Motoscape Rally 2016:Day 4 Garmisch to Trento

Tuesday morning the weather started off a bit dismal but there was reason to be happy as team Don’t worry be Happy rejoined the rally late Monday night after their mega journey back to the UK to collect a car that worked. What’s more, they came up with a great limerick as part of the challenge:

Two middle aged men and a kid
bought a shit Saab for a few quid
They spent thousands of pounds
so they good drive it like clowns
but it ended up dying on the grid

Teams headed south towards Trento with the options of doing either the Stelvio or Timmelsjoch Passes. The sun came out for the Motoscapers to experience the passes as they should be. Prior to completing the passes, quite a few teams enjoyed a cable car ride up the Alpine Coaster in Imst, Austria, as did the Motoscape organisers. The Inbetweeners contributed with a great action shot of the coaster, an exhilarating 3.5km ride back down the mountain.coaster-photo
We received a call from the Blockheads announcing they were on the Stelvio Pass and their brakes don’t work!! Fortunately they had managed to stop and sensibly were waiting for their brakes to cool down before attempting the rest of the descent, thankfully all went well thereafter, phew!
The Beached Buoys experienced one or two mechanical problems, as they have all week, but they have patiently dealt with them and luckily always managed to chug along and get by…albeit a bit slower than they would like! They also managed to get stuck in the hotel lift, but still managed a happy smiling selfie photo for Twitter, always calm in adversity, perfect in their role as Beached Buoy lifeguards!!
Teams Pandamonium and Off to see the Wizard, with their fabulously colourful, decorated cars, both reported being pulled over by the Police and asked to see papers. Luckily they ended up being questioned more along the lines of ‘what and why are you doing this?’ With an amused if not slightly flummoxed looking official smiling and letting them on their way!
So a day of beautiful mountain scenery and hairpin bends on the Alpine Passes was ended nicely with the arrival in to warm, sunny Trento, Italy. Motoscapers enjoyed a traditional Italian pizza and cold Italian beer or two and more exchanging of their adventure stories.
Tuesday’s team challenges were all about spotting as many foreign car registration plates as possible and getting poetic heads on to think up a limerick about their team. People did really well in both challenges and below are a sample of some of the limericks we received:

Team Fury Road
There once was a team called Fury Road
Who built a car they hoped wouldn’t explode
Who’d have thought I was a Lexus
Not sure what possessed us
Hope we get home without being towed!

Team Reverse Gear (Fab Four)
We are the Fab Four
We have it on our door
We’ve been well looked after by Peter, Kev and Anna
Touch wood we haven’t had to use a spanner
And we’ve been to places we’ve never seen before!

Team Why is Orange Jam called Marmalade?
Charlotte set off in a hurry
Not a care and no need to worry
But we drove her too fast
And her brakes didn’t last
But she got a second chance thanks to Murray!

For the Prague rally, Art of Cooking again won the daily challenge and are looking good for first place now, due to a pretty much unassailable lead. This is the last day of challenges for those on the Venice rally and the winners will be announced at the celebratory meal in Venice.

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