Day 4 – Feldkirch to Ritten / Rennon

There was huge excitement in the group this morning for what is one of the highlights of the trip, the “Stelvio Pass”. The teams were setting off from Feldkirch and heading to Ritten / Rennon near Bolzano in Italy.

The journey from Feldkirch to Ritten / Rennon is around 220 miles and nearly all the teams managed to avoid the motorways today, and stick to windy roads up in the mountains, which really pushed all the cars, along with completing the interesting challenges for the day.

What an amazing effort by the teams today up the cloudy Stelvio Pass. We got some awesome photos from the summit. The teams have two choices to get to the top of the pass, firstly the shorter route using the Umbrail Pass which leads on to the Stelvio or secondly using the beginning of the Stevio near Bormeo. If you are wondering what this famous pass has to offer take a look at some of the teams photographs.

It was great to see the teams along the way from our journey to Rennon. We caught up with “Piston Broke” and “Booze Brothers” going the opposite direction to the Stelvio, but soon corrected them with a quick lesson on map reading!

“Call the Cops” left the hotel at 8am and decided to visit Lichtenstein and various other passes along the way and rolled up to the hotel at 9pm, one of the longest journeys of the day! Incidentally the earliest team back to the hotel was “Moonraker: Live and Let Drive” at 3.30 p.m, a great effort.

As the drive was so long and hard on the cars, we extended the check in time for the competition so everyone could get their results in. Well done yet again to “Blue Waffle” who were the winners for the day and they bag the £100 prize!

The town of Rennon (also known as Ritten) is a beautiful historic town perched in the fabulous Dolomites. Many of the teams enjoyed a heavy night in the hotel bar sampling genuine Italian beers and of course various “Sherberts”. A few of the teams decided to take a late dip in the pool (around 1.00 a.m) despite the fact that the place was in pitch dark. The hotel owner, did see the funny side of it!

Tomorrow we head to Rimini, which is the end of the trip for some teams and everyone is looking forward to the complimentary meal tonight, followed by a night out in Rimini. Find out how we got on tomorrow!