Motoscape Rally 2016: Day 3 Koblenz to Garmisch

Monday morning some Motoscapers were keen to get on the road early from Koblenz to Garmisch Partenkirchen as this is the longest driving day covering around 340 miles. Castles were the theme, as those doing the challenges went on a picture matching hunt and those not were still able to enjoy the views of German castles whilst driving alongside the picturesque river Rhine.

Museums were also on the agenda today; Mark, David and Phil from the Beached Buoys spotted a Red Arrow aeroplane in the Tecknic museum and tweeted a picture, after all, they came on Motoscape Rally 2015 as team Red Arrows! Chris and John from Sofa Kings Low had attempted to visit the Porsche museum but to their dismay found it closed on a Monday. They soon made up for it by visiting Motorworld museum instead and had their ‘car fix’! David and Ian from ‘Why is orange jam called marmalade’ also enjoyed admiring the cars at Motorworld and were inspired to draw a picture of German car badges – which came second place in the drawing competition!

Dudley and Josh from Viking Warriors had a rest from their charity fundraising and driving and let their hair down at the Oberammergau roller coaster. Dudley, who has no sight in one eye and blurry vision in his other, managed an exhilarating speedy ride down and has reported he became nearly ‘airborn’!

The A Team boys Adam and Eric, were keen to get out of the driving seat and stretch their legs in Austria by walking over a 400 metre long pedestrian suspension bridge called ‘Highline 179’ linking the ruins of a castle and fort. Motoscape had added this option for the first time as part of our advice pack and were pleased to hear that Adam and Eric enjoyed the trip and filmed it with their drone for us all to see, thanks boys!

Now for the daily challenges: on Sunday the Prague Rally saw a tie for the daily prize of £50 between Art of Cooking 3 and Gone in 60 minutes. The Venice Rally daily £50 prize went to Cops and Knockers. Well done to all who took part. On Monday the Prague Rally saw Art of Cooking win the daily prize and Venice Rally daily prize was won by Why is orange jam called marmalade?

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