Motoscape Banger Rally 2012 Insurance Options

Ready, Steady, Go! Is Everybody Ready For The 2012 Motoscape Rally?

We hope everybody’s preparations are well under way!! Here are a few tips on Insurance for the Rally.

This year the Motoscape Rally has teamed up with specialist motor insurer HIC (Herts Insurance Consultants) to offer a banger rally insurance scheme that will cover you both effectively and for a reasonable price.

It’ll mean no nasty surprises along the way, plus it’ll save you time when you check in at the start line. We know this specialist insurance gives you the correct level of cover you need to partake safely and legally in the rally.

Aren’t I Insured Already Though?

This is up to you to check! Some insurers won’t cover you when you tell them you’re entering a charity rally, especially ones that include travel to overseas countries, however remember this is not a race, it is a European motor tour.

Check with your own insurance and then with HIC and judge for yourself on the best option.

What About By My Co-Drivers?  Will They Be Covered?

The specialist cover HIC provide allows cover for up to four drivers, subject to circumstances and age of course, so you’ll have the peace of mind that everyone is covered fully and legitimately while driving but please bear in mind the cover is third party only.

How Long Does The Policy Last?

This is up to you! The HIC policy can be tailored to suit your requirements. It might also be worth checking with your own insurance to see if they allow additional vehicles to be added to your policy on a short-term basis.

How Do I Get My Policy With HIC?

Just give HIC a call on the Motoscape Rally hotline: 0844 888 7251

You can also contact HIC by email at or via the website,

Are There Other Ways To Insure My Banger?

You should be able to take out a standard car insurance policy with added European cover. Remember, this is a motoring tour, it is not a race / speed rally, so do not mention anything to do with speed, rally and races as most insurance companies do not cover this.

Some people swap the insurance over from their own cars (not recommended if it means leaving an expensive car without theft cover); others take out a separate policy on a pay monthly basis and then cancel it when they get back home (check the terms and conditions that the policy can be cancelled within a set period). This way it will cost you just one month’s insurance.

The Motoscape Team are always on hand to give you advice on insurance for your banger, so don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email, leave a comment below this blog or on Facebook and we’ll get back to you!

Also, interact with this years existing teams on the facebook page and twitter, you can pick up some great tips there.

See you in September, it’s just over 60 days away!

Motoscape 2012 Rally Update

Heres a quick update on the 2012 Motoscape Banger Rally

This years rally is gearing up to be the biggest and best in Motoscape history with in excess of 175 people.

Looking at some of the Facebook pictures and talking to some of the teams, most people are making a fantastic effort on decorating the cars and many teams are raising money for charity, so everyone, great effort!

Here at the Motoscape HQ preparations are in full swing , Peter has been very busy securing all the hotels (which is a mammoth task) and venues for the final night meals for the Venice and Prague rallies.

Full itineraries will be provided before the rally commences.

Paul’s been busy dreaming up the various daily challenges and answering all the team queries and questions.

Mark has been busy updating the Facebook / website information and preparing the comprehensive daily packs to ensure everybody knows what to do, and see every day.

We will be sending comprehensive checklists (detailing everything you should have) to all teams in ample time before the start of the rally, so everyone can relax knowing they have everything they need to have a fantastic time.

If anyone has any questions whatsoever just give us a call on 0113 282 3181 or contact Paul on 07854 251890.

Thank you for choosing Motoscape and we are all looking forward to meeting all the teams in September.

The Motoscape Team

How to get the best out of Motoscape 2012

The Motoscape Banger Rally has been carefully improved year on year to really give participants a trip to remember. If you are one of the lucky ones who have your place confirmed, well done because the rally is now full.

In preparation for the rally, here are a few tips for you to really make the most of this fantastic event:

1. Choose your car wisely:
Think large, luxury gas guzzler versus compact simple and economical. If you want outright luxury then choose an old Jag or Mercedes and make sure you have deep pockets for the fuel though. Alternatively maybe choose a Ford Fiesta diesel or a smaller engine Japanese saloon such as an old Nissan Sunny, the fuel goes a lot further in these vehicles.

2. Decorating the car:
This is a great way to really feel part of the rally as most people make a fantastic effort from mock race cars, the General Lee, fury animals and more. We have seen a fantastic selection over the years (have a look at photos for inspiration).

Can you come up with something totally different, how far can you push the boundaries?

Winner of the best banger design gets £100 cash prize and the coveted title of “Banger of the Year 2012”. Please be aware though, sharp sticky out bits to the front of cars are not legal in most countries (think pedestrian safety) and external sirens are also not legal in Europe, so don’t have them on show unless you want unwelcome attention from the Feds!!!

3. Preparation is key:
Check the car thoroughly its going to get hammered constantly for at least 5 days up and down mountain passes and on the derestricted Autobahns in Germany.

Therefore breaks, clutch, gearbox and cooling systems need to be in tip top condition, driving up and then down the Stelvio pass is a completely different experience for both the driver and the poor old car to visiting your local supermarket for your weekly groceries!!!!!

4. Raising money for charity:
Many of the teams raise money for their own individual charities, both local and national. If you have a charity close to your heart why not raise some money for them!!! Send us an email with your story and we will feature on the website.

Most charities will give you help and support plus local newspapers / TV will generally love to cover your journey (if you require a Motoscape Banner for photo shoots, just let us know and we will send one by post completely free) all we ask is to send a copy of the article.

Here are a few ideas on raising money for charity…

a) Ask people to sign a table tennis type ball for a suitable donation, take all the balls in the car and ask somebody (maybe at the top of the Stelvio to pick one out and that person would receive a previously donated prize.)

b) Park in supermarket car parks (with suitable permission) and ask people to make a donation for signing the blank car call it modern art or just graffiti. It certainly gets the money flowing; one team raised over £5000 using just this method last year!

c) Ask local businesses in the car industry to donate car parts, accessories, tyres or general servicing. Other local businesses may be willing to give a cash donation in exchange for a banner bearing their name strategically located on the car.

d) Ask your employer if they would be willing to sponsor the car. Ask the local pub if you can take the car down on a busy day and ask people for sponsorship (always go when people have had a few beers, its amazing how much more willing they are to donate a few quid)

e) Friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues are always a good source of sponsorship particularly if you do a blog or regular Facebook updates so they can see your progress throughout the rally.

We hope this gives you some good ideas and tips on the build up to rally. Don’t forget, when the rally is taking place Motoscape will be doing daily blogs and facebook / twitter updates so make sure you get all your friends and family to follow us too so they can see how you’re doing on the rally!

We keep everyone updated during the course of the rally along with all the latest photographs showing all the action.

Any questions just call us on 0113 282 3181 or email us at, we are here to help!

Paul, Peter and Mark

The Motoscape Team

The 2012 Motoscape Rally is Now Full

We are delighted to announce that the 2012 Motoscape Banger Rally is now full!!!

This is quite amazing as we are only in February. It is definitely the fastest take up rate ever, so a big, big thank you to everyone who has registered. It’s an awesome experience!!!

There may be some additional spaces released if any teams need to cancel their booking due to unforeseen circumstances, therefore please complete our “register as a reserve” form if you want to be put on the reserve list. This will be on a strict first come first served date order basis to be fair to all teams.

This year’s rally is gearing up to be the biggest and best in Motoscape history and the organisers, Paul, Peter and Mark are busy working hard to ensure all hotels, challenges and information packs are all first class.

Here are a few tips for the registered teams:

1. Beg, borrow or buy a European Sat Nav (including eastern Europe if you are going to Prague)… they are invaluable!!! The purists can of course use a compass and map book.

2. Digital camera / quality camera phone with the ability to send data over the internet (this is useful if you are running late to ensure the daily challenges are sent before the cut off time).

3. Try and obtain your car early and drive it around for a while. Drive it up long hills in low gear / high revs. This will generally identify many potential issues with the car.

4. Decorate the car! It’s worth making the effort!!! Most teams really do go that extra mile and you never know, you may win the “best-decorated car” cash prize.

5. Bring a few quid for some beers, wines or lattes (whatever floats your boat) and a sense of humour! The trip is a fantastic way to get a taste of Europe, have a few laughs along the way and meet a great bunch of people.

…………………… and finally SET OFF IN GOOD time for the meet in St Omer. Registration will open from 12.00 midday and the earlier you arrive the more people you will get to know, plus if there are any issues with your car there will be lots of people willing to help in the car park!

Don’t forget, you can join our Facebook page (Click LIKE) and follow us on Twitter to communicate with fellow “Motoscapers” and get the latest news, updates and pre-rally build up.

If anybody has any question don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 282 3181 or drop us an email at

Paul, Peter and Mark
The Motoscape Team

Welcome to the 2012 Motoscape Rally

A warm welcome to everyone already registered to take part in the 2012 Motoscape Rallies to Venice & Prague.

There are plenty of new and familiar faces registered so far and we are hoping this is going to be the best Motoscape Rally yet!

The Motoscape Team are busy booking hotels for everybody and fine tuning the routes to make the whole experience a genuine “trip of a lifetime” in 2012.

We will be forwarding the welcome packs in the next few weeks so please check your inboxes. The packs will give you lots of information and tips on preparing for the rally.

In the meantime you can join our Facebook page (Click LIKE) and follow us on Twitter to communicate with fellow “Motoscapers” and get the latest news and updates.

The Facebook page currently has 690 fans, this time last year we had around 250 fans, so our aim for 2012 is to get over 1000 Facebook fans. You can help us with this, simply visit our Facebook page below and click the LIKE button, it’s that simple!

We are also pleased to announce that the bookings are up significantly on this time last year and so anybody not already registered please book early. Once the rallies are full, we cannot accept more teams! There are currently 36 teams registered meaning there’s just 24 places left on the rally with our busiest months for bookings approaching!

And remember, any all-girl teams out there can still get a discounted entrance fee of £125 per team (for 2 girls) + £35 per additional female team member. Simply quote “GIRL2012” in the promotional code area on our registration form.

If you have any queries or want advice, drop us an email or give us a call on 0113 282 3181, and we hope to see you at the start line!