Motoscape Rally 2014: Day 3, Koblenz to Garmisch Partenkirchen

It’s now a common occurrence on the Motoscape Rally, the morning after the wine festival can be a tough one for the teams to get out of bed and attend the briefing! However everyone was there at 7.45am sharp, keen to see what we had in store en-route!

Today the teams were driving from Koblenz to Garmisch Partenkirchen, via Austria. The drive is approximately 340 miles, which is one of the longer drives on the rally, but it gives teams plenty of chances to visit some amazing places en-route. The longer drive also ensures the next few days will be shorter, meaning more time for exploring even more of Europe!

At the beginning of the today’s journey, many teams enjoyed a picturesque drive down the B9, which runs alongside River Rhine. Beautiful historic castles, traditional German villages and rocky hills compliment the stunning natural backdrop. One of the lads from the Suffolk Mafia team even went for a dip in the Rhine with a horse mask on, a photo you have to see to believe!

All the amazing scenic pictures are included in the gallery at the end of the blog, and we’re sure you will agree the bangers, along with the entrants, make for some stunning photographs! Some photos may even make you chuckle, it’s great to see such a creative bunch this year!

After driving through the Rhine valley, teams then had the option to either head onto the German Autobahns, which was the quickest way to get to the hotel, or visit even more places that you would only manage to see on the Motoscape Rally!

One of the many stops of the day for motorsport fans was the Hockenheim Museum, which has a vast array of motor vehicles from all over the World. Andrew and Graham from the Gasket Brothers timed their visit just right to watch a number of super bikes race around the famous track!

Teams also visited the Sinsheim Museum full of wonderful cars from around the world. Monty, the Motoscape Mascot, was even taken in for his pic taken with some absolutely amazing vehicles!

Other options en-route included heading down the ‘romantic road’ towards Garmisch. Many teams took this option and the guys from Jagtechnic and Suffolk Mafia couldn’t believe how beautiful scenery was. This route is full of pretty towns and villages and is more of a leisurely drive than the faster motorway option.

Finally teams visited the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen. This is the most visited castle in Europe and was the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s ‘Magic Kingdom’. Nigel and Lorraine from team Collico 1 were mightily impressed and commented it was one of their highlights of the trip so far!

Onto a funny anecdote of the day, and following on from losing control on the Nurburgring, Oliver from team Duck & Lankey managed to park his Mazda MX5 in a ditch, much to his team mate Alistair’s disapproval! Luckily Clive & Michael from team Mid Lane Crisis were on hand to tow the guys out. We can’t wait to hear what driving mishap Oliver has tomorrow!

On the car front, we had no major troubles, however some teams are having a few glitches that can hopefully be managed to ensure all cars make it to the end!. Time will tell and a big test will be when the bangers take on the Stelvio Pass tomorrow.

After a day of adventure it was time to get the teams challenges checked. The Motoscape team were on hand between 5pm and 7pm to check them and it was an extremely close one today (we told you they were a competitive bunch!). A big congratulations today goes to ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ (Venice) and ‘Tommy Tankers’ (Prague) who were the daily prize winners! Both teams took home the daily prizes of £50 each! Whilst the boys from Belfast took their certificate and cash prize graciously, the Tommy Tanker team were the most excited we have ever seen a team to win the daily prize! Still we love that kind of enthusiasm and there fancy dress outfits this morning made it even better!

Onto the evenings proceedings, and the teams arrived at the wonderful town of Garmisch Partenkirchen. For those of you who don’t know, Garmisch Partenkirchen lies at the foot of the Zugspitze (Germany’s highest mountain) and hosted the winter Olympics way back in 1936! Teams who got to the hotel early took the opportunity to relax in the spa and have a swim, and then headed into the town to meet the Motoscape team for pizza and a well deserved pint! It was a great way for people to recover from a long day and re-charge the batteries ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

It was another great night on what has been a brilliant rally so far! There was much talk and excitement about what the forthcoming route for the next day had in store, and everyone was getting themselves ready for the Stelvio Pass and the Timmelsjoch Pass, two of the best driving roads in the world!

See the photos from all the events from Day 3 on the rally below:

Day 3 was certainly action packed, but teams thoughts are now on taking on the mighty passes we have in store!

Day 4 see’s the teams head to Trento in Italy (via the Stelvio Pass or Timmelsjoch Pass), tune in tomorrow to see what happens next!

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