Day 3 – Koblenz to Feldkirch

After a big night at the beer and wine festival, the teams gathered for breakfast and the days briefing / challenges in the hotel reception. Today was the day to drive down the beautiful Rhine River (stop and have a bite to eat and admire the view), then onto the famous German Autobahns and into Austria and our destination for the night, Feldkirch, where Motoscape had arranged a traditional Austrian meal in the hotel, followed of course by the obligatory few shandy’s!

The journey from Koblenz to Feldkirch is around 325 miles and the journey enables most of the teams to stop off along the way, to admire the beautiful towns and castles… and complete the days challenges.

It was a great effort today by most of the teams in the challenges, especially the ones getting the best scenic photograph. Take a look at some of the photograph entries we received, you won’t see much see much better scenery than this anywhere in the world.

As usual between 5 and 7pm the teams started to drift into the excellent hotels in Feldkirch, but some of the cars struggled today (more on that in a bit) and therefore some got here quite late. A big congratulations to “Super-charged Mario Brothers Gti”, the winners for the day and they bag the £100 prize!

With the cars taking some hammer on the Autobahn, a few began to struggle and we had our first casualty of the rally. “Doggy Styles” Suzuki can go no further, but luckily the guys have European cover so they can carry on with the rally in a hire car. We’ll see how the other cars get on tomorrow after taking on the beast that is the Stelvio Pass!

Last night was a quite night for some to catch up on sleep, but that didn’t stop some of the guys carrying on their road trip in style! With an excellent meal in the hotels, a night on the town for Miss Money Penny from the “Moonraker” car and a few shenanigans in the car park which made in interesting spectacle on some of the cars, and got some dodgy looks from the local Austrians, it was another great night on a so far incredible rally.

Today was one of the longer days of driving, but it’s put everyone in a good position tomorrow to head to Rennon and master the Stelvio Pass! Find out how to teams got on tomorrow!