Motoscape 2013: Road Trip Prague Winners

That’s it, the 2013 Motoscape Rally, “Road Trip to Prague” has come to an end! And I’m sure you all want to know who’s won?

Well we won’t keep you waiting, congratulations… on a first place finish for A Bear Attacking You With Only A Sausage Is Still Terrifying! They won the rally by 7 points and take home the £800 prize and the gloating rights at being the 2013 Motoscape Prague Champions! Martyn and Tony also won 2 daily prizes on the rally making their total prize winnings £900! Congratulations guys, a fantastic effort guys, well done!

In 2nd place were the 3 brothers from Chester, Paul, Andrew and Brian from Dr Rally Team who take home £300 for being runners up. The guys had won 2 previous daily prizes too making that a total of £400 in prize money! They and were worthy runners up on the rally and the chaps were delighted with a 2nd place finish.

Finally congratulations to Hilary and Nick the Hazardous Wasters who finished in 3rd place and take home the final prize of £100!

Final Prague Top 5:

1st Place: A Bear Attacking You With Only A Sausage Is Still Terrifying
2nd Place: Dr Rally Team
3rd Place: Hazardous Wasters
4th Place: Missing Lincs
5th Place: V Rally

Well done to all the teams!!!

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