Choosing a Banger Rally, Things to Consider!

You’ve all heard of “Holiday Horror Stories”, well the Motoscape team have heard their fair share of some real “Banger Rally, Horror Stories”! Be it from people who have taken part in rallies that have been poorly organised, had very few teams participating, or even rallies that have not even then taken place but organisers have happily took peoples registration money!

With this in mind, we have been asked by various people for advice on how to choose a legitimate banger rally. Here are a few pointers before handing over your hard earned cash to any banger rally organisers:

1. Consider the route offered, how many miles of driving each day and what type of roads i.e. country roads or motorways? Motorway driving can be relentless and boring and one country looks very similar to the next when travelling by motorway.

2. New banger rallies start every year and many promise so much and deliver very little! Many people book on new rallies only to be emailed weeks before the start of the rally to say its been cancelled.

4. Check the experience of the organisers, how many years has the rally been running? Is the rally likely to actually take place? Can you see photos from previous years?

5. Check how many teams are booked on the rally. If there is no team’s page, proceed with caution there may not be enough people taking part to make the rally viable.

6. Look at Facebook check if the teams taking part have Facebook pages.

7. Check the rally organisers have an actual address, it’s easy to start a web site promising lots and delivering nothing!

8. Do the rally organisers have a landline to contact them, not just a mobile number?

It’s worth taking the above points on board before choosing a banger rally, remember the Motoscape Rally has been running for over 7 years with some great feedback along the way!

The Motoscape Rally is almost full! Whilst we filled our last space last week we also had 1 cancellation so there is only 1 space left! Register this ASAP on a banger rally you can trust before it’s too late!!!!!

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