Motoscape Rally 2016 Day 6: Venice to Salzburg

Thursday morning we bid farewell to Venice Motoscapers and also passed well wishes to Dudley and Josh from Viking Warriors who decided they could not push on to Prague as unfortunately their funds had run too low. Everyone admires the hard work and commitment they both have for fundraising for their various charities and we wish them luck on their return to Torbay to carry on.

Each year we have Motoscapers raising money for various charities and many on the Venice trip were, well done all and please keep us posted on how much you raised once back in the UK.

So on to the remaining teams on the Prague rally. After the briefing where Peter explained an upgrade to a different hotel for Salzburg; all were eager to get off on more travels and adventure.

Odin’s Beard boys decided to spend a day in Venice sightseeing. These old friends Nathan, Scott, Sam and Stephen really enjoyed walking around the canals and bridges and we are sure they must have posed for a photograph with the pigeons in St Marks Square! They made it to the Salzburg hotel just in time at 9.30pm for a bite to eat, a long day but looking happy and tanned!

Team Don’t worry be Happy, who have already driven so many miles this week by returning to the UK for a new car remember, decided to head to Lake Bled in Slovenia which is a bit further out to drive but well worth the reward with the beautiful views. Young Matthew even dived in the lake for a refreshing swim, always keeping his fitness up, he manages to go out for a run every morning!

The teams taking part in the challenges were keen to get cracking, both the A Team and Off to see the Wizard had managed to accost people in the hotel wearing flip flops for a photo shoot during breakfast! The following articles were to be found and photographed with a team member in it: Austrian flag, cowbell around neck of a cow, a fish, sudoku puzzle, tennis ball, man or woman on a bike, butterfly, pinecone, flip-flops, Austrian newspaper, ladder, musical instrument. Let’s see if they all manage to complete?

The Vrsic Pass through Slovenia was on the cards today for many Motoscapers, the most beautiful clear river is driven past en-route to the Pass. Eric and Adam from The A Team managed to pull over and have a paddle and the Organisers found time to dip their toes in the water too!


On to the Vrsic Pass and its 48 hairpin bends through the most breathtaking scenery shared by an incredible amount of bikers on Harley Davidsons and the occasional Lycra clad cyclist too. The Beached Buoys came across a minor accident involving a motorbiker in tall stiletto high heels (yes really!) so Mark, David and Phil pulled over to see if assistance was needed and kindly gave them their First Aid kit, nobody was seriously injured.

Fortunately the Gods were looking down, in the form of Scottish Motoscapers Murray, Alastair, Chris, Allistair and David who are all involved with Motor Mechanics at WCS Clydebank Campus. They came to the rescue with their knowledge, expertise, tools, hard work and ‘operation change wheel’ commenced.



Reece and Poppy couldn’t thank everyone enough, real Motoscape teams spirit took place at the top of the Pass, well done to all and THANK YOU! WCS Clydebank Campus teams were heroes of the day!

Finally, yet another Motoscape 2016 drama with a happy ending. Luke from Team Three Musketeers (Amigos) had his rucksack stolen at Lake Garda, Italy. The bag was found abandoned and still with passport by an Italian runner who looked up Luke on Facebook and messaged him! Luke will be soon reunited with his rucksack and also now has a new Italian friend!

An evening was spent by most teams at the hotel in Salzburg with a bite to eat and a drink at the bar, preparing themselves for the final day and drive to Prague.



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