Motoscape Rally Day7: Salzburg to Prague

Friday morning was the last day for the remaining teams on Motoscape Rally 2016 and a departure from Salzburg to drive back through Austria in to the Czech Republic to the historical city of Prague.

En-route there were plenty of options for culture and sightseeing:

Prawn Star Ballas, Don’t Worry be Happy and Off to see the Wizard took the option to visit the ‘Eagles nest’ at Berchtesgaden, Germany. This is a rooftop bunker built as a tea house for Adolf Hitler and is a popular tourist spot.

Odin’s Beard boys enjoyed a jaunt down to Salzburg and Art of Cooking 3 visited Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO world heritage site containing the oldest Baroque theatre in the world.

It would seem there were no dramas or breakdowns, for a change!!

All made it safely to Prague except for team Purple Predators who decided to leave after Salzburg as Ian was experiencing clutch foot from driving. Safe journey home Ian and Miriam, thank you for coming on Motoscape Rally for the second time and best wishes to you and your daughters.

Prawn Star Ballas didn’t make it to Prague in time for evening presentations and meal. They had walked 2 hours up a mountain to visit the Eagles nest in Germany. These old school friends enjoyed sharing an adventure, after all, Australian James had flown many miles to join Lee on the trip. Hope you’ve had a great time and thanks again for looking after Matthew from team Don’t Worry be Happy on Monday.

The final evening arrived and Motoscapers who had partaken in the week’s daily challenges awaited the announcement of the results. The winners were:

1st prize – Steve and John from Art of Cooking 3 won £800. They are a talented Artist and Chef and also Motoscape Rally Veterans who had never won anything on their previous two trips! Well done guys, great to see you again, thanks for participating and Steve douse yourself in lemon for those pesky mosquitos!


2nd prize – Julian, Mandy, Paula, Mark from Off to see the Wizard won £300 + £50 daily challenge prize. They announced straight away they will donate it all to a local charity, very kind of you four considering you came for an adventure holiday rather than fundraising. Have a good flight back, or if Dorothy just tapped a few times her red shoes??…who needs aeroplanes?!


3rd prize – Reece and Poppy from Gone in 60 minutes won £100. Have a safe trip home both of you in Reece’s beloved MG, with dicky front suspension! Steady, slow driving and we hope it makes it back to Chester with no further problem.


Eric and Adam from The A Team missed out from 3rd prize by just 2 points! Thank you both for participating and entertaining us all week with your cheeky banter and drone photos.

After presentations we did the feedback form prize draw to win 20 euros. Seeing as Murray and his colleagues from WCS Clydebank Campus have been mechanical heroes all week helping Motoscapers; we asked Murray to pick out the winning form from the bucket. He only went and picked his own form out didn’t he! What a fluke and well deserved too!

The final evening meal commenced and David from the Beached Buoys celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary by raising a glass to his lovely wife, Louise, who is waiting for his return home. Congratulations also to Beached Buoys for completing the rally with no major break downs, you’ve kept your lifeguard rescue car going all the way…chugging along just like one of your trains!!

Many teams decided to head out to Prague for the night and enjoy a drink or two.

Thank you to all teams on Motoscape Rally Prague 2016: Off to see the Wizard, Art of Cooking 3, Odin’s Beard, Beached Buoys, Gone in 60 minutes, The A Team, Three Musketeers (Amigos), WCS Clydebank Campus 1, WCS Clydebank Campus 2, Don’t worry by Happy, The Prawn Star Balla’s, Purple Predators.

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