Motoscape 2013: Day 4, Feldkirch to Bergamo

Today’s drive was the one that everyone had been waiting for. The journey to Bergamo in Italy, via the awesome Stelvio Pass! If you’ve viewed our website and seen previous blogs and pics, you know this needs no introduction. It’s one of the greatest driving experiences in the world. It really puts the teams driving abilities to the test, so stick around to see which cars survived and which were heading for the scrap yard! Following the morning briefing, the teams prepared their cars and were on their way!

As well as taking on the Stelvio, there was chance to tick off another country on the list, the small tax haven of Liechtenstein! It’s just 62 square miles and the teams trying to visit as many countries as possible ticked this one off their list! For teams that wanted to take on more than one pass, the Splügen Pass was a popular choice. This is an amazing pass with some fabulous scenery. There are hairpins and tunnels and even a hairpin in a tunnel!. This Pass is a great choice as not widely known among foreign visitors and therefore far less traffic and more chance to enjoy the driving.

Back to the Stelvio and this year we got so many amazing photos from all the teams, a brilliant effort! There are spectacular scenic pics, some hilarious photos in front of the sign and some creative photos from our balloon challenge that show what the Motoscape Banger Rally spirit is all about. Take a look at all the pics from the 2013 Stelvio Pass day below:

On to the challenges and it was a fantastic effort from the teams today. Congratulations for the second day in a row to A Bear Attacking With Only a Sausage is Still Terrifying day4winners1(Prague). The winner of the 5-day rally daily challenges will be announced tomorrow at their finale evening meal tonight, along with the overall Venice rally winners! Well done to all the teams who took part, we certainly enjoyed your pics!

On the car side of things, the sweeping roads and Stelvio Pass itself was more than a match for some of our beloved bangers…

West Lothian College had a problem with their engine block on the Nissan Bluebird and their car has had to be scrapped as it is beyond economical repair! This is our second banger casualty of the rally; take a moment to pay your respects to the Bluebird. This was their 3rd time bringing this car on Motoscape Rally and it has served really well over the last few years, but another trip up the Stelvio was a step too far for the old banger. We’re hoping John and the guys can get a hire car to meet up with us in Venice.

Jon and Laura from team Banger to the Future saw their prize winning VW Scirroco breakdown due to a faulty fuel pump so they are having to wait overnight until the garage can repair the car. Luckily, the Counts Junket team were on hand to take them up the Stelvio and to the hotel. Real banger rally camaraderie there! They will be picking the car up next day and fingers crossed heading to Venice.

Cathy and Anne-Marie from team Double Silver also had troubles with their Mazda MX5, which had a water pump problem. The guys from Scuderia Ferrati tried to help but the car has also had to go in to a garage overnight. The ladies spent the night in the town of Bormeo, and the car can’t be repaired quickly so they have a hire car for now to meet us in Venice.

Finally, Super Hero International Taxi ‘s Vauxhall Corsa is drinking oil at a rapid rate, but if they keep it topped up it should last the duration of the rally. Compared to the other car problems of the day though they can probably count themselves lucky.

The rest of the cars are still running although some have a few issues but with a bit of luck all can be coaxed to the end of the rally. Good luck to everyone!!

Onto the evenings events and we arrived in the town Bergamo and Motoscape had again organised a meal in the hotel so the teams could relax after a day tackling the mountain passes.  Whilst many of the teams took the opportunity to enjoy an early night, there was still the hard core Motoscapers keeping the bar manager very happy until 3am! Don’t worry we won’t name and shame anyone, and as long as they all enjoyed themselves!!

There were also some teams who didn’t make it back until late because they took the wrong route, it’s worth investing in a Sat Nav for next year Guys! A special mention to Ian and Chris from team Make-A-Wish for driving to the Stelvio Pass, then back up to Austria to do another pass, then all the way down to Bergamo arriving at the hotel for 11.30pm! Certainly a day they will remember.

Day 4 was certainly a driving experience the teams will never forgot (and some cars may never recover from), but that’s just another day on the Motoscape Banger Rally!

Day 5 see’s the teams head to Noventa di Piave in Italy (via Venice and the Supercar Museums), which is the end of the trip for the teams on the 5 day route. Find out how everyone gets on tomorrow!

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