Motoscape Rally 2018 – Day 5 Venice

With no morning briefing most Motoscapers took the oportunity for a lie in. Not team Mid-Life Crisis though, who left early, keen to make the most of the sightseeing on offer. Martin and Paul ticked off the Ferrari and Porsche museums as well as Lake Garda and Venice.

Veterans the Good Ol Buoys took a jaunt over to Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet, and had a pleasant, leisurely lunch in the plaza.

A few teams decided to visit Asolo, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, which we had recommended: Here We Go, M&M Asian Fusion, Dick Dastardly & Muttley and My European Romance all had favourable reports describing it as extremely pretty and nice and quiet.

Lake Garda
David and Charles from The Dadsons hired a speed boat and had a swim, Darryl and Jason from Rio De Cheerios stopped at a lakeside beach and had a paddle in the water.
Tom and Bailey from team Something Terrible Happened and Tom and Harry from Get Your Top Off have become firm friends whilst on Motoscape Rally. They even swapped around amongst themselves with the two Toms sharing one car and Bailey and Harry sharing the other! They also hired a speed boat and managed to get quite sunburnt whilst out on the open water, but hey ho, they’re on holiday!

Venice was of course a must see for many teams. Clayton from The Wolf Miners knows Venice really well having visited with his wife many times, so offered to be a tour guide to Nick and Sam from Motorsport Maniacs and Darryl and Jason from Rio De Cheerios. Apart from missing the last bus back to the hotel, they all had a superb time being shown all sorts of alleyways and witnessing an amazing sunset too as a bonus!

VDubWa and Wonda to Venice had some quality fathers and sons time on a pilgrimage to Venice following in the footsteps of Adrian’s parents who had taken their own road trip to Venice in the early 1960’s.

This was the last evening for those on the Venice rally and a celebratory meal was arranged so that they could all dine together and share stories of their trip. Prior to the meal prizes were awarded to the top 3 scoring teams as follows:

1st place: 3 Welshmen & their Dog
2nd place: Goldmember
3rd place: Bacon Bap Bandits

We love the kindred spirit and generosity shown year after year by Motoscapers and this year was no exception. After receiving their runners up cheque for £150, team Goldmember offered it to their friend Richard from team Safety Car Boys for his charity, Parkinson’s UK. Later, the winning team 3 Welshmen & their Dog, also, very generously donated their 1st prize cheque of £300 to the Safety Car Boys. Thank you so much you kind gentlemen, all of you!

Andy, Simon, Matt, Iain and Simon from team Not Fast, Just Furious will be heading to enjoy some sunshine at Lido De Jesolo straight after the rally to top up their tans.

Tom and Bailey from team Something Terrible Happened are returning to Lake Garda and returning to Yorkshire via Mont Blanc for some more hilly driving.

Teams International Rescue and Jurassic Prague had been travelling together throughout the trip. Both had their mechanical issues but surprisingly it was the Thunderbird car of international Rescue that packed in first. They couldn’t have timed it better though, as it literally conked out a few hundred metres from the hotel and were towed in by the poorly Jurassic Jeep. Luckily for the boys, Team Comic Interlude were happy to ley them take their car so that they could continue to the trip to Prague

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