2015 Day 5: Trento to Venice

Buongiorno from Trento, Italy. The teams awoke to glorious sunshine and promising temperatures. A beautiful layout from the hotel for breakfast is served alongside hot fresh Italian coffee. The teams all meet for the daily briefing, and with shorts donned we’re all willing the sun to stay! For half the teams it’s the last day of their banger rally with them finishing in Venice tonight. However moods are high and everyone is eager to find out what’s in store.

Dave from team the red arrows is celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary today, so a big congratulations goes to him and his wife who has very kindly let him come on the rally. Champagne is once again on Pete! We strongly advise you take it home Dave and don’t drink it with the lads, you have some making up to do! Next it’s onto yesterday’s challenge winners. Day 4 challenges were funniest photograph (our favourite to judge) and collections of different euros. The winners for the Prague rally were team ‘Blown a gasket’. The Venice winner will be announced in the evening at the finale Venice trip meal. (In other words you have to keep reading to find out!)

Todays challenges are a little bit tougher. Again we wanted everyone to get snap happy and have a long list of interesting items for the teams to find. Ranging from identical twins, a cow and a tin of spam! We also want to see your artistic side and asked you to draw a cartoon of your team members! (This is just a great excuse for us to have a giggle at your expense) Who knows we may find the next Michael Angelo!

The organisers then filled everyone in about what to do and see in Italy. Today is great for a speedy but interesting educational trip. Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini museum are all great stop offs for our car lovers. Steve from team not fast or furious shot some great pictures from the Ferrari museum and Gits over 40 took to the steering wheel to take the famous wheels for a spin.

Other teams made their way over to lake Garda. Candlelighters once again attempted to lend in with the locals, Warrington rotary tasted traditional Gelato and the red arrows blew off the cobwebs from the night before with a boat trip.

The east four on tour girls headed towards the designer outlet in Venice for a spot of luxury shopping.

Peter Berryman president of Warrington rotary flew out to meet the Warrington teams and joined us for the evening.

Venice wasn’t to be missed either with a walk into the city under water well worth a stop off. Italy has the finest tasting coffee and many of the teams took advantage of this stopping for regular pit stops in many of the countries beautiful coffee houses.

Campbells soupermen banger was feeling a little worse for ware and started to leak transmission fluid. Luckily the local garage called by to help fix the motor. It seemed the passes had taken their toll and it wasn’t repairable. Luckily the other teams buckled together and gave the team their car to carry on their adventure.

After a fun filled day the teams made there way to the hotel for a chilled evening and a finale dinner with all the Venice teams.

At the presentation everyone tucked into fine Italian cuisine and the drinks flowed from the bar. All the talk was of everyone’s experience of taking part in a banger rally! One thing is clear everyone has enjoyed themselves and it looks like life long friendships have been made!

The daily challenge winners Campbell’s Soupermen received their £50 for the days daily challenge.
It was then time to announce the bit you’ve all been waiting for… The winners of The Venice rallly!
Drum role please…
3rd place- Naughty Vicars

2nd place- Campbells Soupermen

1st place- Gondalier Ecosse

The organisers presented the Venice Winners Gondalier Ecosse with their prize fund of £800 and a big bottle of bubbly to start the night off!


All teams had really put their thinking caps on and had come up with some great rhymes for the limerick challenge. Decided by none other than the motoscapers themselves. After a reading from Pete of our top 3, the teams took to the vote. It was a close call but Warrington Rotary 1 just made the cut!

3rd place Limerick -Naughty Vicars

“She thought him the kindest of vicars,
Until he said “Get off your knickers”
The dirty old sod
then got out his rod
and that was the start of their bickers!”

2nd place Limerick- Gits over 40

“We asked all the teams for their thoughts,
And Judging by all the reports,
We’ve all had great fun
through the rain and the sun,
But the best bit was Emily’s shorts”.

1st place Limerick- Warrington Rotary 1

“We’re Eric, Irene and Cliff ,
And we’re starting to feel very stiff,
We’ve travelled too far,
Five days in a car,
Now everything’s starting to whiff!”

Next a little speech from each of our organisers. We work really hard behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly, we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves but the most important thing to us is for you to have an unforgettable experience. This means months of preparation and organisation goes into the planning of the banger rally before hand. We all have individual jobs and do this in our spare time. All the hard work is made worth it though, when we see the teams gather on the finale nights and they tell us of their tales along the way. After the long list of thank yous was complete it was time to get the night going.
Everybody was high in spirits and enjoying the last evening, both route competitors joined together after the Venice meal to enjoy another night of entertainment. Simon was playing DJ with a playlist of songs from every era.. The laughter went into the early hours making for another late one for some team members. Others who were making the first stretch of tomorrows drive took to their rooms to get their head down for a restful night.

Tomorrow is European road trip Day 6 and sees us take another stretch across the map taking the Prague rally teams to Salzburg. The route is roughly 6 hours behind the wheel.

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