Motoscape Rally 2018 – Day 3 Garmisch Partenkirchen

There were a few bleary eyes at the breakfast briefing following a boozy night at the wine festival in Winningen. Mansells Mustdash, brothers Tom and James, made friends with some local Germans at the festival and ended up partying the night away in Koblenz.  What we want to know is, did they wear their Mansell moustaches? Needless to say everyone was chomping at the bit ready for the long drive to Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Bev & Steve from Dick Dastardly & Muttley along with their friends Simon & Allison from My European Romance decided to take in the wonderful drive along the B9 with it’s many castles, and what better way to do it than with the top down and the wind in your hair.

Neuschwanstein Castle:
The fairytale castle which inspired Walt Disney never fails to disappoint. A few of our Motoscapers took the walk up the steep hill from the car park below. David and his son Charles from The Dadsons took it in their stride but Tom and Bailey from Something Terrible Happened had a different opinion. In Tom’s words with his Yorkshire accent: “it’s a right mission!” Another Yorkshire team, Grunting Wolfpack consisting of Richard and younger brother Andrew, also took the hike up and walked even further still in order to take some breathtaking photos.

There were numerous takers for the Tecknik museum in Sinsheim with teams V DubWa, Wonda to Venice, Jurassic Prague, International Rescue, Bacon Bap Bandits and Team TWAIN all making the journey. They were all literally blown away by the sight of the Concorde airplane on display there.  Garreth & Noel lost track of time and spent 6 hours hanging out amongst the planes, trains and automobiles….and having fun in the gift shop dressing up and meeting monks along the way!

Some of our petrol-heads headed off to BMW Motorworld in Stuttgart: Get your Top off, Dick Dastardly & Muttley, My European Romance, The Wolf Miners, Probe-ably Bust and 3 Welshmen & their Dog all enjoyed the free to enter museum and showroom.

Teams Probe-ably Bust and Mansells Mustdash stumbled across a real treat, visiting the Hockenheim Formula 1 racetrack. Purely by chance there happened to be a Team McLaren race day going on!
The alpine rollercoaster at Oberammergau was enjoyed by Arnold from The Miners but slightly less so by Clayton who, being a gentleman, had allowed a mother and child to go in front of him and consequently found he had to use his brakes to go down the toboggan run at a snail’s pace!  

The drive to Garmisch Partenkirchen does take in a lot of motorway driving but this didn’t phase Iain and Steve from The Beanz Mobeel who ‘pootled along’ all day just simply enjoying the views and exclaiming ‘they are far better than the M25’.

Francis from Mad McKs3 who was travelling with his two sons, Matthew and Colm, enjoyed some of the industrial landscapes on offer whilst driving through Germany and commented on how he found them quite beautiful in their own way.
The challenge that day to draw a cartoon of their team inspired Matthew to buy some oil pastels in Koblenz and do a proper sketch during the journey.
Following the challenges today we now have 3 Welshmen and their Dog leading the Venice Rally on 46 points. On the Prague rally there is a tie at the top between Scooby Ecosse and Here We Go, both on 43 points. 3 Welshmen and their Dog picked up the daily £50 prize.

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