Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 3 Garmisch Partenkirchen

Some sore heads were nursed over coffee at breakfast by Motoscapers after a fun night at the wine festival in Winningen on Sunday night! The firework display as usual did not fail to impress either. 
Motoscapers set off on the longest driving day of the week. Four teams left belongings behind in the hotel, including ‘Valhalla or Bust’ who managed to forget their passports!  With the help of Helga from hotel Scholz and good old UPS they were reunited with their documents the following morning, phew!  
Forgetful minds aside, what about their vehicles? A few cranks along the way! Team Redneck Rollers had a problem when one of their wheel bearings packed in. Fortunately for them there was a local garage nearby to fix the problem and these two hillbillies were soon back on the road.
Team Hesketh Motorcycles endured a battery problem on their fabulous Russian built Moskovic and they ended up chugging along at 50 mph all the way to Garmisch Partenkirchen. This was no mean feat! Well done Paul and Iain! 
Hesketh moskvich Three idiots and an Irishman had a problem with their brakes and had to have a new caliper and pads fitted at a local garage, a bit expensive but quickly on their way!
Despite a lot of mileage to cover, there was also sightseeing to be enjoyed and below is what various teams managed to do: 
Rock Legends, Beon, Jans Bridal Study and Somerset Stumblers visited Motorworld at Stuttgart, a real treat for these petrol-heads. 
Jans Bridal  Little and Large and Redneck Rollers, along with a few other Motoscape Teams, made it to the mind blowing Auto and Tecknik museum with over 3,000 exhibits of racing cars, motorcycles, classic cars, airplanes and locomotives. 
Safari So Good enjoyed a scenic drive along the River Rhine and stopped in the beautiful mediaeval town of Bacharach for a coffee. 
Team Nuclear, Safari So Good and Somerset Stumblers enjoyed a whizz down the rollercoaster in the stunning mountains of Oberammergau. 
Team NuclearRushden Riders, Team Nuclear and Somerset Stumblers are not afraid of heights and made it to ‘Highline 179’, a 400 metre long pedestrian suspension bridge which sits above the B179 affording wonderful views. 
Unfortunately, many Motoscapers seemed to just miss getting to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Team Not so Touring and The Tone Rangers both nearly got locked in the castle over night!! The guard seemed quite unforgiving as they arrived just before closing time.  Unfortunately the castle was closed too when the Chuckle Brothers arrived, but luckily for Little and Large they arrived earlier in the day and managed a guided tour. 
Beon reported on a fabulously long driving day, travelling along many winding roads, passing lakes and never-ending countryside. We forgot to ask if they’d managed to use their picnic basket! ;-) 
A welcome arrival for all at the luxury hotel in Garmisch Partenkirchen, set high in the beautiful mountains and wonderful fresh air.  Just Married managed a lovely swim and time to relax in the afternoon.  Team Goose all took full advantage of the Spa and Sauna facilities and were spotted wandering around the hotel in their white fluffy spa robes back and forth from the sauna ;-) Good for you lads, after all that driving!

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