Preparations for Motoscape 2016

Choosing your banger

The start date for the Motoscape banger rally is getting nearer, so perhaps it’s now time to think about what car to bring along!

Consideration should be given to the following…


There is a reasonable amount of driving, ranging from motorways (including the famous German Autobahns) to tight twisting mountain passes (including the magnificent Stelvio pass) so consider which is the most important factor for you.

A Jaguar will cruise effortlessly along the motorways but will not be at its best through mountain passes. A mini will be great fun through the mountains but struggle to keep up on the motorways.

Perhaps a good compromise would be an Alfa GTV two litre. Great fun, agile on the bends and comfortable and nippy on the motorways plus the Alfa has that unmistakable Italian styling.

Alternatively consider a trusty Japanese saloon car, not as much fun as the Alfa but generally very reliable and reasonably economical.


Fuel Economy

There are lots of small engine cars available from basic Ford Fiestas to the Citroen Saxo. Both of these cars offer great economy with relatively simple mechanics. Remember to spruce up the car with lots of imaginative “add-ons”, this does wonders for the look of the car and the overall fun factor! If you fancy doing the rally in something completely different, consider a classic Citroen 2CV? Great image, great fuel economy and unbelievably quirky and fun to drive!

Space and Image

Sometimes people put image and the fun factor above all else and we regularly see cars like the Toyota MR2 (both MKI and MKII versions) and the Mazda MX 5 on the rallies. These cars are true pocket rockets great to drive and fantastic looking and very quick! The Japanese heritage generally makes them very reliable but just remember boot space is extremely limited and cabin space can be a little tight too! A Honda Prelude (MKI or MKII) is another great car to consider, this offers great looks, good boot space, legendary Japanese reliability and a fabulous sporty driving experience!

Classic cars

Over the years we have had plenty of classic cars take part in our Classic car rallies 2016banger rally. These are a fantastic choice to make your European rally very special, however as with any classic car there are bound to be reliability issues. If it is a genuine classic then there is no way you’ll be leaving it at your final destination and flying home. Top breakdown cover is a must in this case!


As always if you are unsure about any aspect of the rally or you want some advice on specific cars just give Peter a call on 07939 143294 or email us at [email protected].

The Motoscape Team

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