Why choose the Motoscape Rally?

Struggling to decide on which banger rally to take part in? Well here are a few reasons that make the Motoscape Rally stand out from the rest!

1. Daily prize funds & a big cash prize at the end.
“Either take on the challenges, or just come on the rally for the sheer adventure”

2. Team briefings every morning, with all the vital information you will need for the days driving.
“If you’re still in bed just nominate a team member to pick up a briefing pack every day”

3. Organised accommodation in quality hotels (or you can book your own).
“Whether you want to kip in the car or go 3 / 4 star, the choice is yours”

4. Guidance on places of interest on the route.
“From art galleries to lap dancing bars, we’ve got the information you need”

5. Do things that are only possible on the Motoscape Rally
“Where else could you drive the Stelvio Pass, take on the Nurburgring and visit the Ferrari museum in one week”

6. Get your exclusive Motoscape FREE merchandise.
“High quality limited edition Motoscape fleeces for all entrants, plus other freebies too”

7. Finally, we have a vast experience of organising banger rallies, which means you will not just see endless tarmac on a Motoscape Rally, you will actually be able to get a taste of life in each country we visit, including, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.
“If you are a tarmac junkie, then you need to look at a 3 day rally, but if you actually see the best sights in Europe, and have a giggle along the way, come on the Motoscape Rally!”

We started the Motoscape Rally back in 2005, after we went on a “well known” banger rally that was poorly organised! It had terrible organisation, a plain boring route of motorway driving, no real challenges or prizes and just a lack of effort from the organisers. We’ve proved a banger rally can be an incredible event, and if you join the Motoscape Rally, you will see the effort we go to, to make this one of the best experiences you will ever have.

See you in September!

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