Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 2 Koblenz

Sunday morning again saw the Motoscapers gather in their fancy dress costumes. Our hats go off to Bryn, a.k.a ‘Frank N Furter’ from Team Time Warp for managing to fit into his corset, suspenders, stockings and stilettos!

Time Warp


The drive to Koblenz offered lots of sightseeing options for Motoscapers to enjoy, both nostalgic and important as well as fun and exhilarating! 
Rushden Riders, The Indlish and Team Goose Visited La Coupole museum to see V2 rockets launched during World War 2 and The Bandits and the Chuckle Brothers visited the war museum in Ypres.  The Carr Bombers ventured into Luxembourg to pay their respects at the American cemetery memorial and Redneck Rollers went to Bastogne in Belguim where the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ took place during World War 2. 
Rushden Riders


IndlishCarr BombersChuckle brosGlorious, But Whole rocked their ‘Kiss’ vibe at a cafe in the centre of Brussels – causing quite a whirlwind amongst coffee drinkers who were nearly asking for autographs due to their likeness to rock band Kiss!  Whilst Teams Time Warp, The Tone Rangers and Safari So Good had lunch in pretty Monschau.


Team Valhalla or Bust ventured through 5 countries in one day! Reporting ticking off their list: France, Belguim, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany.  Teams Just Married, Tandoby and Skotsky Czechmates enjoyed a trip to Luxembourg.  Safari So Good got lost out in the fields and countryside – quite a picture they would have been for the local farmers in their Zebra and Giraffe costumes!!   Lamborgoonies unfortunately also got very lost whilst driving in Luxembourg so decided to head straight for the Nurburgring.
Safari so


Skotsky 1TandobyNurburgring is always the favourite hot spot and many teams made a beeline for it.  Daniel and Danielle from Team Little and Large drove their fabulous Titanic car and caused many heads to turn. Luke and Michael from The Tone Rangers drove round the ring steadily whilst Sophie bit her fingernails! Team Not So Touring were already dressed for the occasion in their red race suits and white helmets and enjoyed a spin on the ring! Team Goose hired the BMW 3 Ring Taxi driven by a racing driver and literally had goosebumps being driven round it was so much fun! Eliot from Lamborgoonies and David from Westway Coaches loved driving round Nurburgring, they both have a very keen interest and years of experience of racing track cars back home.
Westway Coaches

Not so tourLamborgooniesTeams Brainlickers and Three idiots and an Irishman fancied karting on a track so headed for where Michael Schumacher started out racing as a child, near Cologne. They had a super time, apart from poor James from Three idiots and an Irishman who unfortunately sustained an injury to his ribs which is causing him considerable pain :-(  


3 idiotsOnce all had arrived to Koblenz it was a quick change and out for the spectacular annual wine festival and firework display. Team Skotsky Czechmates attracted a lot of attention in their kilts and plenty of partying in the cobbled streets was enjoyed by Motoscapers!


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