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Following on from our previous blog posts from Team Grayson & Team ASDA, here’s an introduction blog from another team on this years banger rally, M & M’s.

Here’s why Michael & Michelle are taking part in the Motoscape Rally, have a read below and check out their car below:

Towards the end of last year we decided that we wanted to do something different in 2012 and raise money for a charity in the process.  We are now in the process of getting the Alfa ready for the Motoscape rally in September which involves travelling through 10 countries across Europe in 7 days.


We will be selling advertising on the car with all proceeds going to http://www.naomihouse.org.uk/

Naomi House and jacksplace are hospices for children and young adults that provide support to children and young people with conditions that mean they are unlikely to live to become adults.

The charity provides care to families and young adults living in communities across the seven counties of Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

Alf…The Alfa

We have owned the car for about 10 years, but due to the Skyline taking preference in the day to day drive to work the Alfa has been parked up for the last 4 years, under a car cover very neglected.

This rally was the perfect time to bring him back to life. So last month March 2012 we uncovered him (Just to set the record straight, Michael would like to think that Alf should be a she, but as he has had a lady owner all these years he is obviously a he!). Anyway, in March we took off the very old faded cover and hooked up a battery.  Would you believe it, he fired up straight away.  This answered our question as to should we take Alf across Europe or by an old banger!

We are now in April, Alf has been washed all moss and mold removed and, taken up the yard to have some much needed maintenance!

You can follow M & M’s rally process at their blog page and donate at the links below:


If any teams would like their story featuring on our blog, please email us at [email protected] and we can discuss.

Good luck with the fundraising, and stay tuned for our blog coming soon on fund raising ideas.

The Motoscape Team

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