Motoscape 2012 – Day 1 – St Omer

Well what can we say, what an amazing start to the 2012 Motoscape Rally! With 72 teams taking part this is our busiest year yet, and it was great to see all the teams making such a fantastic effort with their cars and fancy dress outfits, we have certainly raised some eyebrows in St Omer! The sun was out and the teams were soaking up the atmosphere as everyone congregated in the car park to register, get their freebies, have a cheeky beer and admire the vast array of vehicles!

We’ll get to all the bangers shortly, but first of all the coveted title of Banger of the Year! This year we awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best decorated bangers and the winners were….

1st Place (Banger of the Year): Death Squad, BMW 7 Series
2nd Place: The New Recruits, Jaguar XJ6
3rd Place: Dark Knight, Ford Mondeo

Now for the rest of the bangers, we’ll let the photos do the talking, so take a look at some of the teams

There were some great fancy dress outfits this year so a big thank you to all the teams that made the extra special effort!

Usually we don’t start to see any problems with the cars until day 2, but we have already had one banger casualty! Rally veterans Mike & Mike’s (Banger Defenders) Ford Escort Cabriolet suffered from a hole in the gear box and a rather interesting set of grinding noises going on! It was beyond repair, luckily they had breakdown cover and for the second year running are going to have to complete the rest route in a hire car (last year Mike’s triumph broke down on day 2!).

Last night saw everyone go to the town square in St Omer for a bite to eat and gather in the Queen Vic and the Dickens for a few drinks (a few too many drinks for some teams!) It was a fantastic night with all the teams getting to know each other, making a brilliant start to what’s going to be an awesome rally! Mark even taught the teams a new way to drink a pint, it’s called the “Barnsley Arm”!

Next stop, Koblenz (via the Nurburgring)

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