Motoscape Rally Day 7 – Prague

Alas Friday arrived and it was the final day of the rally. It was a relatively short drive to Prague which meant teams still had chance to take in a few more sights before the end.
The ‘’Eagles nest’ was a popular choice for those that had missed it the day before, even though it meant an hours drive in the opposite direction. The ‘Carr Bombers’, ‘Skotsky Czechmates’ and ‘Team Nuclear’ all took in the spectacular views atop the mountain.
Skotsky eagle‘Redneck Rollers’ and ‘Mirfield Monkeys’ decided to take in a more sombre attraction by visiting the museum at Mauthausen in Austria. This was home to one of the largest Nazi concentration camps and one of the camp’s survivors was Simon Wiesenthal who spent the rest of his life hunting Nazi war criminals.
Mirfield Monkeys

‘Collico 3’, ‘Collico 4’, ‘Timewarp’ and ‘Mirfield Monkeys’ all decided to visit Cesky Krumlov a fabulous little town which is a Unesco world heritage site.
‘Rock Legends’ got to Prague in plenty of time and managed to fit in a vintage car tour, taking in the most popular sites.
Rock Legends van

A final gala buffet had been arranged for 6.45 p.m but an accident on the motorway into Prague delayed the start of the presentation. Eventually all teams gathered and proceedings commenced. First up was to read out the limericks from the challenge on Day 4, these were judged the best three.

Team ‘Valhalla or Bust’
There was a team from the Norse 
Who lost all their passports of course 
In a viking longship
Giving bandits the slip
Driving through Europe and all on the sauce

Team ‘Collico 4’
Our names are Tom and Jo,
Off around Europe we go.
Navigation has been a drag,
Because Josie loves a nag.
How we’ve stayed together – I dunno

Team ‘Time Warp’
We’re the Crawley team led by Big Bryn
Time Warpers loaded with gin
In his 6XL Basque
He’s up to the task
But the knickers keep pinching his skin

Time Warp PraguePrizes were then presented with ‘Skotsky Czechmates’ finding themselves in joint 3rd position after making a late surge on the final day of challenges. Joining them in 3rd place were ‘Rock Legends’. ‘Carr Bombers’ just pipped these two teams to take second place and in first place we had ‘Three idiots and an Irishman’.
3 idiots cup car


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