2015 Day 6: Venice to Salzburg

Another bright and breezy start to the day in Venice!

The morning briefing is a little quieter than normal after the late evenings antics. Monty was clearly a little vulnerable last night and one team had taken advantage of his fragile state by tying him to the back of Wong ways bumper, poor Monty! The teams are halved today and the Venice groups have all made their way home. A couple of teams managed to sell the bangers to add extra funds into their charity pot.

Yesterdays saw the teams put together a cartoon drawing of their fellow team members and get snapping your team with a list of random items! This proved difficult but Team Blowing a gasket managed to find a tin of SPAM which is near impossible to find in this neck of the woods!

The winners of the daily challenge were Sharkies ‘n’ George receiving another cheque for £50.

Today sees us take on some more mountain passes including Vrsic Pass. This is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia and is around 250 miles. Some of the team members made this route for the stunning views at the peak and magic waterfalls.

The Motoscape team headed straight over to Salzburg to take in the epic scenery. Some teams made their way over to the famous Braustubl tavern for a refreshing beer stop.

Today’s challenges saw the teams on the hunt for different country vehicle registration plates. So passengers and drivers were on high alert! The second part of the challenge was to photograph a street sign containing the most number of letters you can find. With some interesting names along the route, the teams did very well!


The organisers made it to the hotel in record time (no guesses on who was driving) which meant they could head into town to explore the city sights. Salzburg was made famous when it was featured in the hit musical ‘The sound of music’. The beautiful sceneries are not to be missed. Old town Salzburg is glorious and the weather was fine and bright. The cobbled streets have a superb shopping feel with local and independent boutiques. The organisers then headed to La Stella Pizzeria

Some of the other teams decided to head into town and see Salzburg by night. However most teams were calling it an early night to feel refreshed for the excitement of the Finale day in Prague tomorrow. The hotel bar was the perfect area to relax with a nightcap and discuss the events of Day 6. Team Red arrows had become somewhat of a local celebrity status back home, with a feature in the local Dawlish newspaper. This brought teams thoughts to back home and the real reasons why many were doing the rally. The money raised for Charity was continuing to flow in and all the cars were drawing attention along the route with locals continuing to donate as the cars passed through city to city.

Just next door to the hotel was a Sports bar and bowling ally which a couple of team members swung by to unwind.

Tomorrow is the finale of the Prague rally and will see the teams stay at Hotel panorama Prague. This is a 4* hotel with over 450 rooms, make it in good time an enjoy a dip in the hotel pool before the nights events take place. The drive over is around 4 ½ hours covering 235 miles.


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