Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 6 Salzburg

Today was another day for mountain passes. Our favourite is the Vrsic pass through the Triglav national park in Slovenia, the river along the valley bottom is crystal clear and the scenery spectacular. The weather wasn’t the best however with drizzle the order of the day. It didn’t stop the ‘Rock Legends’, ‘Mirfield Monkeys’ and ‘Beon’ from enjoying the drive and was a definite aid for the ‘Skotsky Czechmates’ in taking the most scenic pic of the day. Unfortunately for ‘Collico 3’, ‘Three idiots and an Irishman’ and ‘Team Goose’ they found the pass temporarily closed which meant they missed out on this most scenic of drives. 
Teams ‘Beon’ and ‘Rock Legends’ also decided to visit Lake Bled even if it meant a later arrival at the hotel. The ‘Rock Legends’ could have been tempted to join in a sword fight at the castle until they heard sound of clashing steel. 
‘Redneck Rollers’ and ‘Time Warp’ visited the ‘Eagles Nest’, Hitlers mountain top wartime retreat where they were impressed with the stunning views from the top. 
‘Duck Hunt’, ‘Willy Wooftas’, ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Brainlickers’ all decided to do the Grossglockner high alpine pass and were very happy with their choice of route, a great driving road with fabulous views. 
Duck Hunt

Willy WooftasTop GunBrainlickers 1After arriving in Salzburg the ‘Carr Bombers’ decided to brush up on their tenpin bowling techniques at the centre next door whilst ‘Valhalla or Bust’ took in a round of crazy golf. 
A lot of teams headed for the centre of Salzburg and to the Braustuble Tavern which consists of 3 large beer halls and an enormous beer garden alongside the onsite brewery. Here the Motoscape Organisers met up with Here ththe Motoscape organisers met up with ‘The Two Bright Sparks’, ‘Mirfield Monkeys’, ‘Beon’, ‘Skotsky Czechmates’, ‘Three idiots and an Irishman’ and the forever entertaining ‘ Glorious but Whole’. 
2 Bright Sparks
‘Collico 3’ and ‘Collico 4’ took in the beautiful buildings and setting of Salzburg and really enjoyed dinner in a charming restaurant they stumbled across. 

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