Motoscape Rally 2018 – Day 7 Prague

Friday was all about getting to Prague for the remaining teams. Thank you to Andrew and Richard from Grunting Wolfpack for offering their car before they scrapped it.  We have to congratulate Lewis, Steve, Ryan and Aaron from Jurassic Prague who had been having troubles with their safari themed Jeep since arriving in St Omer on the very first day of the Rally. Despite offers of replacement cars, they successfully made it to Prague in their beloved Jeep with lots of calamities and fun along the way!  
International Rescue having scrapped Thunderbird 2 in Venice after it broke down, thoroughly enjoyed driving their newly acquired Mercedes estate. Comic Interlude had kindly donated their car after they finished the rally in Venice. 
Steve from Jurassic Prague reported that Andrew and Robert from Anchorman have given him their Film Crew designed car and left it in Venice for a friend of his to collect and take to Verona for him to have when he is there working every two weeks as an aircraft engineer.  How International and cosmopolitan are our Motoscapers?! 
Annabel and Diarmuid, the petrol-heads!, went on a voyage to visit the historic race track at Brno and were happily surprised to find a touring car test day going on and they thought it was brilliant.  
Dudley and Matt from Team Scrumptious went to Czezky Krumlov and were both fascinated by the beautiful historical buildings and a little bemused by many phallic statues randomly on display! 
The Wolf Miners and Mansells Mustdash went to the Mathausen concentration camp near Linz and found it quite a harrowing but a worthwhile experience.   
The last night was the farewell meal and prize giving for the Prague rally teams
1st Place: Scooby Ecosse 

2nd Place: Here We Go 

3rd Place: Good Ol Buoys 









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