Motoscape 2013: Day 3, Koblenz to Feldkirch

Each and every year on the Motoscape Rally, the morning after the wine festival is probably the toughest one for most of the teams to attend! But despite a late night for some, all the teams made it to the morning briefing and eager to find out what was in store for the day.

Today we were driving from Koblenz to Feldkirch in Austria which is approximately 325 miles, and it’s one of the longer drives on the rally, but it gives teams plenty of chances to visit some amazing places en-route to Austria.

The Tank RIPBack to the route in a moment though, as first we have to report our first banger casualty, and it’s not due to a breakdown like it usually is. Unfortunately, the Tank is no more. Daniel, Ryan and Matthew from team Cunning Stunts were pulled over by the police in Germany, and the police deemed the car not safe to be on the road and it has been sent to the crusher! Everyone is absolutely gutted for the lads as they put so much work into their banger and they have now had to pull out of the rally. Perhaps in hindsight driving a tank through Germany with a Union Jack hanging out of the window wasn’t the most politically correct design, but it’s certainly a lesson to be learnt for future banger designers. The lads are keen to make the 2014 Motoscape Rally to make up for this years disappointment.

Onto more positive events many teams enjoyed a picturesque drive down the B9 along the River Rhine to see the stunning scenery and take part in the daily challenges. The Rhine is full of historic castles, traditional German villages all set in a valley surrounded by mountains and breath-taking scenery. Dr Rally Team even managed to drive their banger all the way up to a castle perched at the very top of one of the mountains to get their scenic photo, and enclosed a little history for us when emailing the photo…

“Please enjoy this lovely vista from the top of St Goar castle overlooking the Rhine. We hope that during the many delightful hours you will spend gazing on this majestic view that you can fully appreciate that it is the first car to breach the castle defences and occupy this prime position within the castle walls at the keeps entrance.”
Dr Rally Team!

Take a look at all the amazing scenic pictures, and I am sure you agree the bangers look stunning set against the backdrop of the Rhine:

waterfallAfter driving through the Rhine valley, teams then had the option to either head onto the German Autobahns, which was the quickest way to get to the hotel, or visit even more places that you would only manage to see on the Motoscape Rally! Baden Baden was a popular stop for many of teams. Baden Baden is a beautiful spa town but also a rich man’s playground (remember the WAGS shopping trip during the world cup), It was a big change in scenery compared to the places we’ve visited in the last few days. Some teams headed to Triberg to see the awe-inspiring waterfall and the world’s largest cuckoo clock! Umer, Sajid and Abdul from team U.M.S were blown away by the waterfall, and the unforgettable scenery that typifies this part of Europe.

The final stop of the day for motorsport fans was the Hockenheim Motorsports Museum, which has a vast array of motor vehicles from all over the World. Andrew and Graham from the Gasket Brothers timed their visit just right to watch super bikes race around this famous track!

After a day of sight seeing it was time to get the teams challenges checked. The Motoscape team were on hand between 5pm and 7pm so that teams who took part in the challenges could get checked in and be in with a chance of winning the daily prize. Congratulations again to 3 Engineers and a Civil Servant (Venice) who were daily prize winners for a second day running and A Bear Attacking With Only a Sausage is Still Terrifying (Prague). Both teams took home the daily prizes of £50 each! Well done teams, a great effort, we know the Motoscape challenges can be tricky!

Onto the evenings proceedings, and Motoscape organised a meal and live band in the hotel for all teams to enjoy. It was a great way for people to recover from a long day and re-charge the batteries ready for challenges the next day.

It was another great night, and all everyone could talk about was the forthcoming route for the next day, and getting themselves ready for the Stelvio Pass, one of the best driving roads in the world. The comments on the rally so far have been extremely positive, this years entrants are a brilliant bunch of people making the most of this once in a life time road trip!

Day 3 was certainly eventful, another typical day full of adventure on the Motoscape Rally!

Day 4 see’s the teams head to Bergamo in Italy (via the Stelvio Pass), tune in tomorrow to see what happens next!

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  1. I cannot believe you are referring to my beautiful Honda as a banger…..
    Its wonderful!
    I miss it!

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