Motoscape Rally 2018 – Day 6 Salzburg

A fond farewell was said to the teams finishing in Venice whilst the rest of the Motoscape teams were ready for their push on to Prague.   
Another day of scenic mountain passes lay ahead for our teams. With three to choose from, the Good Ol Buoys took in the the Vrsic pass in Slovenia, followed by the Nockalmstrasse in Austria. 

Many teams opted for the Vrsic pass which we always highly recommend and with perfect weather they weren’t disappointed. The drive to the pass takes you alongside the river in the valley floor. The waters are crystal clear and a beautiful aquamarine in colour. The pass itself has 50 hairpin bends all of which are numbered and on the far side all the bends are cobbled. Probe-Ably Bust, The Wolf Miners and Team Scrumptious all took this route and took time to observe numerous kayakers braving the rapids.
We the Motoscape team, love this route and at the top bumped into Scooby Ecosse, The Good Ol Buoys, Rio De Cheerios and Grumpy Grandads on Tour. Jason & Darryl from Rio De Cheerios parked up to take in the views and were joined by lots of very cute sheep!  
George and Sarah from Plumley & Co, after a late start, found themselves heading up the Vrsic pass the wrong way, having come off the motorway at a junction too late. George availed himself of the opportunity for a 2 hour nap at the top having had a rather late one the previous evening, socialising with some of the other teams.    
Bev & Steve from Dick Dastardly & Muttley and Simon & Allison from My European Romance took in the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Bev reported the views from the top were absolutely breathtaking and blew her away! 
Dudley and Matt from Team Scrumptious went to beautiful Lake Bled a perfect spot for a leisurely lunch. Mo and Matt from The Kings of Leon also made the same journey, Mo had been there before but the last time he was there he was just 9 years old.  
Paul and Martin from Mid-Life Crisis passed by the Porsche museum at Gmund and on arrival in Salzburg visited Hangar-7, the Red Bull aviation museum. 
Mark & Majula from M&M Asian Fusion were still having car troubles and called out the RAC. The breakdown man didn’t have what they needed but directed them to an out of town garage for help. They turned up at this random garage after 5pm but luckily for them a mechanic was still there, with a bit of sign language they got what was needed and were soon on their way. Well done Mark and Majula for persevering and continuing on your journey, all part of the adventure!  
Next to our hotel in Salzburg was a ten-pin bowling alley. Matt from the Kings of Leon and both David and Charles from the Dadsons all displayed their skills on the lanes! 
Many teams enjoyed a delicious Chinese buffet meal at a restaurant next to the hotel. There were giant fresh prawns and various meats to choose from, have cooked and brought to your table. To finish off there was a wonderful chocolate fountain which looked too yummy to walk past and ignore. A definite treat! 

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