brilliant efforts and both worthy of the title, ‘Banger of the year 2013’. What do you think?

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