Motoscape Rally – Day 4 Trento

With the Stelvio pass being on the bucket list of many teams, today was the day everyone had been waiting for. There was still time to have some fun before hitting the passes though. 
Many of the teams had wanted to do the alpine coaster the day before but ran out of time. Luckily there was the prospect of doing the Imst alpine coaster instead, which at 3.5 km long is advertised as the longest coaster in Europe. It was certainly a popular choice particularly with the three ‘Pat’ teams, that’s ‘Team Pat’, ‘Cow Pat’ and Oooh Pat’ who seemed to enjoy it immensely. It was also the choice of ‘Collico 3’, “Collico 4’, ‘3 Idiots and an Irishman’, ‘Glorious but Whole’ and ‘The Indlish’ to name just a few.  
Collico 3Collico 4‘Skotsky Czechmates’ got some fab pics at the top of the Stelvio which they shared with us. 
Skotsky stelvio‘The Tone Rangers’ had problems with the cooling system on their BMW 520 and had to pull up on the pass with steam gushing out from under the bonnet. Luckily for them Danielle, a trained mechanic and Daniel from “Little and Large’ came to their rescue and soon got them back on their way. 
‘Jans Bridal Study’ had a rather more scary experience on the pass. Whilst coming down from the top in their white Vauxhall Carlton limousine, they experienced ‘brake fade’ leaving them to use the crash barriers to bring themselves to a halt, phew that was close! 
A very late night at the hotel was had by ‘Team Nuclear’, it’s not surprising though, talk about packing things in, not only did they take in the Timmelsjoch, Jaufen and Penserjoch passes but they then went onto do the Stelvio pass as well. Hitting the pass at dusk meant they had the road to themselves and got some great pics to show for it, well done guys. 
Team Nuclear lake
The teams were split between two hotels this particularly night, some ate the scrummy pizzas in the Sartoris but quite a few decided to go into Trento centre to the bar restaurant Pedavena where they could sample the beer which is brewed on site. 

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