Motoscape 2012 – Day 3 – Koblenz to Feldkirch

The morning after the night before, and plenty of teams were feeling the effects of a fantastic night at the wine festival! The morning briefing was a struggle for some teams, but after jumping in the shower and getting a bit of food everyone was raring to go and start the challenges along the wonderful River Rhine.

Today we were driving from Koblenz to Feldkirch in Austria which is approximately 325 miles, and it’s one of the longer drives on the rally, but it gives teams plenty of chances to visit some amazing places and see things you wouldn’t get the chance to see on a typical holiday!

Driving down the B9 along the River Rhine with the sun beaming down is a great way to start the day and it gives the teams chance to stop for a coffee in the traditional German villages. Most teams made time to visit some of the historic castles built into the mountain sides and some visited Baden Baden. Adam and Carlo from Funk Soul Dubbers spent 2 hours in a Spa recovering from the wine festival! Other teams visited the waterfall and cuckoo clock in Triberg. Steve and John from Art of Cooking confirmed it was a big cuckoo clock!

Stuart and Lee from Team Blown Diff decided to head straight for the Autobahn to be first at the hotel bar! They missed the traffic jams that a lot of the teams got stuck in too due to a vehicle catching fire, luckily it wasn’t one of our bangers!

Take a look at the scenic pictures (including some of our bangers!), you won’t be disappointed!

Due to the traffic jam we extended the deadline for challenges until 8pm and most teams managed to get there in the end and get their challenges checked. Congratulations again to The New Recruits (Prague) who were daily prize winners for a second day running and Cake and Jelly (Venice). Both teams took home the daily prizes of £75 each! Well done teams, a great effort, we know the Motoscape challenges can be tricky!

Banger breakdown wise the Triumph Stag (Team Old Un’s) is still awaiting repair and they are hoping to meet back up with the rally asap and we had another casualty yesterday. Metal Medics in the Neon broke down but couldn’t get a hire car out so they are going to get a train to Venice and meet back up with us there.

Overall though there are still plenty of teams in the running for the cash prizes!

Onto the evenings proceedings, and Motoscape organised a meal and disco in the hotel for all teams. It was a great way for people to relax and have a good time after a long days driving. The Austrian beer was flowing and the bar staff had never seen anything like it before. Andrew and Sion from the Red Dragons took over the DJ booth and got the “TUNES” blasting out. I don’t think we’ve seen so many Jager Bombs downed (and dropped on the floor) ever!

People ended staying up till 4.30am! Good job no organisers stayed up till that time though… cough… Paul… cough. A big thank you to all the staff at Hotel Lowen for their efforts in making the evening a great success.

It was another great night, and all everyone could talk about was the forthcoming route for the next day, and getting themselves ready for the Stelvio Pass, one of the best driving roads in the world. Fingers crossed all the cars make it!!!

Next stop, Lake Iseo (Italy) via the Stelvio Pass

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