Inspiration for your Banger

Sturggling to come up with a good idea for your banger? Well, if you are or you just need a little push in the right direction, we’ve compiled a short list of our favourite bangers over the last few years. Take a look below…… but no copying!

Banger Car

The good old fashioned grass look!

Danger Mouse Banger


Banger 4x4

Now this was a beast, our first ever 4×4 banger!


Hand painted, and crafted to banger perfection!

Dick Dastardlies Banger

Sure you’ve all seen this on the site, but can’t leave out the Dick Dastardlies!

Cool Banger

The Mello Yello, looked even better in real life!

Red Bull Banger

Red Bull gives you wings, or dodgy breaks in this case!

Bumble Bee Banger

The Bumble Bee, sadly this banger did not make it all the way, we even held a wake!

So there you have it, our 8 favourite cars from our previous banger rallies. So, can you design something better? Put in your best efforts, and try to make next years list!

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