2015 Day 7: Salzburg to Prague

Alas the final day is upon us! For many it has been a European road trip to remember, but over all too soon. The last leg saw us travelling the relatively short distance from Salzburg to Prague, ‘the city of a hundred spires’. The beautifully preserved heart of the city is a masterpiece in architecture. No wonder it is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Most teams were eager to get to the finish line, and with another early start for the group there was no reason why they couldn’t be there for just after lunch. Blowing a gasket however, headed into Salzburg to experience this magical city for one last time. A fond farewell was said to Marcus and Sam of ‘Wong way’, both 3rd time Motoscape veterans, who headed off to the Nurburgring on their way back to ‘old blighty’.

The red arrows had a late start this morning after a rather late night with the locals! They managed a pub crawl around several Irish bars, had so much fun that they lost track of time, only to realise that all the restaurants had shut early doors! Good job it was an all you can eat buffet in the morning! Sharkies ‘N’ George headed for the Red Bull Hanger-7 in Salzburg to check out some of the aircraft and Formula 1 racing cars housed there. The museum features the outdoor lounge which is the perfect lunch fix. For the rest of us it was full speed ahead.


Along the way a few teams took the 30 minute detour to the historic town of Trebon, a perfect place to sample a few beers in their world famous brewery.

Paul was on top form this morning the good nights sleep had given him a new lease of life and he was in serious wind up mode. After hiding the van at the service station, it was squeaky bum time for ‘The Gas monkeys’ as they entered a tunnel on the way to Prague. Coincidentally the black Motoscape team van was right behind them, Paul thought it would be funny to play Polizei, if you want to see good driving this is how to do it, thanks for letting us pass boys!

After a relatively trouble free journey, we arrived at the hotel. It was now time to hit the sauna and steam room. After a hard week it felt great to have a bit of relaxation time before the finale dinner in the evening.

There were no daily challenges today so everybody made it to the hotel in good time. The sun was shining and the skies were blue, those in a soft top certainly got the benefit of the weather today.

‘Frankie goes to Prague’ had a spot of car trouble on route, with some odd noises coming from the Porsche. Luckily they managed to spot a local Citroen garage with a very friendly mechanic who kindly fixed the rattling bracket free of charge and sent them on their way!

The evenings dinner presentation started at 7pm prompt and with the drinks flowing, everyone was keen to hear, who the winners of the 10th anniversary banger rally were! The organisers each said a few words and once the thank-yous were complete it was on to announcing the prizes!

The daily challenge winners were team Blowing a gasket, well done guys! a £50 cheque and drinks on you!

The winners of the bonus prize for today’s limerick challenge were “Frankie goes to Prague” picked by the fellow Motoscape teams themselves. Here are the top 3 limericks chosen.

Team Fanny and Knobby:
“Fanny and knobby were cruising,
Over the passes which they found quite bruising,
With the minions aboard,
Off they both roared
And found it completely amusing”

Team How to get to Sesame Street:
“There once was a Cookie Monster,
Who had dinner with lobster
Elmo got bitter,
So logged onto twitter,
Turns out big bird was an imposter!”

And finally the winning Limerick from 
Team Frankie goes to Prague:
“We’ve set out in our old Porsche named Frank,
Our friends said he was a little bit wank,
That’s not quite fair,
As he’s got us there
Cos he’s built like a german tank!”

Next up were the podium places… this year we had a tie for first place! This meant that the £800 1st place prize and the 2nd place £300 prize were added together and then split between the two lucky teams.

3rd place winning £100 – Team Blowing a gasket

And our two winning teams…

1st place winning £550 – Scuderia  Ferreti

1st place winning £550 – Sharkies ‘N’ George

image         image

Photographs taken, prizes given, champagne flowing and now time to tuck into dinner!

Some teams stayed at the hotel for a relaxing night around the bar. Others headed into Prague to experience the night-life. We headed to a small but friendly Irish bar that we go back to each year. This Irish bar has a great and friendly atmosphere. The teams were buzzing and everyone was lively, chatting and dancing into the early hours.

The following morning it was the last of the early starts for the Motoscape team. A very early breakfast was had before the 900 mile journey back to the UK. We now have 51 weeks to plan for the Motoscape banger rally 2016, so its back to the office for now!

What a fantastic banger rally we’ve had this year! Such a brilliant experience was had by all! As a 10th anniversary we couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of competitors! It was a European road trip to remember. We hope you all had as much fun as we did and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Peter, Paul, Simon and Emily



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