Today is Rotary Day

Motoscape banger rally mini in redAuthor: Peter Murtough



Rotary is 111 years old today

On February 23d 1905 ‘Rotary’ was founded in Chicago. One hundred and eleven years later and it has a worldwide membership of 1.2 million people with over 200 countries represented. Rotary originally started out as a professional members club but as the number of clubs grew its purpose expanded so that Rotarians could pool their resources to assist in the needs of communities. And this is where they are today, assisting communities both near and far by raising money for an assortment of charities.
Notable Rotarians are: Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, a number of former US presidents and Prince Charles.

Rotarians take part in banger rally for charity

You may be wondering what this has to do with the ‘Motoscape Banger Rally. Well in 2015 we had six teams take part from the rotary clubs of Birmingham, Birmingham Breakfast and Warrington. They joined us on our road trip through Europe, a fun packed 5-day adventure to Venice. Between them the teams raised in the region of £18,000 for the following charities.
Burn Aid
Trade Aid
Blue Apple Heroes
St Rocco’s Hospice
End Polio Now
St Joseph’s Family Centre
Clic Sargent
Edwards Trust
Rotary Club of Birmingham Charitable Trust

Here’s what two of the participants had to say about our banger rally:

‘What a blast, who knew raising money for charity could be such fun. We raised £6,500 for charity and forever changed the profile of the Rotary to fun loving, costume wearing go getters. It was brilliantly organised from start to finish and because of the rally our rotary projects going forward are bigger and bolder.’
Irene Russell, Vice President Warrington Rotary

Warrington Rotary Team 1 at start of the Motoscape banger rally‘The Motoscape Banger Rally was one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had. From Birmingham to Venice, it was nothing short of amazing. Superbly organised and impossible not to have fun on. Well worth doing for anyone… Any Rotary Club should consider it.’
David Whiteside, Senior VP Birmingham Breakfast Rotary Club

Birmingham Breakfast Rotary Club Team 1 at the start of the Motoscape banger rallyHere are some more photos of the Rotary teams on their road trip around Europe:

Rotary club of Birmingham team at start of Motoscape banger rally Rotary teams at the wine festival RSG at start of Motoscape banger rally Team RSG at start of Motoscape banger rally Warrington Rotary Team 1 at the top of the Stelvio Pass Warrington Rotary team 1 Warrington Rotary Team 2 at start of Motoscape banger rally Warrington Rotary teams at the start of Motoscape banger rally



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