Day 4: Garmisch – Partenkirchen to Trento

Once again an early start was to be had for the teams to fit in the long list of adventures for Day 4. The rotary teams on our banger rally got up extra early to make their way over to meet the Innsbruck rotary team in Austria for Barry’s birthday breakfast!

Everybody else met for breakfast and briefing in the hotel grounds at 7.45am. The sun was just beginning to appear and the incredible views from the top were beautiful for the teams to see at sunrise.

Talk turned to the plans for the day ahead and even more importantly the previous days challenge winners…

Winners of yesterday’s challenges were team Gondolier Ecosse for Venice and Sharkies ‘n’ George for route Prague! Sharkies ‘n’ George got 27 passable pink and yellow cars and Gondolier Ecosse got 18! Most teams managed to photograph the castles and the clock, so well spotted guys!

Today’s challenges for the teams sent them looking for a little but of inspiration, the funniest photograph challenge saw our teams participant in some interesting poses! The photographs were to be taken at the very peak of one of the six passes. After a few narrow tumbles over the edge and some intriguing yoga positions the entries came flying in. That certainly kept the Motoscape organisers giggling along the way, great effort teams you all certainly have a good sense of humour.

The second part of the challenge needed a little more thinking, we sent the teams digging for gold… How many euro coins can be collected! Euros first started in 1999 so there were plenty to be found.

Today is Pass day! For many teams this is what the rally has been leading up to. Europe is famous for it’s many driving mountain passes with bendy roads and sharp turns. The Stelvio pass is one of the most popular passes and was featured as Top gears best driving road in the world. There are six passes in total that you can visit along the route but most of our teams picked one or two that they wanted to drive.

There were also many teams who wanted to full fill their thrill seeking side and headed over to the Alpine coasters along the route. The best one to visit was in Imst Austria as it’s along the route in the right direction, so if your trying to tick of the boxes it’s the most time effective. The Alpine coaster otherwise know as a mountain coaster is a gravity driven amusement ride with bobsled cars on the track. Team Motoscape tried this out for the first time in ten years and were not disappointed! First up was Paul and Emily who doubled the weight causing a serious build up of speed around the bends, grabbing on for dear life they made it off with shakey legs! Captain slow (Pete) was up next, followed tightly by Simon who had to be kicked back by Auto break several times! Simon made for the quickest time and we even got chance to watch the other teams make the descent! Steve from team Not fast or furious videoed his ride down and Pete managed to get a few scenic snaps from the ski lift!

Today proved a little difficult for some of the bangers, it’s certainly the most challenging day for the motors, with some teams needing to play mechanic. Lilli’s legends made it up to the top of have Stelvio but unfortunately due to Lilli’s lack of driving experience they decided to take on a boulder and lost! After a quick fix up they were back on the road with only minor cosmetic damage. The red arrows got a little hot and bothered underneath the bonnet with several engine over heats but after a short cool off period were back on the road! Naughty vicars vacation got a faulty clutch but a bit of Heath Robinson bits and pieces and they were back on track! Monty was feeling adventurous this year as he made several attempts to escape from the team cars! He’s one to be watched this little Mini was lost but once again found on the Stelvio by the other teams. Team Gits over 40 made for a quick outfit change and opted for a shagadelic Austin Powers get up and Jack Black suited and booted get up. Whilst driving down the pass they were overtaken by the Dutch skating champion and his fellow team members on two wheels, racing down on their bicycles.

Team Motoscape decided to head over to the Timmelsjoch pass. This route sees you right through from Austria onto Italian soil. After making it half way up the mountain some of the teams gathered at the Schmuggler house café for lunch. The sun was shining and the skies were beautifully clear. The top of the passes see the temperature drop to around 4 degrees but the sights are unmissable and the views from the peaks are breathtaking. For many this is the highlight of their European road trip. The teams gathered lots of photographs for friends and family back home. Unfortunately due to fallen rubble there was a short Closure on the South side of the Timmelsjoch but the North side remained opened.

Before leaving Austria the teams passed Area 47, renowned as one of the largest outdoor adventure parks with white water rafting and canoeing.

The teams reached Trento, Italy the temperature dial was showing a steamy 24 degrees. Most people arrived around 6pm and everyone was in good spirits after a more relaxed driving day.

The teams flooded in with their challenges eager to try and find out what the other teams had managed, the competition was definitely hotting up and this year has some serious competitors! The teams all gathered at the first hotel to swap tales of the day. Some teams were staying in a different hotel just down the road in the heart of Trento town. A couple of the Motoscapers had found the thrill seeking day a little exhausting and opted for a hearty italian meal in the restaurant, whilst others jumped in a taxi and hit Trento for pizza! An early night wasn’t an option for all, The red arrows and Not so Touring enjoyed another late one discussing the days events!

Tomorrow is Day 5 and sadly the final day for our Venice teams. The route over is between 100-150 miles depending on the chosen route and some of the scenic views through Italy make for a pleasant driving experience.



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