Day 1 – Journey to St Omer

Well what can we say. What an amazing start to the 2010 Motoscape Rally ,congratulations to all the teams for making a fantastic effort with cars and costumes. After the worst part of the journey  is over(driving through the UK!!!), a smooth ferry trip and a short drive to St Omer from Calais, ourselves and the teams gathered in the hotel car park for  team registrations

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was in high spirits, with some of the best  decorated bangers we  have ever seen, check them out below:

Some of the highlights ……….

All the bangers, especially the Green Maxi, Tommy Coupe’s hat  , the Moonraker rocket, MARMITES Lyrca costume, Cumbernauld’s Flux Capacitor and Chatney Racing’s VW Camper Van, are just a few of the potential winner of the “ BEST DECORATED BANGER COMPETITION”

Last night saw everyone go to the town square in St Omer for a bite to eat and  a few drinks (a few too many drinks for some teams!) It was a great night with all the teams getting to know each other, making a fantastic start to what’s going to be an awesome rally!  Roll on Koblenz!