Motoscape Rally: Road Trip Venice, 2014 Winners

That’s it, the 2014 Motoscape Rally, “Road Trip to Venice” has come to an end! And I’m sure you all want to know who’s won?

Well we won’t keep you waiting, congratulations… on a first place finish for Minter Munter! They won the rally by 14 points and take home the £800 prize and the gloating rights at being the 2014 Motoscape Venice Champions! James, Ben and David took part in the rally to celebrate Jame’s stag do, and this has certainly made it a stag do to remember! Congratulations guys, a fantastic effort, well done!

In 2nd place was team Wootton Babes who take home the £300 runner up prize. A valiant effort from father and son team John & Sam, who were delighted with a 2nd place finish. A pretty successful rally after also winning joint prize for best banger with their baby themed car!

Finally congratulations to Matthew and Tom from team Apollo 13 who finished in 3rd place and take home the final prize of £100!

Final Venice Top 10:

1st Place: Minter Munter
2nd Place: Wootton Babes
3rd Place: Apollo 13
4th Place: I wish it could be Christmas everyday
5th Place: Ladlords
6th Place: Taffy’s Independent Trading Co.
7th Place: 3 Flat Caps & A Berret
8th Place: Who’s Your Caddy
9th Pace: Buff & Blush
10th Place: Piston Broke

Well done to all the teams!!!

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