Motoscape Rally 2016 Day 2: Koblenz

Carrying on from the Day 1 blog, we are really sorry to report that Richard and Colin from team ‘It was alright in the 90s’ had no luck finding their car keys. They are having to scrap the car in France and get a hire car to make their way home. The Motoscape team and fellow Motoscapers wish them all the very best and a safe journey back home.

Sunday afternoon saw some Motoscapers sampling the joys of driving their beloved bangers around the Nurburgring and creating plenty more car stories! Teams: The A Team, Off to see the Wizard, Pandamonium, Reverse Gear, King Sofa Low, Three Musketeers (Amigos), The Inbetweeners, Don’t Worry Be Happy, Gone in 60 minutes and The Carpenters all participated.

Team Don’t Worry Be Happy unfortunately broke down whilst doing their lap and had to pay 400 euros to be towed from the ring. Ouch!! What was more galling was that the car then started again. They then broke down a second time just 50 metres from the hotel and had to push it the last few metres! If an award for positivity and perseverance exists, then Richard, Michael and Matthew win it hands down. Last night Michael and Richard left Matthew to cadge a lift (thank you Prawn Star Balla’s for kindly offering) whilst they left the car behind. Their plan was to catch a train to Frankfurt followed by a flight to Stansted, pick up another car to catch the 12.30pm ferry back to Calais and drive all the way to Garmisch Partenkirchen, about 600 miles, WOW!!

Whilst dramas were unfolding, some of the other Motoscapers enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the pretty town of Monschau. Teams, ‘Made in Beaconsfield’ and ‘Sofa Kings Low’ reported how charming they found it.

City life was sampled by Gabby and John from ‘Cops and Knockers’ who drove to Brussels in Belgium and hired segways. They had fun zipping around and took a photo of Monty the mascot next to a rather long street sign. Let’s see if it helps them win the daily challenge!

Rural adventures were enjoyed by Rob and Sarah from The Bee Keepers who took a trip to Luxembourg. Their SatNav took them down a dirt track to a farm, in their bright yellow car whilst both still donning their fancy dress costumes! Imagine how amused or shocked the farmer must have been!

Last night was the Winningen wine and beer festival where Motoscapers, including Dorothy from team Off to see the Wizard, particularly enjoyed the music, wine and dancing in the street with Scarecrow and Anna. Toto stayed at home however so as not to be frightened by the spectacular, ear popping, eye wateringly beautiful firework display. Dorothy told us of her exhilarating day spent driving round the Nurburgring in her sparkly red shoes! After the fireworks ended, some Motoscapers and Motoscape Organisers endured a bit of taxi waiting, swapping and pinching but all got back safely to the welcoming bar of Helga’s Hotel Scholz.

Wine fest 1

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