Motoscape 2013: Day 5, Bergamo to Venice

The morning after the Stelvio Pass usually see’s teams doing essential repairs in the car park, but surprisingly this year, the cars that made it to the hotel were in decent working order! The teams gathered as usual for the morning briefing and to check out the days challenges, Todays drive was a relatively short distance so lots of different options on places to visit.

Today we were heading from Bergamo to Noventa di Piave, just outside the beautiful city of Venice in Italy, which is around 165 miles. Today is the end of the rally for the teams on the 5 day Motoscape 2013 rally, congratulations to all teams that made it to the end, good effort guys and girls!

Today’s drive is around 2 hours and 30 minutes for teams heading straight to Venice. This gave teams plenty of time to do different things or teams with car problems the chance to take a direct route. Prague teams were able to gain valuable points by taking part in the daily challenges.

ferrariMany entrants took the opportunity to head South to Maranello, the home of Ferrari, which attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year. Maranello is home to the famous supercar museums of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Teams were also able to drive a Ferrari out on the roads and hills surrounding the factory. This is truly a fantastic opportunity for the car enthusiasts on the rally to tick off their bucket list! Ed and Simon from Missing Lincs had smiles from ear to ear after driving a Ferrari California through the streets of Maranello. Will from team Ou est le petrol station also took a Canary Yellow Ferrari out for a spin and absolutely loved the experience! This was definitely a highlight of the trip for many Motoscapers!

Photos and Videos of the Ferrari experiences will be coming soon!

za03For the teams that weren’t interested in visiting the supercar museums, they headed straight to Venice (although some teams managed to squeeze in both Venice and the museums). Teams who wanted to stay there for the day and night and have a few drinks hopped on the train close to the hotel, other teams headed in by car to enjoy the sights.

Venice is a beautiful city that sits on the water on millions of wooden piles pounded into marshy ground and has been slowly sinking for the last 1,000 years! It was a great place for teams to sample some fine Italian cuisine and enjoy a beer or glass of Italian wine. The city stands on 117 small islands and has some 150 canals and 410 bridges. The architecture is so beautiful, it’s a must see for most teams. This historic city has so much to offer from the famous St Mark’s square and Gondolas to the fabulous array of restaurants. It was certainly another highlight for our rally goers.

Teams took the opportunity to work on their creativity with the famous Venetian masks, take a look at their efforts below:

Teams on the Prague rally were concentrating on winning the daily cash prize and trying to creep up the overall leader board as the end of the rally is in sight. The cars day5winnerheaded into Venice to take part in the challenges. Well done to Glenn and Lawrence from team V Rally for winning the daily prize! The guys first win of the rally and they were delighted to take home the £50 prize! Things are hotting up at the top of the leaderboard now with just one day of challenges to go, the final day of challenges tomorrow will decide the winner of the 2013 Motoscape Prague rally. We can also now announce the daily prize winner for the Venice rally from yesterday was Suzie and the Bandit! See the overall winners further down this blog.

Part of todays challenge was to compile a funny limerick about your team. The Prague teams did this as part of the daily challenge, and the Venice teams did this to win a bottle of bubbly to go with their evening meal, here’s a selection of the best ones from the teams!

The best limerick from the Prague rally was from Missing Lincs, here it goes:

The cavemen got off to a flyer
Up the Stelvio in a car that was dire
But on the way down
There pants got quite brown
Cos the brakes were completely on fire

The best limerick from the Venice rally was from Scuderia Ferreti, here it goes:

Scuderia Ferreti
We wear kilts and our socks are all sweaty
Our hats make us look like a yeti
We are mark and keith
We live quite near Leith
And our name is scuderia ferreti

Here’s a selection of other limericks from the day!

From Team Car Motives
Lawrence has been the sole driver,
And at Winniger a bit of a Jiver,
But after some engine fears,
And too many beers,
He probably shouldn’t do either!

From Team Hazardous wasters
Hils was a Hazardous Waster
and Nick had a yearning to taste her.
But he acted the jerk
in his strange-looking Merc
so she swapped him for a turkey baster!

From Team Counts Junket
The count can be a real c**t
And often likes a cheeky punt
Constantly assuming authority
Over the populations vast majority
It’s just another schemanoff stunt!

From Team V Rally
The skoda got sick at the ibis
An oil leak you just couldn’t miss
But on to koblenz we went     
Where a little money was spent
and the mechanic was given a kiss.

From Team Bear attacking you with only a sausage
2 guys from up north and an ape,
Went touring Europe with Motoscape,
They travelled with a pyramid and a tank,
Three guys from Leeds they will thank,
But from the Germans the Tank didn’t escape

From Team Blues Brothers with a hint of pink
When we arrived in St Omer
There was water water everywhere
We thought “will we make it to Venice”
This banger is a bit of a menace
But pure Irish luck got us there

From Team Make a Wish
So we headed to stelvio pass
70 hairpins was an absolute blast
But because we’re not clever
We had a navigational error
So for us its a map reading class (if we can find it!!)

From Team Suzy and the Bandit
So we started in France on day one,
With the aim to have mayhem and fun.
With the Stelvio pass,
And the great daily tasks,
We think motoscapes’ number one!

From Team Ou est Le petrol
“Now bear left then take a right”
Dad goes straight on and says “Sat Navs are shite”
The return journey home
Means we’re 15 hours alone
The f**k didn’t we just book a flight?!

From Team Bristol Stags
Bristol Stags went on the Motoscape rally
There was no time to dilly or dally
Kaz + Kevs map reading was crap
Mark gave them a slap
But we all arrived in Venice still pally.

On the car front today, the only major casualty was Oliver and Jessica in team Rav4 Renegades. Their Toyota Rav4 sustained a front suspension issue. They had a loan car from the garage repairing the Rav4. Unfortunately they will have go back to pick their banger up tomorrow so are going to meet up with us on the last day in Prague.

Other than the issue with the Rav4 there were no other major banger casualties!

In the evening, the teams on the Prague rally stayed in Venice for the night and got the 24-hour train back. Some teams hit the local town for a bite to eat and a few beers, and the organisers arranged a complimentary meal and presentation of prizes for all the Venice participants. A fitting finale to the 5 day rally. What a great night for everyone to get together, and well done to 3 Engineers and a Civil Servant for finishing in first place and taking home the £800 prize on the 2013 Motoscape Rally, “Road Trip to Venice”.

View our dedicated blog – Road Trip Venice, 2013 Winners – to see the full standings!

Day 5 was a great day for people to get the chance to do something different and enjoy experiences they will never forget!

Day 6 see’s the teams head to Sopron in Hungary, with a route that lets you take on another brilliant driving road, the Vršič Pass. Find out how everyone gets on tomorrow!

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