2019 Testimonials

The 2019 Motoscape Rally was once again a rip roaring success! See what the teams taking part thought about it below:

DosebustersTeam: Dosebusters

What a wonderful week we have had!  When we booked over a year ago as really didn’t know what we had signed up for but it has turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Spending a week with my friends, driving across some beautiful countries has been a real adventure.  I found the rally was organised really well and the team were always on hand to help with any queries we had.  Some highlights include the beer and wine festival in Koblenz, alpine coaster near Garmisch and renting a boat and spending an hour on Lake Garda. Cara

Thank you so much Anne, Peter, Sybil and Bryan for organising a great trip and for everyone else making it the best week! It totally exceeded the Dosebusters expectations and we didn’t stop laughing all week…I think you may have heard us! Jenny

We have had an amazing adventure.  Seen lots of beautiful scenery and learned how to drive on the right side of the road which were all nervous about.  We have bonded more as colleagues and friends.  We have met lots of fabulous people. Had an experience like no other.  Thank you. Emma

Amazing experience, enjoyed every second, really surprised myself with how well we did since it was most of our first times driving abroad!  Met some amazing people.  BEST TRIP EVER!! Grace

Team BowieTeam: Team Bowie

Superb rally.  Nurburgring was amazing but a bit wet which was a shame.  The route was well planned with good things to see along the way. The challenges were good as they were a distraction from driving. The Stelvio pass being closed due to snow was a huge let down but the Timmelsjoch and Junfrau were a stunning drive – ‘really gave the TT some stick’. Today’s drive wasn’t that far and we spent half a day in Venice. David

The rally was far better than I could have ever imagined.  A real effort has been made to draw teams together and build the sense of camaraderie.  Fantastic experience and had loads of laughs, my stepfather and I have had an amazing time together and we will certainly be doing it again.  THANK YOU! Ashley

Burt Reynolds and FriendsTeam: Burt Reynolds and Friends

Awesome! Probably the best holiday I’ve had, very nice people, very well organised. I plan on returning next year. Martyn

Fantastic experience, really well organised and well planned out.  We enjoyed the amazing views, spectacular location and divine areas.  Keep up the good work! Colin

Great experience, well organised, long drives but I accept they are necessary to get the miles in. Could the challenges be strict and specific as we spent ages trying to find ways to cheat your instructions!!!

Peter. A big thank-you to you, Anna and the team for making Motoscape such a memorable occasion. We really enjoyed the experience and its organisation was excellent. We hope to join you on a future rally. Maybe next year. Our charity was for Alzheimer’s research and we have raised £1200. Kevin

Silver Streaks 1 and Silver Streaks 2Team: Silver Streaks 1 and Silver Streaks 2

It has been more than I expected.  Some of the scenery has been breathtaking.  We have all had some superb days that will stay with us forever. Tony

I will have lasting memories of 4 guys meeting up with a great, energetic, spirited bunch of like minded guys and girls.  Each day was like a ‘holiday’ different adventures with so much to see and enjoy. WELL DONE IN EVERY WAY! Peter

I’ve had an amazing time. I’ve met so many wonderful individuals from different walks of life.  The sights I’ve seen have been simply amazing! I’ve enjoyed the entire experience and will definitely be doing it again! Thank you!!

What an amazing adventure – absolutely loved it.  Great people, like minded.  Definitely recommend it and will do it again.  Thanks to the Motoscape Rally team. Rocky

Team DementiaTeam: Team Dementia

We had a great time and it was better than expected. You have a brilliant idea here; it works very well and should be used for other types of car events. The multi choice route each day is novel and works so well, there is something for everyone. John

Bloody great! Mike

We have had a really good week. So thank you all for organising a great drive around Europe. I got to see Venice for half a day, a city I have wanted to get to for years. Add the weather, the food and good company and its been a blast. Thank you all. Geoff

Friendly, busy, educational, well organised – thank you, you’ve done a great job + good fun! Peter

Team Nose2Nose

Team: Team Nose2Nose

Great fun, great scenery, lovely people. Very well organised…trouble free. Thank you for all your hard work, enthusiasm and thoughtful preparation, Its much appreciated! Becky

Really good, easily the BEST Rally I’ve been on and I’ve been on four now – first time with Motoscape. Well organised, great team – thank you. Niall

Team Nacho Average Squad

Team: Team Nacho Average Squad

Fantastic, great company, very well organised. Nurburgring is a must, just don’t crash. Highline 179 was fantastic, great views, not for the faint of heart. Lake Garda is a sight to behold, Verona is very busy, Venice is pretty but very busy. Vrsic pass was an understatement, absolutely beautiful. Wine festival fireworks are better than the new year celebrations in London. Timmelsjoch pass made the trip, so much better than the Stelvio. Gregory

An amazing experience, one not to be forgotten. Well organised with a lot of suggestions on route as to places of interest to visit. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. Bethany

Team: Railway Hunts

Team: Railway Hunts

A well organised event, very helpful organisers. Will be back next year! Rhys

This trip has been the best holiday I’ve ever had! The organisers couldn’t have been more helpful. We probably would have missed out on a lot of sightseeing spots if it wasn’t for the info given on the packs. Also the challenges on most days were fun, easy to compete in and didn’t take anything away from enjoying the trip. Padrig

The experience has been once in a lifetime. Everyday has been excellent with a great route, allowing you to see a large amount of Europe. The planning that the organisers have put in is clearly excellent; the packs provide excellent information for places to stay/visit and info regarding hotels/driving times. Without the packs we would have been lost for what to do and timings. I would recommend the Motoscape Rally to anyone. I can honestly say that signing up and completing the rally has been one of the best tings I have done in my life. Ben

Team: Batman and Robin

Team: Batman and Robin

It was a wonderful experience. We have seen a number of places that we were not aware of before. Peter, Anne, Sybil and Bryan are very friendly and helpful. The whole rally has been organised very well. Organisers have put a lot of thought and have researched the route very well. We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we will definitely recommend this rally to anyone else who would like to experience it. Asim

Nice atmosphere, good bunch of entrants all with fairly like minded views. Would most definitely recommend to others and would consider coming again. A lot of places to see on the way and do. A lot of stuff crammed in to a short time frame. Well laid out information sheets and easy to follow – almost fool proof. Basit

Big thanks for a truly memorable journey, the memories will last forever.  A great bunch of like minded people who came together to create an explosion of fun and enjoyment.  Am sure some deep lasting friendships have been forged and hope to meet again.  Role on Motoscape 2020. Basit & Asim (WhatsApp message)

Team: Breaking Bad-ly

Team: Breaking Bad-ly

The week has been great fun and awesome to meet a load of people who I think will be friends for some time!! I’ll try and come back in years to come! Will

Good, poor weather (at start and unavoidable), long driving day in Germany and Prague, passes really good. Chris

Many thanks for organising such a great week!  We just wanted to let you know our appreciation for the effort put in to the briefings, the challenges, the route and the support you provided during the rally.  Unfortunately, we were a bit rushed in filling out the feedback forms on our last night in Prague due to us being a touch late getting to the dinner, but we have had an amazing week, seen some amazing sites and met some amazing people – all without a hitch due to the effort put in to the organisation.  Will and I have had an amazing week and have enjoyed every minute of the rally and made some great friends. Chris (sent by email)

Team: Haduken

Team: Haduken (2nd time on Motoscape)

Great experience overall. Well organised and personable operators, who are willing to engage with all the teams and build good relationships. Steven

This is my 2nd Motoscape Rally and it managed to exceed my experience from 2017. Everyone has got on so well and the organisation has been second to none. I will definitely be coming for my 3rd Rally with Motoscape in the future. The whole experience makes for a fantastic holiday! Jim

Team: Skid Marks

Team: Skid Marks (2nd time on Motoscape)

One of the best weeks of my life and met a bunch of other contestants that helped make the week a brilliant one.Mark 

As last time, an ultimate epic experience, fantastic days doing the best things with a top atmosphere amongst everyone.AWESOME!! Mark R

Didn’t think my first banger rally with Motoscape in 2012 could be beaten as was the best thing I ever did but I was wrong as this time was mental and a top bunch of people and my little Mazda MX5 made it.  Awesome, defo doing it again in the future, not sure when but you can count on it (fist bump!)
Mark R by Whatsapp

Team: The Lost BuoysTeam: The Lost Buoys (4th time on Motoscape)

Great as always, great to meet new people, next time we’ll bring a banger again. Even after 4 years coming on Motoscape Rally, there’s always something new to do. Mark

Brilliant time on my second Motoscape Rally. A lot different from last time in our own car but that was mainly due to our lack of mechanical knowledge!! Much. Better than last year as all teams had a great camaraderie and socialised well. Its shown how the kind of teams you get entering can really influence the atmosphere!! Julie

Team: Stevie Wondor's School of Motoring

Team: Stevie Wondor’s School of Motoring

Absolutely brilliant. This was the first one I’ve done and enjoyed every minute of it. The challenges were fun and everything was well organised and we had all the information we needed to get to each destination. Toby

It was really good fun. Met some great people and had some unforgettable experiences, thank you. Nick

FANTASTIC! Really well organised and a great week. Organisers were lovely and helpful and chatty. You have picked some great locations to visit and the information provided in the packs was great, would love to have done everything!! Challenges were fun and competitive. Great fun and would highly recommend. Billy

Team: As The Crow Drives

Team: As The Crow Drives

Utterly awesome. If you are in to cars, travel, meeting people and having fun its definitely the event for you! (There you go, there’s your quote for the website! :-). Seriously, its a blast. I thought it was impeccably run and really good fun. Amazing job! Brendan

Very enjoyable though for me very tiring (not complaining). I think how much you put in determines how much you get out. (But I still very much enjoyed it). Tony

Team: Corsican Brothers

Team: Corsican Brothers

It was a great experience, lovely places, great people, loads of miles, very tired. Darren

Fantastic experience that I will be doing again!! Great bunch of people – great bunch of cars of all sizes and variety and the effort everybody made decorating the cars and fancy dress was awesome.
It was great driving across Europe and seeing the sights I’ve seen – it was long and tiring but worth every minute. I’m looking forward to doing it again – which is already being planned.
13 countries in 7 days and 2335 miles is an amazing achievement for us in a car together as we don’t really like each other – ha ha ha!!! Lee

Team: Church Goers

Team: Church Goers

Brilliant experience, enjoyed going to visit different places. Very kind and helpful organisers. Lots of fun, laughter and memories made. Rachel

Once in a lifetime experience, until next year! Absolutely amazing time, amazing organisation and destinations. Levi

Absolutely amazing, the best experience of my life. Will be there next year!! (But in a better car). Nathan

Team: Skid Marc 60

Team: Skid Marc 60

Thoroughly enjoyable. Some great roads, mountain passes, scenery and fun challenges. The other teams were brilliant. All ages, all types, but all wanting to have fun and be friendly. Marc

Taking part has been a wonderful experience and has given us great memories. Your organisation and knowledge is great. We have made lots of friends and met some like minded wacky people. Loved the fireworks. Michelle

Team: All the Gear but No Idea

Team: All the Gear but No Idea

Fantastic. A really great bunch of like minded people enjoying some amazing location and driving roads. Very well organised, hands off approach but always available when you need them. Aaron

Amazing!! Fantastically well organised with an excellent route and great recommendations for things to see and do. The mix of different people was brilliant too, although getting some more female teams on board would be good to even out the ratio a bit more. The hotels were generally excellent and in superb locations. The only downside is that there just isn’t enough time to see everything along the way. Quite possibly the best experience of my life…..so far!! :-) Happy Steve face! Steve

Team: Running on Emp-TEA

Team: Running on Emp-TEA

An amazing package.  The fact that so many people have such a laugh and have the chance to complete such an amazing route with no worry about hotels is brilliant.
It is so relaxed and friendly and the atmosphere is great. Everyone looks out for each other whilst doing their own thing. One hell of an adventure.
Lucy & Mark

Team: Cure It Cads

Team: Cure It Cads

Fantastic experience, had a really great trip.  Visited lots of new places.  I am considering coming again and bringing my son and dad.  Breathtaking scenery. Lee

Wonderful! Loved every minute of it, particularly the scenery through the Alps and the organisation between teams.  Would definitely recommend to friends. Ian

Team: Cure It Jags

Team: Cure It Jags

Amazing scenery, well organised.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. David

We had an amazing time throughout the trip.  Great camaraderie between teams which included an ‘unofficial’ WhatsApp group, which kept everyone entertained. Matthew

Team: Need for Seed

Team: Need for Seed

Good – lots of information about the days and enjoyed the challenges. Great that breakfast was provided and the briefing sessions were very helpful. Paige

Excellent! Had a brilliant time and have genuinely enjoyed every day. The best parts for me were the two ‘pass’ days – the Timmelsjoch and the Vrisic pass. Great driving and beautiful scenery. The challenges were fun though sometimes resulted in stress and frustration – but all worth it in the end! Charlie

Team: The InbetweenersTeam: The Inbetweeners

Excellent road trip, fantastic locations and some of the best scenery. Austria and Slovenia were fantastic for both driving and views. Definitely glad we came. Met a lot of great people and a great time. Paul

An experience which just got better as the trip went on and the teams got to know each other. First class experience and one that I will be recommending others to go on. Tristan

Team: The Fun PoliceTeam: The Fun Police

Absolutely fantastic – even though we had the only real banger that expired on the way round. I really enjoyed the variation in countries – they were all distinct. This is a driving rally after all – so lots of driving expected. John

I have had an absolute ball. The car died early on but it did not spoil the adventure. On the plus side, we had an extra stop in Wiltlich which we wouldn’t have had if Geoffrey (the car) hadn’t been so bloody useless. We have raised over £3000 so far, way more than we hoped for and had a fabulous time. The rental car wasn’t as pretty as Geoffrey but so much more comfortable and reliable. The trip was made so special by my wonderful mates John and Karl, love you both and thanks. Trip really well organised, a big thanks to the Motoscape Team. Karen

Interesting in a good way. The aspects under the control of Motoscape worked well, hotels were good. We missed out on the social aspects in the main due to car breakdown, not a Motoscape issue. Karl

Team M&M Asian FusionTeam M&M Asian Fusion (3rd time on Motoscape)

Incredible experience, the views and scenery was amazing. Will definitely come again with friends! Clinton

Really enjoyed it again. Son came with me this year, daughter still waiting (she’s driving Route 66 this year). Multiple drivers made it much more enjoyable – I did all the driving on my last Motoscape Rally. Motorbike experience was great most of the time, a bit dull on motorways. Mark

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ – and yes I did it!!! I have driven!!! Great experience driving all through Europe with my son. Great and amazing moments and memories to last a life time created with my son Clinton and Mark and Max. Thanks once again for giving this opportunity. Majula

Really good – great way to experience new unusual things such as the hair pin bends, super steep hills and driving on the wrong side of the road. All made better by the breathtaking views. I would say that this experience has definitely encouraged me to partake in more road trips going forward and I am looking forward to the next already. Max

Team: Crafty FoxTeam: Crafty Fox

Brilliant, will do it again.  Challenges well thought out and keep focus. Adrian
Every part of it was lovely. Debbie


Team: 2 Brothers and a CrazymanTeam: 2 Brothers and a Crazyman

Excellent! Great adventure, amazing views, places and things to do. Great way to have fun whilst raising cash for charity. Bob

Epic! It was great to travel again with friends and repeat the adventure we all took 24 years ago in Australia.  Stunning views and great company.  What’s not to like. Hamish

Team: Cure It CripplesTeam: Cure It Cripples

Very good, very interesting. Roger

Great experience, particularly the later stages, never having crossed the Alps before. Ian

A once in a lifetime experience (maybe) unfortunately clashed with my wedding anniversary so wife not talking for at least 6 months (hurrah!).You’re doing good, stick with it!  John

Team: Piston BrokeTeam: Piston Broke

Really good fun.  Very well organised, great to meet all the other teams.Warren 

Excellent. Well organised, friendly organisers.  Good choice of hotels, especially in Garmisch. A little disappointed to find the toboggan run closed, would have liked to do the Stelvio pass – maybe next year. Rodney

Team: T4TWOTeam: T4TWO

Great fun, well organised and a great way to see some of Europe.David 

I really enjoyed being part of the experience and the camaraderie was really good.  Everyone helping each other out whenever things went wrong. I also enjoyed the gatherings at the end of the day to hear everyone’s stories. There was a lot of driving which was tiring but destinations were really good. It was good to have the challenges and the directions for each day – plenty of choice and guidance but freedom too. Alison 

Team: The Beresford BoysTeam: The Beresford Boys

Very positive.  I loved talking to all the different teams and the stories of their experiences.  The hotels were good though it would be good to have shorter journeys to spend more time visiting places (250 – 300 miles max).  Great fun and a brilliant way to spend my dad’s 80th. Mark 

Excellent. Michael 

Team: Tokyo DriftTeam: Tokyo Drift

Views on trip amazing. Passes best so far. Help from other teams when in trouble unbeatable. Phil

Team: Wolfsters to Venice and Beyond Team: Wolfsters to Venice and Beyond

Really enjoyed my first rally experience. Lisa

Fantastic birthday celebration. Nelson

Team: Wadd SquadTeam: Wadd Squad

Amazing, what more can I/we say!! :-) Something for everyone, seen and done so much, met fantastic people, going home feeling like we have been away for ages. Must say, we are still friends after a week in a car together (ha ha!). Hope to join you again sometime. Wendy

Feels like I have been away from home ‘forever’! What a great time we have had and seen some wonderful scenery, I thought the car was going to be trouble after day one! But we have got to Prague! Just another 800+ miles to do to get home. Having everyone in the same hotel really works, it would though be a good idea to look at the hotels as some could have been better. Overall a great experience and one I would recommend to anyone. Anthony

Team: Slattery F1Team: Slattery F1

Great fun. Karen

It was great fun, really enjoyed it. Alex

Team: Not-getting-toadTeam: Not-getting-toad

Good, will be back next year with a few friends. Luke

Really good, would recommend others to do it. Mark

Team YorkshireTeam: Team Yorkshire

A great bonding with fathers and sons. A lot better than Busted Rally. David

A great experience so much fun, fantastic challenges and informative hosts that were knowledgeable and energetic. Would recommend and look to do next year. Can not wish for a better stag do. Daniel

Better than ‘Busted Rally’ did last year for Dave’s stag do. Better organised but not assistance if needed. Mark

Better than Busted Rally’s, better organisation. But more assistance if needed. Michael

Team: Pirates of PenzanceTeam: Pirates of Penzance

Enjoyed travelling through countries better than flying everywhere. We were mostly well pleased with everything, great bunch of people. We will try to enter in to things a bit more seriously next time. Alan

Great fun and a lovely way to be reminded how easy it is to travel abroad. Due to family commitments and travelling onward no one seemed to resent our ubiquitous Avis hire car! If I was to be critical, the Ibis is just too spartan for sharing middle-aged men like us. Otherwise all fine and a great experience. Bruce

Trip good, 1st hotel not good. Loved the drive. Thank you enjoyed it. Richard

Team: Dingle BerriesTeam: Dingle Berries

Good, wet, hot! Richard

Team: Hello you little FittiesTeam: Hello you little Fitties

Great group of people. Sidney

Had a nice time chatting/catching up with friends, nice mix of people, saw lots of new sights I haven’t seen before. Greg

Absoloutely Fab! Would be nice to have longer in some places. Tom

Team: Team BrickXitTeam: Team BrickXit

Good mix of cars and people, lots of fun. Lots of options to explore each day. Alan

Team XXX-TypeTeam: Team XXX-Type

Fraught, entertaining, hangover induced…in all seriousness its been great and I’m already planning next year. Robin

Good. Great locations, closer hotels would be nice. Paul

2018 Testimonials

The 2018 Motoscape Rally was again a fabulous success! See what the teams taking part thought about it below:

3 Welshmen and their DogTeam: 3 Welshmen and their Dog

‘Above everything, thank you!
The work put in by Peter, Anna and the team to make this happen was incredible, and we’re really grateful for your efforts.
The organisation was faultless from start to finish, and you made the whole thing incredibly easy for those of us participating.
The arrangements and instructions were clear from the time we booked and throughout the rally. The daily briefings were really helpful, and the pointers for options en route were brilliant.
Accommodation was great, and the check-in / check out was flawless, so it’s really difficult to suggest anything you could do differently.
We sold the car when we got back which raised another £400 for charity, so all good.
Genuinely a brilliant trip, and so many people have asked us about it, and we couldn’t recommend Motoscape highly enough.
The comradery, and the craic between the teams was fantastic so thanks again for everything – you may see us again!
Andy, Steve, Steve and Scooby Adam

Good Ol BuoysTeam: Good Ol Buoys (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘Great Team, Great Time, Great Organisation, Still the best rally I can find.’ Mark

‘Great experience of different countries you can see a bit of everything and choose where to pick for future holidays. Wonderfully organised – must be a huge task! Would recommend to anyone!’ Julie

‘Fantastic as usual, could use the odd tweak but overall very good, keep doing what you’re doing, it is appreciated’ David

‘My first Rally, was really good. I’ve experienced some great places and met some fantastic people. It opened my eyes to the sights you miss when you head to the coast every holiday! Well organised and a very good experience!’ Tom

Jurassic PragueTeam: Jurassic Prague

‘A very good experience, my first rally but cannot imagine a better one, the scenery was very good, loved doing the challenges and every place recommended was spot on. Loved the hotel in Austrian Alps. Next time we will bring a fast car!’ Aaron

‘Very good, better than previous rallies we have done.’ Steven

‘Fantastic Rally – have done several other rallies in the past and this one is definitely the best. Organisers are genuinely interested in how your experience is going and are keen to offer advice and suggestions on places to go and things to see. Will be back!’ Lewis

‘A very good experience compared to other Rallies we have been on – Well organised, staff very helpful, daily packs very good.’ Ryan

Rio De CheeriosTeam: Rio De Cheerios

‘Great experiences, would recommend.’ Jason

‘Better than imagined. Could do with more time to enjoy but overall great value for money and fantastic organisation.’ Darryl

Here We GoTeam: Here We Go

‘Very enjoyable, the teams and the organisers are lovely people, very helpful and supportive as well as just friendly. Well organised and enjoyed the challenges, would do again!’ Mark

‘A great experience – especially for our first Rally. Loved the challenges – a good variation but maybe one each day. Really good communication leading up to the Rally.’ Olivia

Get Your Top OffTeam: Get Your Top Off

‘Super! Mega! Fun!
• Loved the experience. Day 1 was great, enjoyed getting to know people on the first evening
• Lots of travel on day 2 but appreciate this is the best use of the day to get to the good bits
• Loved everyday. I really enjoyed it.
• Stelvio Pass was mega!
• Stop at Austria was great with swimming pool!
• Lakes etc were heart stopping
• Met some amazing people
• Expect us back!

‘So glad we came on the trip, was a bit nervous about meeting everyone but everyone was very welcoming. Especially Motoscape organisers were very helpful, very well organised, looking forward to coming again next year. Great choices of places to visit, made some great friends/acquaintances. Looking forward to next year and maybe more!! Can’t wait!

M&M Asian FusionTeam: M&M Asian Fusion(2nd time on Motoscape)

‘This year we had car trouble for half the journey. I am not sure if this took anything from the experience though as everyday we had that ‘will we make it’ feeling before the start. Lots and lots of driving for just one driver or is that Chauffer?
A whirlwind tour of Europe with so many wonderful sights I cannot remember them all and am sure moments will keep coming back over the next week or two.’ Mark

‘Awesome. For me it was a real privilege to be involved in this rally. You guys have gone through and organised this event, am sure it was very difficult. We had a lot of details in the pre-prepared paper work. Loved every minute of this. The teams were very receptive and friendly. You all made me feel very welcome. Thanks to you and Mark, I have had a really good experience. Next time will be a lot more prepared to join in the challenges and raising money for charity.’ Majula

The Beanz MobeelTeam: The Beanz Mobeel

‘My third banger rally but first with you guys. This was definitely the best. Better organised, better hotels and the routes chosen were also the best.
I look forward to doing another one with you guys should you be running any more.’ Iain

‘Great experience, very friendly and professional staff, good routes, nice bunch of fellow competitors, weather has been great!’ Steve

Team: Scooby Ecosse (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Great fun, active, lovely, adventures. I had loads of fun on the trip, it was so amazing and would definitely come again thank you for making this happen. Thank you Anna, Peter, Sybil and Bryan.’ Lilli (aged 10)

‘First time on a Rally and have loved every minute. Have seen places I would never have thought of visiting but will return to.’ Deirdre

‘We had a great fun time once again. Lots of laughs and more great experiences, can’t thank you all enough for making Lilli feel so welcome.’ Jill

‘Very good.’ Iain

‘Great time, best time had for a long time, will do again very soon.’ Derek

Team ScrumptiousTeam: Team Scrumptious (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Fabulous!’ Matt

‘Trip of a lifetime and helped make so many memories thank you to the whole team for making it come true, means more than you’ll ever know xx’ Dudley

Probe-ably BustTeam: Probe-ably Bust

‘A wonderful adventure with lots of new discoveries – viva Slovenia!’ Diarmuid

‘Wonderful experience and will definitely be back! Discovered new places and countries which I wouldn’t have considered previously, thank you!’ Annabel

Not Fast But FuriousTeam: Not Fast but Furious (2nd time Motoscape)

‘A great trip and fun for everyone – 2nd time for us.’ Andy

‘A great experience with some fun people.’ Iain

‘Really good and fun experience apart from the blokes I had to share a car with!!’ Simon

The ClattersTeam: The Clatters (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘The Motoscape Rally was a great experience. I really have enjoyed the trip. Everyone was very friendly. I have seen some beautiful places along the way.’ Faye

‘The best of the 3 times I have been on the Rally. We had a really great time.’ Ian

Team: The Dadsons

‘Great fun, some amazing scenery, some good attractions on the way but not always the time to stop and enjoy.’ David

‘Tonne of fun’ Charles

International RescueTeam: International Rescue

‘Proper good laugh, great way to see more of the world. Fast and intense and a fantastic way to get annoyed at your friends then make up! 10/10 would recommend. Many dangers of terrible cars adds to the fun.’ Tom

‘An eye opener, really good taster of Europe and has given me ideas for more holidays and places I would like to visit and see in the future. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to see Europa.’ Luke

‘An eye opener – got to see so much. Grateful for all the effort and hard work put in by you guys, would do it again.’ James

‘Good – very enjoyable’ Nathan

‘I’m very glad I got to take part in the Rally. Throughout this trip I’ve seen many beautiful places, ticked some things off my bucket list as well as found new stuff I want to do in the future as a result of this trip. For example one new thing I wish to do that I only discovered as a result of this Rally is to traverse Vrsic Pass on a motorcycle; I’m thankful for the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained about all these countries while being part of this trip.’ James

The Kings of LeonTeam: The Kings of Leon

‘As Virgin Motoscapers, we really enjoyed our time. Very well organised. Great routes and not too much driving.’ Mo

The Wolf MinersTeam: The Wolf Miners

‘Once in a lifetime experience. Enjoyed all the scenery and all new friendships I made. AWESOME!!’ Clayton

‘The experience was great.’ Arnold

Plumley & CoTeam: Plumley & Co

‘Very fun experience, wish had done more to the car.’ George

‘I had no preconceived ideas about the Rally as I was obviously a last minute participant, however I enjoyed every minute of it. I have met some great people with good stories to tell and visited places I may never have seen had I not gone on this trip. I am very glad other people could not accompany my nephew so he had to take me!!!’ Sara

Mad McKs 3Team: Mad McKs 3

‘Enjoyable experience taking in lots of fantastic scenery. I really enjoyed the challenges. Really well organised and Motoscape organisers really friendly and helpful. I’d highly recommend Motoscape to friends.’ Colm

‘Well organised and supported. Good fun.’ Matthew

‘A great experience driving a dodgy car through some very challenging routes to enjoy unforgettable scenery!’ Francis (or Frank???)

Grumpy Grandads On TourTeam: Grumpy Grandads On Tour

‘Very good just think we should go round in twos so we can get to know another team a bit better and so we can help each other getting to places if any problems.’ Christopher

‘It’s our first Rally and it was an amazing experience. We visited places we would never have visited and met some lovely people, thank you. I would highly recommend the German Concentration camp to visit. Xxx’ Mark

Mid Life CrisisTeam: Mid Life Crisis

‘Good fun experience – something to tick off the bucket list. 12 countries ticked off! That’s what we planned for – mission accomplished.’ Martin.

‘Good.’ Paul

Wonda to VeniceTeam: Wonda to Venice

‘Very well organised and well run. Went through some very nice places and drove some great roads, would recommend to others.’ Luke.

‘Very good.’ Adrian

Team: Grunting Wolfpack

‘I’ve enjoyed the rally overall, visited some countries I would not have thought to visit. I especially enjoyed Germany and Austria.’ Richard

Team: V Dub Wa

‘Bloody Awesome!’ Steve

Motorsport ManiacsTeam: Motorsport Maniacs (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Amazing trip as normal’ Sam

Mansells MustdashTeam: Mansells Mustdash

‘Simply lovely.’ James

‘One of the best things I’ve ever done, loved every minute of it, met some amazing people and had an amazing birthday. Thank you Guys!’ Matthew

Bacon Bap BanditsTeam: Bacon Bap Bandits

‘Fantastic, already planning next year with the wives + 2 cars!’ Noel

‘Amazing’ Garreth

Comic InterludeTeam: Comic Interlude

‘First time driving in Europe. Excellent fun!!’ Joseph

2017 Testimonials

The 2017 Motoscape Rally was again a roaring success! See what the teams taking part thought about it below:

Collico 3Team: Collico 3 (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘A spectacle not to be missed. Exhausting fun even for a geriatric. A firework festival of frivolity. Special thanks for saving us £ at the Eagle’s Nest.’ Nigel

‘Uplifting, exhilarating, never to be forgotten!’ Lorraine

3rd rally,like wine , tbh more you have the better it gets. Many thx to Peter and team. Keep up the good work, Nigel. Via Facebook

Not so touringTeam: Not So Touring (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Lovely again! The organisation again has been fantastic. We will be joining you again for sure.’ Chris

‘Everything is perfect. A perfect follow up from 2015 rally.’ James

‘Brilliant experience with plenty to fill the days with. Such a good time had by the whole team.’ Matthew

‘Amazing! No wonder the other half of the boys come back and would come back. So many memories and great places to see in Europe. Great organising and friendly experience – THANKS!’ Will

Rushden RidersTeam: Rushden Riders

‘A great experience without the stress of organising and a freedom that makes the trip worthwhile.’ Ryan K

‘Awesome, well organised. Lots of information in packs which helped. You can tell that it has been running for several years. Good bunch organising and great atmosphere created by teams on the rally. The views have been phenomenal and we will never forget it. Thanks!’ Mark

‘Very good eye opener.’ Ryan F

The Chuckle BrothersTeam: The Chuckle Brothers

‘Awesome. Great achievement and good company. Scenery was fantastic and have met some great people. Will definitely recommend to friends and will most likely do another rally (will make more effort with car though!!).’ Alan

‘Good people, good fun, good routes. Be back again soon. A few friends clearly showing interest in doing it.’ Ian

IMG_0309Team: Team Castle

‘Great fun. Really good. Met some fab people!’ Christine

‘Really good fun!!’ Jay

‘Finally home after an epic journey to some incredible places with some amazing people. So very lucky to have had the chance of such a fantastic experience. Bit of a sleep now, and then onto planning the next one!’ Via Facebook

IMG_0301Team: Tandoby

‘Fantastic….definitely would recommend to anyone. What an adventure and journey. The trip was brilliant but the friends we made were even better!’ Dan

‘So much fun! Never been to so many places and done so many different things in such a short time, I forget which country we’re in! Really well organised without being strict at all, do what you want! Loved it from start to finish. Met some lovely people and friends we’ll keep forever.’ Toby

The IndlishTeam: The Indlish

‘Really wonderful road trip holiday really enjoyed it. Thank you all.’ Mohammed
‘Very enjoyable, memorable tour.’ Rashid

DSC04763Team Collico 4 (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Amazing places visited, very memorable rally and will recommend to anyone. Thank you very much!! Josephine

‘Basically just a fantastic experience. Fantastic scenery and won’t be forgotten. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to do it for a 3rd time!!’   Tom

3 idiots copy

Team: Three idiots and an Irishman (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘Had a fantastic time and the experience has by far exceeded my expectations. 10 out of 10! Only thing that let the trip down was getting up late, but obviously that was our fault!’ Jim

‘Fun, breakdowns, long drives and injuries.’ James

‘Saw a wide range of country and scenery, especially in Austria and Italy. Got to meet some nice people. Visited some nice cities and towns, albeit too briefly.’ Gerry

‘Tiring! But worth it.’ Stuart

Safari So Good

Team: Safari So Good (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Unfortunately we won’t be back in time for the Venice presentation. We wish you all well and thank you for yet another unforgettable Motoscape! See you again.’ Charles, Amie, Matt, Adele via text

Team Nuclear

Team: Team Nuclear

‘AMAZING! Well organised, great packs. Great bunch of people. Looking forward to next years!’ James

‘The trip has been great with your daily booklets working a treat with some great locations and experiences. The work you have all put in to organising this holiday has been spot on and much appreciated.’ Brad

This was the first time we attended the Motoscape Rally. After researching many different rallies online we decided this looked the best due to the routes and the great reviews. 
So glad we did as It was amazing! Peter and Anna did such a good job organising it all and making sure everyone was happy throughout they sadly didn’t get much time to enjoy the landmarks on route as much as they would have liked to I bet. 
We had such a good time and a laugh with a great bunch of like minded people. The booklets that were given out daily at the morning briefings were awesome as there were so many landmarks, places and mountain passes along the route that we hadn’t even heard of or would of even thought of visiting. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it! James via Facebook

Bobs Bangers

Team: Bobs Bangers

‘We have loved every moment, met great people and visited some amazing places’ Michelle and Bob

‘Hi Anna hope you are well and the rest of the journey went well, once again thank you for an amazing 5 days.’ Michelle via Facebook

Little and Large

Team: Little and Large

‘Good, better than expected. Really well organised.’ Danielle

‘Great fun and exciting.’ Dee

Somerset Stumblers

Team: Somerset Stumblers

‘We all had had a great time. Buying and modifying the car at the start was great fun and a laugh. The trip itself has been great. We have seen so many sights and been to so many places which we wouldn’t be able to do without a road trip. We went to many of the places that was in the pack, such as, Motorworld museum, coaster rides, Nurburgring, Lamborghini and Ferrari museums, Lake Garda etc. All round it has been a great experience.’ Luke

‘An experience I will never forget, with the sights I’ve seen, the places I’ve been I will never forget. Made it better knowing we completed it in a £250 car with no problems (so far), it is something I would do again, visiting new and different places.’ Elliot

Overall the rally was a great experience which I hope to do again with my fiance. I have managed to discover lots of places I would not have visited if not for this. All the hotels had what we needed and served their purpose. General organisation was excellent which showed as everything ran smoothly. Thanks! Tom

The Tone Rangers

Team: The Tone Rangers

‘I had a great time and would certainly not hesitate to recommend Motoscape Rally to friends. ’ Michael

‘It was brilliant to have the opportunity to visit so many different countries and the itinerary given is a huge help. The stand out for me, aside from the amazing views would have to be the Alpine Coaster in Austria and Lake Garda in Italy. It has been a truly unforgettable experience as well as a learning curve.’ Sophie

Just Married

Team: Just Married (3rd and 6th time on Motoscape

‘Amazing as always! Our honeymoon has been lush. Thank you so much for having us back again, the only holiday I really look forward to. Again, lovely people and great organisers. We have been looking forward to our honeymoon for so long and are sad it’s now over. Definitely come again if work will allow.’ Christyna

‘Amazing as always. Had a great honeymoon.’ Stephen

Redneck Rollers

Team: Redneck Rollers (3rd time on Motoscape)


‘Fun, beautiful, social, exciting, tasty!’ Henry and Aaron

The A Team

Team: The ‘A’ Team

‘Better than the Wacky Rally. Good breakfasts.’ Ian

‘Enjoyable!’ Harry
‘Fun, fantastic route, friendly team!’ Peter

Team Beon

Team: Beon

‘Been fantastic, organisation great, met lovely people and I’ve just driven through 12 countries in 6 days in a car that cost me £300!! Amazing.’ Ben
‘Well organised, enjoyed staying in hotels and found the info in the daily briefings useful.’ John

The Carr Bombers

Team: The Carr Bombers

‘Great adventure, met fun people, became attached to a banger!’ Tim
‘Brilliant experience, well organised with lovely people. Europe is really beautiful and we managed a large amount in 7 days.’ Daniel
‘Fantastic – excellent choice of destinations. Information was good, everyone was friendly. Weather was insatiable.’ Sean
‘Excellent, really enjoyed the trip.Thank you.’ Mark

Glorious But Whole

Team: Glorious But Whole


Oooh Pat

Team: Ooooh Pat

‘Hi, just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done. We wouldn’t have had such a good time or visited such good places with out your knowledge or tips. Thanks again.
Oooooh pat.’
David via Facebook

The Bandits

Team: The Bandits

‘Was great to be in same hotels as everyone else, really enjoyed ourselves. Some really good hotels, packed a lot into a few days, had a great time. Thank you.’ Sharon
‘Very good’ Roly

Skotsky Czechmates

Team: Skotsky Czechmates (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Magnificent.’ Gordon
‘Good inter team spirit.’ Jeff

Two Bright Sparks

Team: Two Bright Sparks (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘It has been very enjoyable.’ Ian K
‘Overall it was a good experience, having completed the rally previously in 2012, I found this year an improvement over that year and had a great week. Many thanks to you all, I am seriously considering returning next year with my wife.’ Ian C

Valhalla or Bust

Team: Valhalla or Bust

‘Good and well organised. If you stopped at one or more suggested things, time was very tight. Nice everyone in same hotels. Great pre-rally info.’ MarK
‘My first rally, really enjoyed it, loved the Alps.’ Chris
‘‘Loved staying with everyone, friendly atmosphere. But need more challenges and perhaps less distance. Organisation good, organisers helpful.’ Andrea

Willy Wooftas

Team: Willy Wooftas

‘Good Stuff!’ Mike
‘Very good, well organised.’ Thomas

Duck Hunt

Team: Duck Hunt

‘Brilliant!’ Michael
‘Great experience.’ Adam


Team: Duck Hunt


‘Really good experience, had an awesome time! Definitely recommend to others to do.’ Joseph

Jans bridal study

Team: Jans bridal study


‘Good laugh with a good bunch of people, would attend again.’ Jon
‘Had a great time, met some great people.’ Matt

Team Pat

Team: Team Pat


‘I know you have a hard job to do to suit everybody. I’m a little bit older than some. Overall you have made me feel very welcome. I think you have been very caring which means a lot. I think WELL DONE GUYS.’ Geoff

Kicking K's

Team: Kicking K’s

‘Good locations and hotels. I had an enjoyable time as I got the most out of all opportunities. Lovely organisers and helpful.’ Kat
‘My first ever rally and I have really enjoyed it. The hotels have all been lovely even the lower star ones were clean and comfortable and everything required. We made good use of the well written suggested stops and have had a great week. Everyone is so friendly and chatty’ Carly

Shight Rider

Team: Shight Rider


‘Great laugh, made some new friends and drove some excellent routes.’ Matty

Mirfield Monkeys

Team: Mirfield Monkeys

‘Very good, it’s nice to have a variety of options for each day, no pressure to complete challenges.’ Daniel
‘Overall good. (NPT 62%) – Net Promoter Score suggests we will return! Variation of the route if possible (personally we did ‘bespoke’ the routes).’ Matthew

Rock Legends

Team: Rock Legends

‘Well organised, good routes with interesting places to see along the way.’ Stephen
‘Lots of places visited.’ Richard
‘Good organisation.’ Alex
‘‘Good rally and nice accommodation.’ Matthew

Time Warp

Team: Time Warp

‘We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you very much!’ Cheryl via Facebook
‘Good locations, great scenery, interesting and fun’ Thomas family


Team: Four Play

‘Thank you for organising a great rally!’ Jason via Facebook

2016 Testimonials

The 2016 Motoscape Rally was again a fantastic success! See what the teams taking part thought about it below:

odins-beardTeam: Odins Beard

‘Fantastic, very enjoyable, well organised and a back up plan was quickly sorted when the hotel in Salzburg double booked the group. A good ‘lads holiday’ and we got to visit plenty of countries and see some fantastic places. A good mix of teams and cars, would recommend and go again, 10/10.’ Nathan

‘The organisation was brilliant. It was nice having the GPS co-ordinates as well, a very nice touch. The private car park in St Omer was a nice environment to wander and explore the other cars.’ Sam

‘I would summarise my 2016 Motoscape Rally experience as an existential pilgrimage through a cornucopia of cultural wonders. I feel the journey has summarised the very best the continent has to offer and am spiritually satiated with the amount of natural and man-made wonders I have had the privilege of witnessing. Good beers and cracking banter, cheers for organising.’ Steve

‘I would summarise my experience of the 2016 Motoscape Rally as such that I had a wonderful time with my mates through thick and thin we grew together, moulded each other with our wit and intelligence, I didn’t see the light at the end of the Alpine tunnel until I was a man. There were some jaw-dropping views, I have sailed the seven seas, but let me tell you there’s no Alps on the high seas! I feel like I have grown phenomenally on this trip and am finally coming to terms with my fear of early mornings.’ Scott

‘Thank you so much Anna, Peter and Kevin, for organising such a fantastic event.
We had such an amazing time and definitely look forward to doing this again in the future!’ Team Odins Beard via Facebook

wizard-of-ozTeam: Off to see the wizard

‘Memorable, exciting, fun! Our car made it and was the best experience I have ever had. Peter, Anna and Kevin are a great team and great at organising. Want to do it again if allowed?!’ Paula

‘I have had a really great time, packed in so much!! Had wonderful experiences and have been able to share these experiences with a great group of people and made some new friends. Seen stunning scenery, had great support from Peter, Anna and Kevin and that is only the half of it. Getting ready for the rally was great fun too. I will be sharing and remembering this special time for a long time.’ Mandy

‘A lot of driving but a huge amount of fun and memories. A must do experience.’ Mark

‘Good fun, some fantastic views. Only downside, motorways yuk! Great meeting new people that simply become your friends.’ Julian

‘Thank you Pete, Anna and Kevin we have had an amazing experience and met some new friends great time had by all did not expect to win 2nd place so that’s a bonus staying on in Prague to see some sights and we are going to still follow the yellow brick road as we are Off to see the Wizard xx’ Via Facebook

viking-warriorsTeam: Viking Warriors

‘Thank you So so much Anna Peter Kevin for an amazing time truly fantastic time and thank you for helping me and for the beautiful memories that have been made by all people and your team I might not be able to see but you guys gave so much. Loads love.’ Dudley

‘Hectic and eye-opening, life changing’ Josh

dont-worry-be-happyTeam: Don’t Worry Be Happy

‘Good choices of destinations with plenty of options/activities to choose from en-route. Garmisch Partenkirchen hotel was stunning. Well organised and plenty of information/advice given when requested.’ Mathew

‘An excellent experience throughout the Rally. Excellent effort guys – we will do Motoscape Rally next year and will try and be more organised.’ Michael

‘Long overdue big thank you to Anna, Peter and Kevin for the fantastically organised Motoscape Banger Rally from Michael, Mathew and myself. We all had a great time. Was great to meet some likeminded people on the rally. Lots of great memories. Although the demise of the car early on was sad the ensuing rush home to get another car will never be forgotten. Nor will we forget the beautiful view from the Garmisch-Partenkirchen hotel balcony when we awoke the morning after our epic trip. It took 25 hours from leaving Koblenz to get back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen which we did pretty much non stop. From waking in St Omer to getting back to bed in G-P was 41 hrs. I think the lack of sleep took the shine off things for the next couple of days and it didn’t feel right without the car. That’s not to say we didn’t have a great time!
So many good memories and places ticked of bucket lists.
We are very grateful for all the donations received, we smashed our target and will be making a presentation soon.
Once again thanks to the organisers and it was great to meet all the other participants.
Sorry for the long post!’ Richard via Facebook

wcs-clydebank-1Team: WCS Clydebank 1

‘We have had a great time, the camaraderie has been excellent and the organisation has been first class. The sights and the scenery have been beyond description. A superb driving experience.’ Murray

‘Absolutely wonderful with a genuine camaraderie that transfers from all. Also the madness that’s inclusive but in a good way.’ Alastair

‘Anna, Peter and Kevin, should have been in touch before now to thank you all for such a well organised and fantastic Road Trip. All of us from WCS Clydebank Campus had an amazing time and enjoyed meeting you and meeting all the other Motoscapers. It was the experience of a lifetime and one that I certainly will never forget. Thanks again and safe driving to all in the future.’ Via Facebook

beached-buoysTeam: Beached-Buoys (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Great rally with great people and have met lots of great new friends. Will do again if possible.’ Mark

‘Another great rally (we came in 2015) and cannot fault the organisation and commitment that you have.’ Dave

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, would definitely recommend to other like-minded souls. Many thanks for all your help/work/time and effort in organising the Rally.’ Phil

art-of-cooking-3Team: Art of Cooking 3 (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘Good experience again, well organised as always, recommend it to all.’ John

‘It was the usual fantastic organisation. As it is our 3rd Motoscape Rally, we chose to re-visit some old haunts and also we visited many new places as well. That’s the beauty of it. You can go where you like between destinations and also take part in the challenges if you wish.’ Steve

block-headsTeam: The Block Heads

‘Brilliant!! Would deffo recommend to people, it’s been an emotional trip but an awesome experience with great people.’ Scott

‘Great experience would definitely do it again. Was great doing it in a banger but think I would like to do it in a bit better choice of car as brake failure isn’t great fun.’ Anthony

‘Great experience, well organised, great service would recommend.’ Stephen

‘Motoscape Rally 2016 has been a great experience. I’ve seen great sites and been to some amazing places all spent with my mates and a great bunch of people.’ Liam

fury-roadTeam: Fury Road

‘Thoroughly enjoyed it, would recommend to anyone really because it is not a race. You can take or leave as much as you like, making it your own holiday. My hat goes off to you guys that organise the Rally, you always seem to be working, I hope you get some downtime! It’s a fun filled ride through some amazing countries. I will be taking home some amazing memories and ticking off a massive item on my bucket list. THANK YOU GUYS.’ Samantha

‘Good! Quite frantic after making some wrong turns! Thanks Guys.’ Richard

pandamoniumTeam: Pandamonium

‘Good, Was great having hotels booked every night.’ Graham

‘Compared to other rallies I have done, this has been the best organised and best hotels, well done.’ Jason

the-carpentersTeam: The Carpenters

‘Very well organised with good options for each day.’ Matthew

‘Fantastic experience, exceeding expectations.’ Jonathan

why-is-orange-jam-called-marmalade Team: Why is orange jam called marmalade (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Brilliant!’ Ian

‘Great fun and love it, we had looked forward to this trip all year. Great people and nice to meet friends old and new. Would love to come again. Will recommend Motoscape anyone wanting a trip of a lifetime.’ David

certified-cable-tie-techniciansTeam: Certified Cable Tie Technicians

‘Great trip overall, good to meet so many like minded people. Good laugh all round! Who would of thought a £200 50 BHP Skoda would have made it!!’ Dale

‘I have wanted to do this for four years. Finally got a break from weddings/kids/house moves etc and went for it. Loved every minute, fantastic organisation – credit to you all. Austria was awesome! Cannot believe the 50 BHP Skoda made it. Thank you!’ David

reverse-gear-the-fab-4Team: Reverse Gear (The Fab Four)

‘As a first timer to Motoscape, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely do it again. It was well organised and the sights we were sent to see were exceptionally interesting and fun! Thankyou!’ Tony

‘Brilliant, seen sights I’ve never seen before.’ Paul

‘Met loads of nice people. Visited great places and done great challenges! Well worth the experience!’ Ricky

‘First one we’ve entered so was a new experience and one we wish to continue. There were four of us in the car plus luggage so needed to be careful of routes we took. Would have liked to have done the passes on a day 5 but after the Nurburgring didn’t think it was sensible!! Great do, Cheers! Charles

gone-in-60-minutesTeam: Gone in 60 minutes

‘A great experience all round. Great driving roads and superb views as well as going through nice towns and cities along the way. Great spirit and friendliness among all the Motoscapers making in an even more enjoyable experience.’ Poppy


‘Awesome driving, awesome people and awesome places.’ Reece

wcs-clydebank-2Team: WCS Clydebank 2

‘Excellent experience! The organisers are well organised and do their best to help us in any way possible, they also make it fun by setting challenges and offering a prize competition while we are travelling. I really enjoyed the route we’ve done as I’ve seen some of the best scenery in my life so far.’ David

‘Loved the Rally, if you made the briefing at night when people arrive at the hotel it would be ideal, as the early starts can be a struggle for a holiday.’ Christopher

‘Experience of a lifetime. Visiting places previously thought I’d never see, 10/10. Would definitely come again, don’t bring Chris though – he snores!’ Allister

the-a-teamTeam: The A Team

‘Brilliant, would definitely do it again.’ Adam

‘Overall was a great experience and we have met some good people along the way.’ Eric

the-bee-keepers Team: The Bee Keepers

‘I have had an amazing time all the organisers have been fantastic and we have met some lovely people. I absoloutly LOVED the mountain passes and roads. The whole experience has been amazing and truly the trip of a lifetime. Thank you all for being so helpful and patient.’ Sarah


‘Overall good ta!’ Rob

sofa-kings-lowTeam: Sofa Kings Low

‘Excellent organisation and inside information on places to visit, timings and recommendations.’ Chris

‘Very good, extremely enjoyable, did lots of things would not have done otherwise.’ John

bottom-gunTeam: Bottom Gun

‘Over the past 5 days we have had a great time. Joe and I have met many great people and have had a great laugh. The Motoscape Team are great and the suggestions they make are bang on.’ Paul

‘Had a brilliant time – organising hotels and giving co-ordinates for roads and points of interest were invaluable. We didn’t take part in many challenges because it was hard to fit them in if we wanted to do something other than drive. Met some great people and good team spirit.’ Joe

potato-and-mozarellaTeam: Potato and Mozarella

‘Very well planned, fun to complete, good mix of people and ages. A large amount of freedom given to do your own thing.’ Chris

‘Very good.’ James

made-in-beaconsfieldTeam: Made in Beaconsfield


‘Very good experience, great to have time to do different things.’ Tony

Team: Cops and Knockers

‘I think the amount of effort put in by the organisers was absolutely outstanding and very much appreciated. The challenges were good, all the merchandise were of good quality, the organisation and communication were excellent. We have had a few problems on the Rally which are no fault of the organiser and yet despite that have enjoyed it. Also, thank you for the flexibility and support to us due to our problems.’ Gabby

‘The organisers are spot on, very professional and approachable, the amount of effort they put in is superb. ’ John


2015 Testimonials

The 2015 Motoscape Rally was again, amongst the best that we have run! See what the teams taking part thought about it below:

Team: Red Arrows

‘Excellent!  Well planned, plenty of info, team briefings were superb.  Great banter, good camaraderie, very easy to get along with all the teams.  Group challenges in the evening would be brilliant.  JOB WELL DONE!!  Hopefully see you next year. Andy

‘Excellent, loved it, would recommend.’ Mark

‘Really good.’ Tristan

‘Absoloutely loved it!!  Would definitely do another without hesitation and would recommend it to anyone. The organisers have been very polite and professional throughout.  A credit to themselves!!’ Dave

DSC_4574 (1)Team: How to get to Sesame Street

After five times still enjoy coming, want to come again. Stephen (5th time on Motoscape)

Brilliant again, well organised people, such a lovely bunch of people would defo do again. Christyna (2nd time on Motoscape)

DSC_4643 (1)Team: East Four on Tour

Fantastic to visit so many places I wouldn’t normally think of visiting, been a great experience felt very welcome and appreciated the extra birthday champagne so much! Cassandra

Brilliant. Alice

Interesting and different.  Saw areas of Europe I would never normally visit.  Brilliant. Claire

Really great! A lot to see and great advice on what to visit. Hotels were good and staff were all friendly. Chloe

DSC_4638 (1)Team: Rotary Club of Birmingham Breakfast (Team 1)

Fantastic experience.  Great friendship and camaraderie. I’m a Motoscape Rally “Virgin” but deffo want to come again! Julie

‘Best experience of my life.  The trip, the sights, the challenges were things that will last a lifetime.’ David

‘Had great fun and will recommend to others.  Will be offering to give presentations to other Rotary clubs to try and get them involved.’ Chris

‘Absolutely different to what I’ve done but well worth the effort.  A terrific experience.’ Patrick

IMG_4880 (1)Team: CSK Motorsport


‘As always brilliant. This year we decided not to do the challenges to allow ourselves more time (never win anything in competitions and the like) but enjoyed all the atmosphere just the same’.
CHRIS (3rd time on Motoscape)

IMG_4833 (1)Team: Lilli’s Legends

‘Lilli loved every min of our time with Motoscape, everyone was so friendly. We met loads of new people and saw some amazing sights we would never have known about if it weren’t for the advice and tips. Lilli was spoiled by everyone and she had a great time. What an experience for a 7 year old. The daily packs were full of excellent information that reflects the hard work that goes into organising the events. Thanks guys xx.’  Jill

‘Loved it.’  Lilli

DSC_4635 (1)Team: GiTs over 40

‘We have had the time of our lives, ticked a load off our bucket list. Very well organised, Venice has so much to offer, so has Italy. Will spread the word and be back.’  David

‘Superb, best experience so far (apart from in 1983 when I had my first go at sex!!! Lol!!) Everyone is out to enjoy themselves, it’s been amazing and will never be forgotten. Thank you to the team and all other competitors. Awesome.’  Ian

DSC_4624 (1)Team: Sharkies N George

‘An awesome trip!  Perfect way to see some impressive sights and drive some amazing roads while all of the leg work (hotels, research, route planning) has been done for us.’ Chris (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Addictive and better the second time around. You get to see what you missed and we found some awesome off piste routes.Brad (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Fantastic experience, recommend it to anyone (two friends want to come next year).’  George (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Love it.’ Ian (2nd time on Motoscape)

DSC_4588 (1)Team: ‘T’ Time

‘This is the third time on a Motoscape rally so a summary is not really required as every time we have completed the rally it has been excellent and I would happily return. Thanks again from a veteran!!!’
Steve (3rd time on Motoscape)

IMG_4846 (1)Team: Wong Way

‘Excellent, the rally is like a fine wine, gets better with age the more times you do it.’
Sam (3rd time on Motoscape)

‘Very good.’Marcus (3rd time on Motoscape)

IMG_4845 (1)Team Candlelighters 2 (Minster FM)

‘Really enjoyed it. Rather emotional due to the charity money we have raised. Feels great!!’ Steve

‘we had a fantastic time, drove 100’s of miles with no issues. Raised lots of money for charity and visited everything we wanted to en-route. An excellent 5 days!’ Jason

DSC03961Team: Gondolier Ecosse

‘A tick on the bucket list that I will do again – superb experience!  Well organised, great fun, exceeded my expectations, apart from the bxxxxxs was sharing a car with.Alastair

‘Great – really enjoyed.’ Jeff

‘Really enjoyed the overall experience and routes taken.  Fantastic atmosphere each night.’ Allan

‘It has been great and more. Really well organised. Felt really secure knowing that it was all under control. Saw loads of Europe I simply haven’t covered before. Great laugh and everyone has really engaged. SUPERB & WELL DONE.’  Gordon

IMG_4854 (1)Team: Naughty Vicars Vacation

‘Great adventure full of relief every night when you arrive at your hotel.’ Kev

‘Very well organised – fab to have co-ordinates for choices of destination.  Very helpful.’ Jackie

DSC_4587 (1)Team: T1 Dad and Son

‘Really enjoyed my first experience and will be going home to plan for Prague next year but making sure I get a bigger car.  Overall experience I would recommend to my friends who have already said they would do this year so two teams next year!’ Gordon

IMG_4861 (1)Team: So Last Year

‘Exactly that – a brilliant way of experiencing Europe.  Brilliantly organised and brilliant fun’ Natasha (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Very good experience, although sometimes very hectic.  A great holiday if you are a do’er but not if you want to relax.  Overall excellent.’ Matt (2nd time on Motoscape)

DSC_4609 (1)Team: Warrington Rotary Team 1

‘Brilliant, unfortunately not enough hours in a day to do everything we would have liked to have done.’ Cliff

‘Great fun! Good organisation, good route with lots of options.’ Eric

‘What a ride!’ Irene

IMG_4902 (1)Team: Bio Hazard


‘Loved every minute so much better than previous rallies I have been on.  I am grateful for the experience and would love to repeat the experience.’ David

DSC_4581 (1)Team: Frankie Goes to Prague

‘Like doing an epic journey – can’t quite believe we’ve done it! Exhausting, bit of a slog, exciting, beautiful landscape, fat, old German blokes with handlebar moustaches.  Relieved we made it.’
Anna (2nd time on Motoscape)

IMG_4844 (1)Team: Scuderia Ferreti

‘Great organisation guys! Despite the odd improvement that could be made the effort and efficiency of your organisation is great and enjoyable.’Mark (2nd time on Motoscape)

‘Fantastic.  Would love to come back. Great experience and made some new friends and caught up with old ones.’ Keith (2nd time on Motoscape)

DSC_4359Team: Fanny & Knobby


‘Fantastic!  Shall be back for my veteran t-shirt!! (pink)’  Sarah (2nd time on Motoscape)

DSC_4653 (1)Team: The ‘B’ Team


‘A great trip, testing and fun. Fabulous to see all the effort made in decorating cars. Lots of money raised for charity. Paul 

IMG_4897 (1)Team: Not so Touring

Brilliant ‘ Two years time!! Brilliant teams! Great time, excellent experience’ Mr C K

‘Brilliant. All teams were great. Hosts were great.’ James

‘Amazing experience – will be back. Loved every moment, Garmisch in particular. Organisation was brilliant, locations and points of interest brilliant.’ Ben

Not fastTeam: Not fast nor furious

‘Well organised, professionaly managed to do and visit so many places I have always wanted to see. All while meeting new people and having a great time on the way. All that and raising a fair bit for charity. Well done guys thanks for a great trip.’ Steve

DSC_4550Team: RSG

‘Good fun, thanks.’ James

‘Tried to do too much early on. Would pace better next time. Loved it!!’ John B

DSC_4629 (1)Team: Max’d Out

‘Very well organised, will definitely do another and recommend to friends.’ Rob

‘Excellent well organised event, great route through Europe. Really good road trip.’ Jon

DSC_4611 (1)Team: Warrington Rotary Team 2


‘A1. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun’ Lady Penelope and Parker (Nicola & Giulio)

soupermen garmisch lakeTeam: Campbell’s Soupermen


‘Fantastic camaraderie, great organization, good challenges, great timing, excellent info’ CHRIS

DSC04062Team: Warrington Rotary 3

‘Absolutely loved it. Great organisation, great company, great fun! I will recommend you to other groups of like minded individuals. Well done guys’. IAN

IMG_4878 (1)Team: Blowing a Gasket

‘Really enjoyed it and will recommend to others. Thank you for a fantastic experience. Extremely well organised. Challenges were fun. People were great’ FIONA

‘Great fun but lots of driving’ ANDREW

IMG_4847 (1)Team: Top Gun

‘A fantastic journey across Europe which has left some fantastic memories. All in all, very happy I took part and would love to do so again’. CHARLES

Very good, nice people, great experience’ Matt

DSC_4651 (1)Team: Mad Minions

‘Best time of my life. Thank you and I look forward to next year’ SAM

‘Really good and very well organised. Thank you all and thanks again for sorting the hoodie’ NIC

DSC_4583 (1)Team: Gas Monkeys

‘Good time with good bunch of people – great memories’ DUNCAN

‘Lifetime experience. Thanks’ MARTIN

We gave up on challenges on 1st day because we wanted to see more sights. Recommend BMW M5 experience on the Nurburgring. Well managed event, great job, Cheers!’ GARY

DSC_4648 (1)Team: The Monkeys


‘Really enjoyed it! I’ve seen amazing places and met brilliant people. Everyone was nuts! Irena

IMG_4896 (1)Team: Signature Car

‘Really enjoyed the week, have seen places that I hadn’t visited before and hopefully will come back and see again. Really nice mix of people on the trip which helped make it a good experience.’ Stephanie 

‘Excellent! As my wife said!’ Aaron 

DSC_4578 (1)Team Candlelighters 1 (Minster FM)

‘Fantastic!!’ Matt

‘Really enjoyed the experience and would recommend the experience to anyone who asked. Was given a taste to do a similar road trip in a better car.’ Simon

IMG_4900 (1)Team: Tuffoldboot

‘It was “grand” John

‘Good Craic’ Rosie

DSC_4646 (1)Team: Rotary Club of Birmingham Breakfast 1

‘I really enjoyed the experience but once is enough. The organisers and participants were really friendly and the whole experience was excellent. The suggestions for things to do were very well planned and the daily sheets were good.’ Jean 

‘I did not enjoy the initial two days. Not sure what I expected. I found it physically exhausting and I was not a driver. I observed the driver struggling with Sat Nav and it was only due to a radio communication system between four cars which helped us get to destinations. However, by day 3 I had begun to enjoy the experience and the sense of camaraderie which the destinations and challenges promoted. The reason why I would not do another is I am getting too old.’ Alan

‘Superb for an old fart.’ Barry

2014 Testimonials

The 2014 Motoscape Rally was (in our opinion) the best one yet! See what the teams thought about it below with our 2014 testimonials below:

Team: 3 Flat Caps and a Beret

“It was our first time on the Motoscape Rally, or any rally. This has been on the bucket list for nearly three years and we didn’t know what to expect by registering to participate on the 2014 Venice Rally. We used our Car and the Rally to support a Yorkshire Based Charity and we Dressed the Car with a Tour De France theme because Harrogate was where the Grand Depart took place this year,( God’s own County ).

If you are reading this and considering entering a Rally, we 3 Flat Caps and le Beret can recommend Motoscape as the one to choose, from registration at the start to the presentation at the end everything was planned and organised which allows you the Motoscapers to enjoy the places you may by choice or not visit by getting lost on route. The Motoscapers are a ecliptic mix of people of all ages and backgrounds and it was great to meet and share others experiences whether they were hardened multi time Veteran’s or first timers like us ‘Over A Cold Beer of course’.

So in summary ‘Fantastic Time had by All’. Thank You to the Motoscape Team.”
Bryan, John & Robin

Team: Suffolk mafia

“My what a week it’s been! Thanks to Motoscape for organising such a fun filled trip! Loved every bit, even breaking down!”

“nice diverse route so cool!! made new friends saw places off the tourist route, such a fantastic enjoyable challenge !”

“an amazing experience,brilliant organisation -see you in a few years”

“great well organised , great hosts that are helpful and knowledgeable your experience certainly shows”

Team: Well Spotted

“definitely do again !”

“thanks for another great event as Susan and I had a fabulous week and appreciate how much effort you and the team put into this every year. Unsure at this point if we will be with you in 2015 however highly likely we will return at some point and rally with Motoscape”

Team: Car keys and clutch

“fantastic ! so impressed i am coming back next year “

“Amazing! see you next year!”

Team: Krazy G Superstars

“Fantastic just as described in the website and blogs”

“fantastic,good fun,exhausting,exhilarating,brilliant group of people,well organised loved it !”

“Full on tiring,fun hard work creating lasting materials of people and places”

Team: I’m not a chauffeur but I’ll drive you crazy

“Really enjoyed the experience-we will be back”

“Really enjoyed the experience and met some great people”



“Second time around for me on Motoscape rally and even more thrilling and eventful than the first time.

Thank you for a truly memorable unforgettable experience.”

Team: West Lothian College

“Great experience!”

John T

“An experience I definitely wont forget”

Team: Scoobytastic

“A fantastic experience with a great bunch of people”

“Such an eye opener ,jaw dropping scenery ,great laughs, great people and brilliant that after a hard days driving all the hotels were so well organised”

Team: The Hucknalls

“Big thanks to the Motoscape team for what has been an amazingly mental week around Europe! Excellent experience, definitely recommend it!”

“one of the best holiday/adventures i have been part of “

“challenges were great fun , places to visit were great a brilliant week!”


Team: B Team

“Always enjoy coming on the rally , nice people, great organisation and a fun trip.

A great driving experience expertly organised and a great bunch of Motoscapers”

Team: Art of cooking

“Very well organised ,great time ,fully recommend to anyone-Simon is a great asset to the team”

“Our 2nd trip and just as enjoyable as the first ,well organised, well done guys !”

Team: Purple Predators

“My week was excellent, i loved Paul and the Guys it was brill “
Georgia(aged 10)

“great experience and glad we came, Georgia loved it”

“brilliant week guys thanks for everything. Made Rotterdam in 9 hours inc 2 fuel stops and 2 food stops and 1 camera flash”

Team: Torquay Four

“a great experience would definitely recommend it”

“Great experience”

“loved it”

“an excellent experience that was truly unique”

Team: Penny Dick

“Awesome experience- loved every minute-organised so well thank you”

“Awesome-i would never have done this if it wasn’t for Motoscape -an otherwise daunting experience made surprisingly easy ,well done guys and thank you”

Team: Bunsen & Beaker

“an enjoyable week”

“An amazing experience a way to meet new people and see Europe, i found places i want to see again”

Team: The family & Team Staffy

“more sleep -awesome! “


“Excellent road trip,great experience and brilliant way to see Europe,good laugh and good bunch of people”

“trip of a lifetime thank you-will be back next year”

“No words can describe this amazing experience”

“very well organised and excellent value for money,discovered some amazing places that i will definitely revisit .”

Team: Onsie Warriers

“epic journey , awesome experience,will definitely be back”

“in a word fan…bloody….tastic !!

The organisation was second to none and their love and passion for the rally really did show through-well done and a massive thank you from me”

Team: No Lemon

“bloody brilliant, some of the routes were breathtaking – well done !”

“a great laugh ! will be doing it again!”

Team: Team Ramrod

“a great experience with very nice people,would highly recommend to anyone !”

“well organised – an experience of a lifetime”

“really good job guys really had a great time best time ever thank you all so much !”

Team: Two and a half men

“very good ,enjoyable experience would advise others to do it as it is not too expensive and worth every penny “

“enjoyed every experience- great “

“excellent , exciting !”

Team: The good, the bad & the ugly

“very good views-wicked times”

“great organisation by relaxed organisers, great views, great experiences”

Team: Team 338

“Amazing !!!!”

“Brilliant !!!!”

“The most amazing experience i have ever had”

Team: Shaken not stirred

“A great rally”

“Fantastic loved it !”

Team: Mother trucker

“After doing this for the 4th time i still want to do it again”

“I never wanted to travel before this , amazing places and people- i would definitely do it again”

Team: Tommy Tankers

“great ! great ! great ! nothing to improve you have nailed it for me ,my mates and i have had a great experience 10/10”

“it’s been a blast fellows ! we have had some great laughs -thank you !”

Team: Banter bus

“incredible views,beautiful hotels, wonderful food ,hair raising moments,an unforgettable week”

“experience of a lifetime – just do it !”

“great atmosphere, great views , great people , truly amazing cheers !”

Team: Old timers

“very enjoyable! great experience !”

“Great experience , very enjoyable”

Team: Minter Munter

“As you may have gathered we had an amazing time on the rally!

I really can’t think of a lot that would improve things, it was all so well put together.

That’s it, it was a fantastic rally, and really glad I booked with you guys.”

Team: Buff & Blush

“Loved the daily challenges.

Nurburgring was one of the highlights for me!

Morning briefings.

Arriving at St Omer and wandering round the hotel car park inspecting the amazing cars!

Thanks again for a great event!
Jon & Sheila

2013 Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from teams who took part in the 2013 Motoscape Rallies:

A BearTeam: A Bear Attacking You With Only A Sausage Is Still Terrifying

“Amazing, would love to come again and will recommend to “many” it must be one of the best ways to see Europe, well done the Motoscape Team

“I just wanted to thank you and your team the 2013 experience, we had a great time and think your efforts to make the whole thing work were outstanding.”

M and MsTeam: Tartan Thistle

“Overall a great experience!

“Really enjoyed the whole experience particularly the fireworks, Bled in Slovenia, St Omer, driving through the Alps and the fabulous wine festival.”

Ha`ardTeam: Hazardous Wasters

“We drove up hill and down valley, with other teams we got quite pally, the route made us dizzy, the wine got us whizzy, on the 2013 Motoscape rally!

Thank you so much for organising the rally and all your hard work before and during – can’t begin to imagine how much work you all have to put in! We would have no hesitation in recommending your rallies to others and, who knows, we might be with you next year! We had a great time from start to finish, it was a real laugh and an amazing experience – met some really nice people too, you lot included!

“A great week seen great places and met great people….. so you could say had a great time !!!”

M and MsTeam: Scuderia Smutty

“I have had a great time, although I will use a more comfortable car next time. I want to arrive uncrumpled just once!

“Enjoyable, tiring but stunning scenery – thank you.”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Horse Meat Smugglers

“Had some great experiences some some great sight, will definitely recommend. Very relaxed its good that the challenges are not compulsory!!!

“There are no bad words …..just good, FANTASTIC!”

“Great whirlwind tour of Europe”

LadsTeam: Leicester Lads on Tour

“Great experience really enjoyed the Nurburgring, wine festival and Stelvio pass. Everybody very relaxed and friendly.

Very well organised by Motoscape team. Would definitely be up to doing it again

“I thought it was organised well and the organisers did an excellent job of making us all feel welcome.Thanks Motoscape, here’s to 2014!”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: The Counts Junket

“A very enjoyable experience, great fun and had time to spend with some fantastic people while seeing some lovely sights.

“Driving, drinking,sleeping, amazing “

“It was a great experience, friendly people and all my expectations were met.”

M and MsTeam: Tour de Flags

“Excellent road trip with the opportunity to see sights and amazing scenery.

“Superb, when you think back to the start and all the place and things seen in one week it inspires to look at what else there is out there to see while not on a package holiday.”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Latino Lovers

“We didn’t do any of the challenges as we were more interested in the sights, will do next year and probably take part in the challenges.

“Awesome see you next year!”

M and MsTeam: Bash Ones Bishop Please

“Excellent holiday with like minded people, made easy by the organisers.

“Very enjoyable, many different options of things to do on each day – things for people with different interests.”

MissingTeam: Missing Lincs

“Amazing fun, made some brilliant friends and have seen and done things I wouldn’t ever have had the chance to do otherwise, thank you!


M and MsTeam: The Ford Club

“A superb experience for my fathers first trip abroad, many thanks to the three of you, another superbly organised event, hope to see you again in the future so I can try and beat my Nurburgring lap time!
John-Ifan & Alwyn


Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Top Bier

“Fantastic experience, would never have visited some of these places with the wife. Good organisation from the 3 of you would recommend to anyone!


“Very Good and different to a normal rally.”

M and MsTeam: Team BOB

“Overall very happy customer – thanks!!!

“The morning briefing was really funny, I love your sense of humour! Well done guys!”


BertTeam: Bert and Ernie

“Really good week well chosen route a well organised rally

“All positive from me!”


M and MsTeam: RAV4 Renegades

“Great fun even with breakdown, would happily do again next year!

“Very Good!”


Proximity to AwesomeTeam: UMS

“The rally was everything I expected and I would do it again. Organisation was very good and the info packs very detailed.

“An adventure, an excellent experience of a lot of countries.”

M and MsTeam: Dr Rally Team

“Been great fun, tiring at times, arguments sometimes (brotherly bickering), but something I would definitely do again. The sights and the people were amazing!

“Good times!”

barnTeam: Barn Find

“Good Fun! Meeting new people, seeing parts of Europe that I would not normally go to.

“Good fun, hard driving, fun, fun, fun.”

M and MsTeam: 3 Engineers and a Civil Servant

“Fantastic, can’t whinge for price, Europe more expensive than I remember! lol

“Good fun, good people, good time. Cheers for organising a blinding few days!”

“Really well organised, great bunch of lads. Challenges were a challenge and it works for all. Well done lads and thank you.”

“Good value for money. If you find more hotels like this u have guaranteed second customer. Other than that AWESOME!!!!”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Scuderia Ferreti

“A very enjoyable experience, excellent routes, great recommendations, good bunch of people, excellent organisation, well done!

“Fantastic – well organised and really enjoyable.”

NotTeam: Not Another Rover

“Great organisers, drives like the ones in the mountains are great to meet other teams.

“Very good rally compared to rivals but challenges need to involve the teams more. Never had GPS co-ordinates before and this was brilliant for getting to a specific location as a postcode covers a large area. Also the interaction of the organisers was first rate – Well done guys!”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Tittleshall Troupers

“Much better organised than the last (other rally organisers). We will be back. Hasta La Vista Baby.

“Exceeded expectations with great highlights along the way. Good companionship along the way.”

M and MsTeam: Suzy and the Bandit


“Well organised, helpful and friendly. Any problems that occurred seemed to be helped out by the organisers. The whole experience was very exciting. Will definitely be back.”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Yellow Peril

“Had a fabulous time, met lots of great people and was amazed at the team spirit. Good to see everyone looking out for each other and will miss the group on our onward journey!

“Long days but full days, amazing scenery. Well though out routes, friendly approachable organisers. Great teamwork/camaraderie amongst all team. Great atmosphere. Well done.”

M and MsTeam: Three Massive Heads

“I enjoyed my time with you and I would always tell people who asked me, to go with Motoscape. I would recommend you to anyone who asked. Good luck for the future.

“Great experience overall. Some memorable points/places and craics with the lads. Visited places I would never go and have taken some 1000 plus photos.”

“Great experience travelling around Europe seeing places I would never do otherwise. The thrill of driving in hope adds a new dimension to travelling. A bit better thought on the tasks and hotel locations will make it perfect.”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Ou est le petrol station

“Good experience with all the entrants showing a friendly attitude.

“Awesome experience. It helps, coming on a more established rally so that local knowledge reveals some hidden gems. Route very well planned.”

M and MsTeam: Venice Bound Birds

“Motoscape 2013 was an amazing personal experience me and my birds. Challenges met and achieved, beautiful scenery and amazing team mates. More importantly we drove 1249 miles. We would love to join Motoscape again. I would personally like to encourage more women to do this – it rocks. So I would be happy to share our frustrations with you so we can make 2014 amazing.

“Challenging, interesting, frustrating, exciting, an achievement! Really happy to talk to you guys about what was fantastic (lots of it) and what we felt frustrated and disappointed about. We’d love to come again; however the experience we had didn’t quite live up to expectations.”

SofaTeam: Sofa King Slow

“First time, enjoyed it, great mix of people. Shame I didn’t have enough money / time to explore more and continue to Prague. First time I’ve driven abroad.

“Pretty good!!”

FridayTeam: The Friday Nite Idea

“Good fun, nice bunch doing the rally

“A great week with the lads – lots of long filled days. Done things you would not normally do. Great bunch of people. Only comment is having to get up early every day, otherwise great and well done!!!”

“Good fun, boys jolly. Great meeting other people on the rally.”

BluesTeam: Blues Brothers with a Hint of Pink

“Great fun, great experience, great bonding with other teams. All in all 100% fabulous weeks experience.

“Really good camaraderie, great drive, knackered.”

M and MsTeam: Frankie Rally and the 4 Seasons

“Really enjoyable. Have seen a lot of stuff and good towns suggested to stop at.

“Very well organised.”

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Hull Russell (Team R)

“Brilliant! Will be recommending to friends.

“Good, I appreciate the hard work that went into organising the trip.”


M and MsTeam: V Rally

“Fantastic trip, brilliant organisation and the best road trip ever

“In a nut shell, ‘the best road trip I have ever done’!”


2012 Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from teams who took part in the 2012 Motoscape Rallies:

Proximity to AwesomeTeam: Proximity to Awesome

“One of the most exciting experiences of my life. We really want to stay in touch with the people we have met and we will remember the awesome routes we drove forever.

“Amazing, I have met some really lovely people and seen some beautiful places. The little Mini has done brilliantly; I will never sell it now. Thank-you!”

M and MsTeam: M&M’s

“Absolutely brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Probably going to keep the car and keep it for next year.


CollicoTeam: Collico

Great driving! The rallies organisation was beyond expectations as was the whole event in short a magical mystery tour with a leap of faith.”

“Very enjoyable! Excellent fun and would happily sign up for another! Good organisation and the route was fantastic!”

Team: Team Stretton

StrettonOne of the best experiences of my life. Will definitely be doing it again. Bringing slugging to Leicester and Manchester.”

“Top slugging!”

“Amazing, much better than 2010!”

Team Blow DiffTeam: Team Blow Diff

“Very well organised. Please people just keep it going as it is.

“Really good rally, well organised, great team spirit, best rally I have been on, enjoyed it, fantastic, good job boys. “

JambonTeam: Jambon Un Bic

Was a good time and I’ve met some great guys and girls. Would definitely come again. Will never forget the good times I had.”

“Was very good organisation on all parts, good communication with organisers, fantastic holiday, 10/10 keep up the good work.”

Team Yes MateTeam: Team Yesss Mateee

It is really amazing, a great experience.”

“Amazing! Unforgettable! Fantastic!”

From Jay & Dan’s Twitter
“Can’t thank @BangerRally enough for the last week! #motoscape2012 was incredible and I will definitely be taking part again! #cheersboys”

TootsTeam: Toots & Co

Great life experience, seen many countries, cities and attractions.”

“Enjoyable. I would enter another rally without question.”


CrippleTeam: The Cripple Brothers

“Had a great time. You did us proud with all the hotels. Well done.

“Once in a lifetime experience, sights that were seen and driving that I will never do again.”


Funk Soul DubbersTeam: Funk Soul Dubbers


“Fantastic, more than met my expectations.”


BlunderbirdsTeam: Blunderbirds

“I enjoyed the fact there was a lot of teams and people and the hotels have been great. The wine festival was a particular highlight.

“Ace, a great experience.”


The Duke BoysTeam: The Duke Boys

I have had the best week of my life and can’t wait to convince the missus so I can come next year. Thank-you all for a fantastic time.”

“Best holiday of my life. Definitely doing another rally, the sooner the better.”

Fiat ClubTeam: The Fiat Club

This has been an amazing experience from start to finish. We will be talking about this trip for a very long time. Your organisation has been absolutely flawless and I have a feeling that we will be bringing 2 or 3 cars next year, hopefully.”

“From start to finish, Motoscape exceeded all expectations. Great organisation, great friendly teams and one more done from the bucket list. Very tired but very happy.”

Team: Shaken but not Stirred

Shaken but not Stirred “A fantastic road trip through some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes. A great way of meeting people and making new friends. A once in a lifetime adventure as every rally would be a new adventure and never the same.”

“I thought it was a great experience and I like that we have the choice of several routes every day and there are different points of interest along the way. Thanks for a brilliant experience.”

MartiniTeam: The Martini Boys

“Really enjoyed it, met some great people, would like to do it again if the wife would let me.

“Very good, some roads were fantastic, a lot of miles so quite tiring.”


MarioTeam: Mario and Luigi

It has been great, can’t believe how much we have done. Need to magic up more hours in the day. The passes have been the best bits.”

“Brilliant fun, good people, hotels were better than expected, really well organised, great driving roads.”

Chapel of HopeTeam: Chapel of Hope


“Awesome, great, super brilliant. Enjoyed all of it, well done lads.”

“Brilliant, better than anticipated and more tiring but worth it. The Czechs need to spend more on their roads.”

Dark KnightTeam: The Dark Night

Very good, thanks.”

“Very enjoyable, was great to get ideas of different places to visit plus meeting different people on the way.”

TBCTeam: To Be Confirmed

“Great experience

“A lifetime experience, met some great people, Ferrari experience was amazing as was the passes.”

B TeamTeam: The ‘B’ Team

“Very happy being a part of it, very well organised, interesting route with a lot to see and do. For a first timer, I have had a great time. The company was good and the experience fabulous. Next time will do more challenges.”

Piston StokeTeam: Piston Broke from Stoke

So many expectations packed into a short time over a large distance.”

“Good scenery with fun and frolics along the very exciting driving experiences and a chance to do things that you never expected to do.”

Mutts NuttsTeam: The Mutts Nuts

Very Good!”

“Nothing like it I have done before. Brilliant experience, loved seeing the sights, pitty my dad had to come, would recommend it to anyone.”

The Paraletics

Team: Focused on Prague

A fantastic experience that was made easy for us by the excellent organisation.”

“Saw parts of Europe, I never knew existed.”


Team: Are we there Yettis

Are we there Yettis“Great from start to finish. Thanks to all.

“This was my first rally and it was everything I had hoped for. Some great routes , beautiful scenery and friendly bunch to share beers with in the evening. The three word summary, Vroom, vroom, vroom! Thanks lads.”

Team: ADSL

Absolutely amazing experience, lots to see and do, breathtaking scenery, great teams and a good laugh.”

“Plenty of great driving roads, lots of amazing scenery, just wish we had planned it better, then we could have one more challenges. Amazing time, thanks guys.”

CarTeam: The Car Utilising Nomadic Travelling Society

Best time, really enjoyed it, thanks a lot.”

“Amazing time, great laugh, memories for life.”


Red DragonsTeam: Yr ddraig goch (the red dragons)

I tell you something, brilliant, thanks.”

“Awesome, it all went Pete Tong, TUNE.”


StrettonTeam: Bash My Bishop

A very good experience with like minded people, reasonably priced.”

“Very well organised , would recommend and definitely come again, very reasonably priced.”


Heaven n hellTeam: Heaven N Hell

“Awesome! Met fantastic people, saw some wicked sites! And would recommend to friends to do.

“Overall very good, good choice of routes and some very funny people!”

Hoof HeartedTeam: Hoof Hearted

Very enjoyable, well planned with flexibility to do our own things along the way.”

“We were Motoscape virgins had a great time especially Stelvio and Maranello driving a California through the streets.”

The ParaleticsTeam: Crest of a Wave

Had a great time and saw some wonderful places, thanks for organising a great event!”

“Thank you for your efforts and good look onwards great experience and I would definitely come again!”

Team: Old Sycamorians

Old“Fantastic!! we had great fun and would come again. Nurburgring was an ambition fulfilled, Stelvio amazing! Lamborghini museum fantastic and I drove a Ferrari 458 Italia which was out of this world.

“A really great experience with excellent route and organisation.”

“Outstanding value for money, by far exceeded my expectations, a great way to celebrate our 50th birthdays well done guys!”

Rafa DuchenneTeam: Raffa Duchenne

“Very good great social experience.

“It was my first rally really enjoyed it incredibly well organised, great people certainly a great way to raise money for charity!”

“Have had an excellent experience driving through Europe the rally has been well organised.”

Team: Team Jeff

StrettonI can truly say its been one hell of an experience, the wine festival was a real highlight!”

“A fantastic trip, makes me want to do the rally again next year and will definitely recommend to friends, ps challenges are a great idea!”

“Fantastic experience, tiring but a great challenge”

4 men in a toyTeam: 4 Men in a Toy

A really different experience and met some interesting people.”

“Well worth the experience Nurburgring ring A+, Stelvio Pass A+, Country Hill roads A+, Autobahns A+.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, an amazing experience.”

“Brill! Thank you.”

Team: Mayfield MR2’s

MayfieldReally brilliant – liked the daily distances and suggestions what to do en route.”

“Fun and Tiring!”

“Great fun, Great roads!”

“Great fun, Good Times, Good routes!”

The ParaleticsTeam: The Paraletics

Brilliant job guys!! Excellent experience, fantastic fun way to see great places in Europe. Defo do it again one day.”

“Brilliant time and would not change a thing.”

Amazing experience. Extremely well organised event.”

“A great experience and will definitely come again. Well done guys you did a great job of planning the rally. Hope to see you again.”

Team: Tarmacing me crazy

StrettonGreat atmosphere, well organised met some great people, awesome experience!”

“Very enjoyable, lots of fun!”

“An amazing experience, very well organised and would come again.”

Y CardisTeam: Team Y Cardis

Good fun and plenty to do!”

“Excellent very good feels like we have travelled half the world, thanks!”

Little BritainTeam: Little Britain


“Brilliant really enjoyed it. If the crew are with me next year I’ll be back!”


MountainTeam: Cardi Mountain Bikers

“Brilliant !!!!!!

“Fantastic my friends got bored with me saying stunning all the time but… stunning, brilliant!!!!!!”


2011 Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from teams who took part in the 2011 Motoscape Rallies:

Team: Gutbusters

Gutbusters“Amazing fun, a must do for any one. The last week has been mint, a real experience. Not only the driving, meeting new people but I found the challenges made you more cultured. A real good way of getting you off the main roads and seeing some local sights. If I could I would have spent longer on the Stelvio Pass. What an experience!!!

On the whole a great route across Europe. Not to be missed by any one who has the chance to see it. I have no complaints whatsoever and I’m fairly sure you’ll be seeing me on Road Trip 2012. Thanks lads for an amazing week!!!”
Aiden Wilson

“From registering in May and completing tonight, the whole organisation of the rally has been brilliant. Peter, Paul and Mark are doing a very good job. The rally itself was fantastic. The route was excellent and obviously well researched. I will be recommending Motoscape to anyone who asks me how it was. Can’t think of any complaints. I would suggest people bring wives and kids on it, as it is something anybody would enjoy. Good value for money, better than a normal holiday. Thanks lads!”
Ashley Waterfield

Team: Just Married (Raised £1000 for St Clare Hospice)

Gutbusters“Brilliant. It was great to do this for a second year running. The organisation is fantastic, with the organisers taking the time to make everyone happy. I like the amount of effort put into the daily briefings with ideas of places to visit as well as direct routes to the next hotel. ‘Motoscape Rally’ is a great way to meet people and have fun.”
Scott Mackenzie

“The rally has been a fabulous honeymoon! The Alps driving has definitely been my favourite – you forget you have so much breathtaking scenery so close to the UK. Great organisation but enough flexibility to turn it into our holiday and get everything we want to done. Everyone on the rally has been brilliant and I haven’t felt at all left out by knowing nothing about cars. Really good fun and a great way to start our life together – not too may arguments either.”
Nici MacKenzie

Team: 27 club Trippers

27 Club Trippers“Great fun! A roller coaster of emotions. Really good experience.”
James Carr

“Just wanted to thank you again for the great rally experience. We really enjoyed it, A+ for organising it. My first rally. Best driving experience so far. Will recommend it to other people.”
Johnny Rusu

Visit the team’s website – http://www.27clubtrippers.co.uk/

Team: Avez-vous un Haynes Manual? (Raised £300 for Prince’s Trust)

Avez-vous un Haynes Manual?“A whistle stop tour of some of the finest scenery Europe has to offer with opportunities to take in as much or as little as you like. Great fun and has made me want to return to countries I had never considered before.”
Paul Watson

“This was my first rally and I’ve had a cracking week. A one day break or a short commute may have benefitted from a lethargy perspective. All in all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”
Mark Goddard

“Excellent – real eye opener to how far you can travel around Europe in only a few days. Good group of people from all backgrounds.”
Mark Oldroyd

V4 B4Team: V4B4

“Awesome, especially if like me you’ve hardly travelled Europe before.”
Tim Taylor

“How can you improve on perfection?”
Geoff Taylor

Team: The Beer View Mirrors (Raised £1400 for I.F.A.W.)

Gutbusters“Excellent fun. Will come again! Thanks.”
Nick Clark

“Very good roads and I will be on another rally with you. Do we get discount and loyalty stamps??”
Steve Clague

Team: 4 Chavs in a Scooby

4 Chavs in a Scooby“Good, stayed in some really nice places. Stelvio pass was really good and Slovenia was a really stunning place.”
Matthew Lamb

“Saw some really nice places that otherwise would not have visited. In hindsight would probably just go to Bologna rather than Prague.”
Edward Howison

“Awesome, loved it! So many great memories.”
Christopher Pearce

Team: Starship Enterprise

Starship Enterprise“A very enjoyable unique experience. It actually costs a fair amount all things considered but it’s worth it. A good bunch of different but like-minded people.”
Jack Finnegan

“We had a wonderful time. The experience met our expectations and I would certainly recommend the experience to friends. I enjoyed the various countries and scenery we passed through. I appreciated the advice from Peter and Paul about the different driving cultures and rules and regulations in the different countries.

This will be useful for family driving in Europe in the future. The Stelvio pass was awesome!! Bled and Slovenia a pleasant surprise, a country that I know nothing about. All in all a wonderful and memorable experience.”
Gary Finnegan

“No yobs, all appeared to have good attitude. Would advise others to come.”
Peter Anderson

Team: MacMillan Rice Rocket (Raised £1000 for MacmIllan)

MacMillan Rice Rocket“I came on my own knowing I would meet some like-minded people and just to see some of Europe and drive some fantastic roads. I was worried there would be loads of lads just to out race and get legless but everyone had fun and knew where to draw the line. On the whole a wonderful experience, tiring but worth it.

I appreciate all the hard work the boys put in with the organising, the challenges, the support and creating a relaxed friendly environment. I will come again (hopefully with a co driver) as soon as the missis will let me.”
Jan Olsson

Team: Failing Mexican Tigers

Gutbusters“Absolutely fantastic. Had a really good time and what a great bunch of people. Thank you for such good organisation. Personally I’m shattered but what a great week. I’m gutted the week is over. I really enjoyed the Stelvio pass but the Vrsic pass in Slovenia was the best road I’ve ever been on. From the moment you leave the motorway and get into the strides, it is amazing.

Would extend the day to Bled so teams can do Venice and the pass, possibly explain both are amazing.”
Andrew Holdsworth

Team: Arthur Ant Hill Mob (Raised £3330 for Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice)

Arthur Ant Hill Mob“Fantastic. I’ve loved every minute of it, even stood on the side of the motorways. Brilliant fun, a real challenge, especially in a black cab that only does 60 mph. Thanks guys!”
Julia Ockenden

“Fantastic, exhausting, worth every minute. I’ve met some brilliant people and will miss not seeing them. Well organised and loads of fun.”
Rachael Bailey

Team: V Team

V Team“Excellent. Best holiday ever! Very well organised. I will be coming on a rally again!”
Tom Wilkinson

“All in all excellent experience. Very well planned down to the finest detail. All the team were very approachable and very easy to talk to. The challenges were a welcome addition to the trip, however it would be nice to somehow get more people involved.

I’m very pleased, this was my first ever banger rally. I have gained priceless experience, gained new friends and all for good value for money. On my part I only wished we raised more for charity, given some extra time that is what I would have liked to do. Thanks Motoscape.”
Dan Cushing

Team: When You Wish Upon a Car (Raised £1000 for Cancer Research)

When you wish upon a car“We’ve had a fantastic week, we’ve laughed lots, got lost, met fantastic people, seen some amazing places and really enjoyed the challenges.

Fancy dress was fun and everything has exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for all your hard work and organisation. Has been a fantastic Disneytastic week!”
Rachel Peacock

“Amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Jessica Owen

GutbustersTeam: Me – N – Im

“Really enjoyed my first Motoscape rally. Met some great people, drove on some great roads and generally had a ball. Cheers.”
Steve Wood

“The dogs danglys!”
Phil Smith

Team: 3 Idiots Abroad (Raised £750 for Dudley group of hospitals maternity ward)

Gutbusters“Awesome!! Well organised, fantastic experience! P.s it’s a race not a rally!!!”
Andy Smith

“Fantastic experience. Would definitely come on another as soon as I can get permission from the wife, realistically two years at least or I bring the wife!!!! Will definitely recommend… made good friends and gutted its over!!”
Lyndon Mottram

We all (both teams) had a fantastic time, West Coast Knackers were heavily depressed on their return to the UK knowing that we were all carrying on for a few more days, they experienced what we are all now calling PMB post motoscape blues :-)

We all thought the hotels were great and well situated and with the number of entrants you did well keeping everyone within a decent distance of each other and the morning meetings. We did think that there was quite a bit of motorway driving which could have been put down a bit and maybe a more detailed route suggestion in the pack could assist people in avoiding too much motorway. Apart from that we genuinely have no other areas that we felt needed improvement apart from the obvious microphone and driver training that you’ve arranged for Pete already!! Really hoping to get booked in for next year too so thanks again for a great rally!!

The best race of my life…. So far?”
Alex Liggett

Team: Team Above and Beyond

Team Above and Beyond“Very efficiently organised. Good route, possibly better if less motorways or slightly shorter routes. Good knowledge of places but more time to see them would be good. More women. Overall I am very pleased. We had a fantastic time and would recommend it.”
Chris Moody

“Excellent, as good as I’d hoped. Great route, right amount of driving and well organised. Wouldn’t come back unless it was a different route but would definitely recommend to others.”
Steven Hunt

Team: Wrong Gear (Raised £1000 for Prince’s Trust)

Wrong Gear“Good challenges, brilliant driving roads, well organised with briefings, info packs are very useful. A lot of driving but a lot of fun. Good effort from all the teams.”
Simon Lay

“Really fun rally, was like a real live Top Gear challenge, experienced some great driving roads and seen lots of amazing places. Very well organised, many thanks.”
Rob Garrett

“Great fun, great roads, well organised and great to be part of it and win, Postman Pat enjoyed himself too!”
Rez Ghodse

“Great week with friends, made a change from a beach holiday! Will be going on another.”
David Sprague

West Coast KnackersTeam: West Coast Knackers (Raised £500 for Dudley Hospital Children’s Ward)

“Best five days in a car that only passed it’s MOT by chance! There is nothing else like a banger rally.”
Andy Jennings

“Simply awesome, if only the wife would let me go again!”
James Newton

Cupid StuntsTeam: Cupid Stunts (Raised £1,900 for St Elizabeth Hospice)

“Tasks good, route good, would do again.”
Tim Amass

“Really enjoyed it, good company, well organised.”
Mark Scrogie

Team: Three Birds in a Banger (Raised £2000 for Maggies Cancer Centre)

Three Birds in a Banger“Brilliant, amazing experience and Paul was a fantastic leader – listened to concerns and took what we said in to consideration, plus hugely helpful with our brake situation in Germany. Thanks guys for a fantastic experience and helping us raise a huge amount for a very worthwhile charity.

Thank you for a brilliant week. I had an absolutely amazing time and that is largely due to the obvious ‘extra mile’ effort you all put in to organising the trip.”
Steph Blott

“Had a really good time, very interesting, exciting, challenging. Thrilled to have raised so much money for charity. Very grateful for help from Paul when brake issues arose. Would have liked more info on hotels. Great :)”
Lucy Minshall

Mojito MotoTeam: Mojito Moto (Raised £5500 for Cancer Research)

“Overall an absolute fantastic experience, good organisation, great route, great bunch of people, good friendly organisers, Thanks!”
Rob Girling

“Well organised, very impressed by effort of contestants on their entries. Felt we wouldn’t experience the constant change of scenery across Europe if left to our own devices. Fantastic and grateful to you all for opening my eyes to parts of Europe I probably would never see. My thanks and best wishes.”
Nigel Parker

Team: More Than Just a Hard Shell (Raised £1200 for Cancer Research)

Gutbusters“Overall we had a really good time and a real laugh. “
Dean Spindler

“Great experience, met some fantastic people, everyone really friendly, a meet up for a piss up every night would be a good idea – just to have the option. Many thanks.”
James Clarkson

“Was a good laugh, something different, tiring but worth it!”
Rob Clarkson

Teams: West Lothian College & Cumbernauld College

West Lothian“Very good, hope to come back next year to see the changes and another car.”
Robert Drummond

“Fab, really enjoyed it. Enjoyed the experience and all the different cultures and the experience of driving over the Stelvio Pass.”
Ewan McAdam

“Good value for money and a great experience for our team.”
Billy MacDougall

Team: Tribu Dei Chihuahua

Tribu Dei Chihuahua“Excellent fun, fast and furious against the clock, need some sleep!”
Steve Kelsey

“Fast and furious!! I need sleep, food and less booze!”
Oliver Allwood

“Fast and furious and great fun, in need of some sleep but thanks for a great week.”
Paul Harrington

Team PaddyTeam: Team Paddy

“Excellent team who provides our needs throughout the trials, thanks for everything. The Paddy’s.”
Trevor Faulkner

“Great route, reasonable hotels, better than a banger rally we did with another company.”
Ralph Ewing

Diplomatic ImmunityTeam: Diplomatic Immunity (Raised £200 for Acorns Children’s Hospice)

“It has been a great experience, not all plain sailing but that’s all part of the fun. “
Lee Ford

“I’ve got to see some amazing places and meet some real people, better still the tatty Volvo hasn’t let us down.”
Mike Doe

Team WebbTeam: Team Webb (Raised £1000 for The Shooting Star Chase)

“Was very good, would recommend it to anyone, definitely worth doing and will try and come back next year!!”
Sam Webb

“We had a brilliant time, next time Prague!”
Ben Webb

Baz to BolognaTeam: Baz to Bologna (Raised £3330 for Cancer Research and Severn Hospice)

Matt Peate

“Lots of fun, something I thought I wouldn’t do but will definitely do again.”
Toni Kilvert

“Brilliant! We didn’t quite stick to the plan but had a great time. Thank you for arranging everything and making it happen.”
Gareth Peate

Team: Bottom Gear

Bottom Gear“The organisation of the rally was better than I thought it would be. I would recommend Motoscape to anyone thinking of doing a banger rally.”
Liam O’Loughlin

“Great fun, good route, good experience and will book our hotels with Motoscape next time.”
Mark Slatcher

“Enjoyable, good fun and well organised rally.”
Stephen Connell

Britney and the Three MusketeersTeam: Britney and the Three Musketeers (Raised £4000 for Christies Hospice)

“Excellent, good experience, a taster of different cultures.”
Owen Hussey

“Great laugh, much better second part of the week when we had worked out how to get in early.”
Ian Moston

Teams: The Boners & Oughterside Road Wreckers (Raised for £600 Oughterside School)

Boners“Venice! Wow! Paul, Pete and Mark can’t be more helpful. Better than last year, apart from Prague which has put a damper on things. Wine festival was brill! Awesome experience, great adventure holiday.”
Hannah Powell (The Boners)

Oughterside Road Wreckers“As first timers we loved it! I haven’t really felt involved with other teams even though I have talked to some others and made friends and met fantastic people.

We have however had a brill time and seen and done things that we have always wanted to! Thank you for the experience.”
Mark and Lynn Harrison (Oughterside Road Wreckers)

Braking MadTeam: Barking Mad (Raised £4300 Bobby Moore bowel cancer)

“Fantastic too good to be true! JUST DO IT! Fun in bucket loads. Make sure the passenger seat is comfy for a sleep!! BRILL!”
Nick Payne & Malcom Barratt

Crash TestTeam: Crashtest Dummies (Raised £1000 for MacMillan)

“I have had a superb time, thank you! I think the people you have encouraged to attend through the website has been excellent. I have met a wide variety of people, all of whom have been great fun.

The routes were generally excellent and the sights were amazing. The wine festival was a great day out.”
Richard Webb

Where's WallyTeam: Where’s the Wallys

“Had a fantastic week with the Motoscapers :-) Such an adventure! Thanks for an absolutely amazing trip, even if we were a bit slow, lol! Thank you all so much. Hope everyone had safe journeys home.. .congratulations everyone. Hopefully we all raised lots for good charities :-)”
Sarah Olma

Oughterside Road WreckersTeam: The Motoring Neurons (Rasied £3000 Motor Neuron disease association)

“I thought it was an amazing holiday combined with the ability to raise money for charity. The Motoscape Team were always friendly and enthusiastic, suggesting alternative routes to accommodate everyone.
Emma Burford

2010 Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from some team members who took part in the 2010 Motoscape Rallies:

Team Aerodynamicsmith TestimonialJust a quick note to say thanks for an awesome time on the Rally this year, it was great fun and can’t wait for next years now, in fact I’m already looking for a car, and myself and Nicci may even do the rally as the first week of our honeymoon if we can make the dates work…..which reminds me, I should have told the parents I proposed before they found out via the blog…oops!

Scott Mackenzie (Team Aerodynamicsmith)

Motoscape rally is easily the best holiday EVER! Everyone have got to do it, having the time of my life :-)

Peter Much (Team Aerodynamicsmith)

Tom and Alex - Magnum PAJust want to say i big thank you for organising the event. I know we both had an excellent time!

The Motoscape rally was one of the most fun weeks that I’ve had. It was challenging but at the same time enjoyable. Its not very often that you get to see so many stunning views in so little time. I think the route picked was very good and visited all the kinda of places you would expect to see on a rally. The highlight was probably the Stelvio Pass for most of us on the rally because i think its what a lot of us joined to do.

The organisation of the rally was amazing, we never had any issues with the hotels when we got there (and they were all very nice). You were all very well prepared when we arrived and it just made life a lot easier after driving all day. You managed to get a great group of people on the rally this year and i think thats one of the best things about it. We managed to have a laugh with all the other teams and you meet people definitely worth staying in touch with.

See you next year Motoscape!!”

Tom and Alex (Team Magnum PA)

Greta and Charlotte - Little Miss SparklesWe have come away from our Motoscape week with smiles on our faces and lifelong memories.

Just want to say thanks to the organisers for planning the most interesting route through Europe and some great nights out.

The mixture of people made the week for us, keep in touch and we will see you next year.

Love Greta and Charlotte (Little Miss Sparkles)

Scooby TechnixFirstly id like to thank you all for a great week away, we had a great time, The planning and organisation was superb, we are already thinking about next year.

We did stay the extra night problem free and the only charge was the car parking which was not a problem.

We left at 9am on sunday morning to catch the 21.25 ferry from calais, we arrived back in Blackpool at 03.00- record timing for nearly 1000 miles!!

Andy Doolan (Scooby Technix)

Steve Savage - Super Mario Brothers GtiA big thank you to Paul, Peter and Mark for organising a brilliant event.

Check our facebook group page for photos.

Cheers to all.

Steve and Pete (Super Mario Brothers Gti)

Dukes of BiohazzardThe Dukes have just arrived back in England! Just wanna say a big thanks to the organisers, and also all the fellow Motoscapers, your all legends!!

Best holiday ever, see you all next year!!!!

Danny Blackmore (The Dukes of Biohazzard)


Hannah - Team Sticky BunAfter a very depressing day of work back in reality, I thought I would pop on and say thanks to everyone for putting up with us :) We will definatlely be going next year, can’t recommend it enough!

Everyone back home still doesn’t believe the Cinq made it! hahahaha!

Love you all x x x

Hannah Powell(Team Sticky Bun Motorsport)

Paul Martin - Team Transformations Too“Made it back 2.00am slept in the car and and sleeping in there again, I just love my smashed orange Mondeo!

Hope every one got back OK and can I just add what a f*****g brilliant time I had!

Cheers Motoscape!”

Paul Martin – (Team Transformations Too)

Nathan Metcalfe - Coulthards ChinI’ll just echo everyone else’s sentiments that an awesome time was had by all – thanks to the organisers for their hard work!

Now back to reality – I must stop driving into the back of people at traffic lights and opening my door onto people’s cars in the car park….

Nathan Metcalfe (Coulthards Chin)